1U Oktoberfest Added To My Event List Of Year

October 12, 2020 – 9:21 am No Comments

Last weekend was a great fun. Oktoberfest in 1 Utama have bring new heights to Oktoberfest celebration in Malaysia. It may not be an authentic Oktoberfest celebration, but is a good enough event that I look forward to what it will be next year.

To start with, very simple. Just buy a liter stein and start enjoying your fabulous time at the Oktoberfest tent. This event is organise by Carlsberg, so you have a few selections like Erdinger, Carlsberg and the only Oktoberfest brand Löwenbräu.

The main part of the whole event is the tent it self, it was huge. The whole place look like and airplane hangar. It actually shape like a “big onion”- if you know what I mean.Is my first time been to such a huge tent venue. Each year 1 Utama Oktoberfest come with the RM1 gimmick, but this year they scrape it off. Just simple, buy the beer and kept the stein.

The band this year is a big hit. They entertain the crowd to the max. The crowd are fully turn on after downing some good quantity of beer. There are some competition going on in between gigs. Rolling of barrels, running on steins, drinking competition, best chicken dance and so on.

How can you not turn on when the singer is standing on the table and cheering everyone up. Of course there are many minor things that can improve on the event but the atmosphere, the tent, the crowd is good itself that I give 2 thumbs up.

They even have ambulance ready just in case who knows what happen. With such big crowds, anything can happen. But on that night, everything is peaceful.

On Saturday, around 11pm heavy rain are pouring down. For most event this will be a bad news. As for this event I think is great. It turn down the humid of the air in the tent, at the same time no one can leave. So everyone get nearer and enjoy the fun to the max. As everyone already a bit tipsy, I think… haha

Of course not everyone are entertained as the tent is freaking big. They could have done better with the activities to make the crowd participate on the event or maybe some just prefer to sit down and look at other being silly.

Later that night, Minister of Tourism YB Dato’ Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen was there as well. She also participate in the Chicken dance. Would be nicer if she have down the whole stein… haha. Quite a good positive week on beer industry since the excise duty remain, minister attending Oktoberfest… maybe, just maybe Malaysia Beerfest is coming soon.

Overall, this event got plenty of room to improve, from mobile toilets to more food stall, more activity to more beer outlet, more fans to more entertainment on ground – I still think this is a great event. The crowds itself already a pure enjoyment to be there with friends. Hope next year 1 Utama Oktoberfest will be a blast, bring in more surprises. Cheers!

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