Thurn Und Taxis – Roggen

May 11, 2021 – 8:26 am 2 Comments

When the cap is pop?
Bursting flavour and aroma all around. Sweet roasted citrus/lime/tangerine kind of aroma.

How’s the taste?
The first gulp give a full flavour, that many things are going on. Very sweet roasted aroma, with slight bitter end. The beer have kind of sweet cherry taste. I’m not sure if it taste like rye, as I never have rye before. The beer is nicely carbonated, slowly sips or drinking it fast is not a problem. The after taste of the beer is good too. Great body weight, just nice for food. With 5.3% abv, the beer have many thumbs up for.

What’s the colour?
Dark Brown in colour. Light can shine through not like stout.

How’s bottle the design?
Don’t really bother as it just look normal, but I do like the glass.

Where to get?
I have it in Brozeit (Vivo City, Singapore), but hear they are coming to Malaysia.

My Opinion:
It goes nicely with a rye bread, as Brozeit stuff serve me a slice, when I told them I never taste rye before. The beer actually don’t taste like rye but do have some character of aroma in the beer. Can easily go with dessert or some main course, but make sure the food you eating have the same equal taste, if not the TUT Roggen will win over the taste. Cheers!

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