We Need More Concept Bar

October 18, 2020 – 10:45 am 4 Comments

Lately, the drinking scene is quite boring. Nothing really new plus all the new bars are the same. At least last year we still have The Hill, House, Ecoba, Bruxale and Bakita. The year before we have TDH, Overtime and Craft Brew. But this year we still haven’t have anything creative on the pub scene.

Everyone is trying to follow each other concept and just bandwagon on it. This is really sad as not many will take risk to do up a new creative concept. With the franchising outlet like Overtime mushroom all over town the pub scene is really stuck.

I don’t go against franchising but have to be slightly a bit unique in certain matter. With the price war going on is already spoiling the market. Now everyone is looking for bargain regardless of the beer they drink. From jug we have now move on to tower, is a sad scene to be. So many years yet we are now going backwards. Not many pub are educating the public about beer or alcohol, most establishment are just ripping it off from each other trying to sell as much volume as possible.

Gimmick and publicity is more of the pub concept rather then offering the best of each world, which mean the food and drinks have to be tip top. Most pub don’t serve good food, which is quite disappointed. One more thing is, most pub serve the same food which is even more disappointed.

We wish to see more concept bar in town, to push forward the pub scene in Malaysia. The new pub nowadays is either music bar, club bar or sport bar, quite boring if you ask me. Most bars are just fill up with noise. Please to future bar owner, please be more creative and start brain storming for more great ideas. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “We Need More Concept Bar”

  1. Max Says:

    What do you mean by concept bar? Like a themed bar?

  2. kennhyn Says:

    Something new in the market.

  3. X Says:

    4get bout having education beers here

    1stly we have no drinking culture at all

    2nd corruption and business ethics as money speaks

    3rdly ppl here r not adventorous at all

  4. kennhyn Says:

    X – I do agree with you in certain ways but is the attitude of giving no hope made me sad. We can create something if we try, a few outlet are doing their best to win over the crowd. Maybe people are not adventurous, but they still be a niche market that will help it grow. Don’t give up on trying. So we need to always push forward.

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