A Bakery That Served Beer?

September 28, 2020 – 9:58 am 5 Comments

Spotted this place by accident. While walking at 1 Utama after a big dinner saw this new bakery called Lavender. From front – a nicely design looking bakery but beside their menu standee, there a Happy Hour promotion on beer. Yes “Beer” sold in bakery. Without much doubt, we straight away enter to check it out.

Actually the crowds are quite good, mostly checking out their breads, buns and cakes. The shop interior is actually quite nice, very modern contemporary looking. With bright clean design and glass window kitchen to view the making process, nicely done.

As you walk pass the bakery section, then you see a bar. Which the interior start to change to a different settings. Still very much the same place but have different feel to it. The light is dimmer, the space in more comfortable looking.

The dinning area is called L.Table. The interior design for this place is very modern and nice as well. With big pillar separated the 2 different section to have 2 different experiences.

The place decoration also start to change, with nice wine rack display. Nice lighting and decorations, with simple furniture and big mirrors to make the place feel cosy and comfortable.

Beside the bakery, they have another kitchen slotted inside. With lovely spacious sitting, the place really make a different experience in dinning. Never like dinning in a cramp area. Would love to try dinning here the next time I came over.

Of course they serve draught beer and some selected bottle beers. Beside that they have some cocktail and wine selection as well. It may not look like a place you wanted to drink beer, as this place is quiet and no music in here but I do find it perfectly suited for me to have a beer and get together with friends. This is a good gathering place. Plus the draught beer price is quite reasonable and quite good too… not joking.

Overall this place is quite nice. A posh place with a lot of creative touch. A bakery in the front is just a disguise of great things behind. Do want to come back and check out the foods and breads they offer while pairing it with beer. Unique and thumbs up for efforts, Cheers!

Lavender – L.Table
G213AA, Ground Floor @ 1 Utama

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5 Responses to “A Bakery That Served Beer?”

  1. rina85 Says:

    adakah rotinye halal..bebeas dr alkohol?????

  2. rina85 Says:

    saya meragui halalnye krn a ada nye beer…

  3. kennhyn Says:

    if u think is not halal, just don’t buy from there.

  4. rina85 Says:

    sy cume nk tau cz rotinye sedap…tp xtau halal x..

  5. kennhyn Says:

    if there roti got halal cert, that should be halal. Not all the outlet got sell beer… and the beer are serve inside, that shouldn’t bother u, i think.

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