Malaysia Artist In Action

October 15, 2020 – 9:56 am No Comments

I was streaming online and saw this reality TV show – Work of Art. So since the the 2nd season episode 1, I have a look and see maybe it’s will be an interesting show.

Out of no where, they introduce one of the artist from Malaysia. His name Leon Lim from Kedah. Suddenly the show become interesting to me, as I want to know how a Malaysian artist end up in the USA reality show. You can read his biography here or search him up in Wiki.

Born in Kedah, Malaysia, Leon has been profoundly and proudly deaf since birth.

Since this is the first episode, he didn’t have much air time on it. But his work is not bad at all. Below are some of his works I saw from Internet.

Maybe the beer industry player can sponsored him on an art exhibition or design a limited edition bottle or can for collection. It will be interesting. Of course, with him inside the show his price will be different now. One thing for sure, I’ll root for him in the show. Is nothing more interesting to see fellow Malaysian in an US based reality show. Cheers to Leon Lim.

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