Drama Unfold In Lorong Rahim Kijai, TTDI

October 7, 2020 – 9:19 am 4 Comments

Yesterday (6 Oct 2020) around 9am in the morning, a big group of DBKL workers come to Lorong Rahim Kijai, TTDI to torn up all the extension and railing on the pavement and corridors.

Almost all the pubs there got hit including 1 pet shop. As you can see the picture above, the TDH front foyer got strip naked.

Even Sid’s Pub railing got taken down. After so many years suddenly, this street is now become a focus of DBKL. The night before all the tables got confiscated by DBKL for putting on the corridor and pavement. By law the pubs owner are not suppose to have anything there as it is the municipal property.

The pub owner was saying that, there’s no notice or warning. They came, they saw and basically empty out the extensions. Of course it is reported that at least 40-50 DBKL workers are there, as usual only a few are working and the rest just entertain themselves with the demolition.

Debris of woods, crush flood board, dust are all over the floor in front of those heavy demolish pubs. Why can’t DBKL have a talk to the owners and come out with some good solutions, rather then just showing off their power.

Ironically, just few steps away an illegal stall are down there selling food without proper license and permit. When ask about “why they don’t chase the stall away”, their typical answer is “that is under different department”.

I wish DBKL can handle it more properly. I believe there is a better solution then just come and torn down the place without proper notice or warning. It is just sad.

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4 Responses to “Drama Unfold In Lorong Rahim Kijai, TTDI”

  1. vincent Says:

    just like saying, a traffic policemen saw a biker smash a car window, and snatch away the bag from the poor driver, and ask why he didn’t give a chase? because different department, traffic police suppose to mend the traffic only… hahaha.. typical malaysian attitude..

  2. kafir Says:

    hah! those pub owner didnt give bribe to DBKL.
    look @ those mamak, chairs/table @ parking side on the road also nothin happen.

  3. kennhyn Says:

    I don’t wish pubs owner pay bribe as the pub owner is not right from start but I think DBKL could have solve it better…

  4. kafir Says:

    this Gomen is corruoted and bribing is part of our culture

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