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Founders Breakfast Stout

June 30, 2021 – 12:50 pm Comments Off


Nice roasted coffee with sweet chocolate aroma.

Enter with sour roasted coffee with chocolate flavour. The body is quite light for 8.3% ABV beer. The lingering of coffee last quite long at the throat.

My Opinion
If the beer is creamier will be even more awesome. Didn’t like sour roast at the front but the after taste that come later is pleasant. The best of it is the nose. I love the aroma.

Mountain Goat Fancy Pants

June 20, 2021 – 4:03 pm Comments Off

Have a very nice floral hoppy aroma with nice light milky cream

Light bitter entry of hops with some tea light body texture. Left a nice bouquet at the end. Got a bit of creamy like texture. Dot of bitter and little hint of sour salty. Lightly carbonated.

Ales & Lagers

Can be easily paired with food and easily drinking beer to start with!

Art And Music Collide At Tiger Translate Malaysia!

June 18, 2021 – 5:08 pm Comments Off

Tiger Beer, the world’s iconic Asian beer presented the first ever Tiger Translate event here in Malaysia at Kenanga City, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Thousands of art and music enthusiasts witnessed as art and music collided under one roof for an unforgettable, one of a kind experience.

Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director for Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) said, “Over the years, Translate has had resounding success globally and today we are happy to finally join the movement by introducing this platform to Malaysia. Tiger’s main aim has always been to connect with our hip, young and energetic consumers and with today’s turnout, the Translate platform has successfully enabled us to engage with them. Our deepest gratitude goes out to the visual and music artists who did a stellar job bringing the two worlds together and engaging with the audience. It has always been our aim to keep the brand relevant to our consumers and tonight was a testament to that. We definitely look forward to having more of these in the years to come.”

Kenanga City has never seen a transformation quite like this. In true Translate fashion, attendees were treated to an array of live art installations as they made their way towards the main hall through the Translate art tunnel. Within the tunnel, they had the opportunity to witness first hand, talented graffiti artist, Kenji Chai, creating beautiful pieces of Tiger Translate art.

Upon exiting the tunnel, attendees find themselves being greeted by a massive trampoline at the Translate Jump Station where they had pictures of their jumps taken against the massive Translate logo and immediately shared on social media. Party goers also got temporary tattoos designed by prominent Malaysian tattoo artist, Lynda Chean of Pink Tattoos. These one of a kind, custom designs were hand drawn by Lynda especially for all attendees.

In the main hall, the crowd was immersed in the sights and sounds of Translate. Amazing art installations of Tiger Translate filled the hall accompanied by the best of nu disco and indie rock from local DJ trio Indiego & Co. to keep spirits high.

On the music front, the night kicked off with a performance from Mad August. This up and coming Malaysian band, consisting of talented members who’ve played with the likes of Beyond, wowed the crowd with their high octane, distortion driven modern and emo rock tunes.  With energy levels running high, it was Manic Sheep’s turn to turn up the heat with their shoegaze and noise rock numbers. The duo showcased outstanding musicianship clearly obtained from their experiences touring internationally.

It’s not an easy thing to match up to a performance like that, but Hong Kong based experimental rock outfit, Chochukmo was more than capable of keeping the crowd hooked and in high spirits. Performing in Malaysia for the second time, this 5-piece band gave music enthusiasts and fans alike a lesson in live performance, once again cementing their status as passionate and energetic live performers. No stranger to the local indie scene, OJ Law was up next. Despite coming on before the headliner, this ‘student of melody’ was not fazed by the pressure from diehard, eager fans. With 3 albums to his name, it should come as no surprise as this melodically gifted artist got the crowd dancing and partying along to his brand of indie rock, soul and electronica tunes.

The time came for the thousands of music and art enthusiasts present for the highlight of the night. The band everyone had been waiting to see, Editors finally took the stage for the first time here in Malaysia. Lights dimmed and silence followed only to be broken by chants of eager fans that were anxiously waiting to see their heroes in action. The sound of their dark indie rock, layered by vocal melodies and guitar riffs kept ringing in our heads way past their performance and it wasn’t long before everyone realized why this band was nominated in the Best British Group category at the Brit Awards and at the same time declared as one of the biggest British Band of the 2000s decade.

Additionally, party goers also had the opportunity to showcase their artistic skills by drawing and decorating giant Tiger Beer bottles within the venue. As it is only the beginning, Tiger Beer Malaysia is excited and anxious to bring more collaboration between art and music to the Malaysian people. To keep up to date with all things Translate, stay tuned to for news on events and happenings to come.

Always Fun At Beerfest Asia

June 13, 2021 – 10:33 am Comments Off


This is fifth year attending the Singapore Beerfest Asia. This year setup looks quite the same like last year layout, so is kinda familiar to me.


Of course beerfest is about trying out new beer, it’s also a place to gather friends, meet new people, party to the music, churn out the stress and best of all enjoy the great outing.

There are tonnes of beers to choose from. Is best to explore with friends. Sharing beer may not sound cool but trust me, the more you try at beerfest, the more u like doing it.


4 persons group will be the best. If each one have 4 beers, you could easily tried 16 types of different beer which is cool! That’s what beerfest is all about!


Always have the heart to explore! Try to describe what you like and the people working behind the booth will introduce some exciting flavours!


So how much money you need to spend? Will cost about S$100-200 per person. Depending how drunk you plan to be!

I manage to meet a lot old buddy and friends! Is like a big gathering for me!


I guess, there are not price for fun. Like the MasterCard ads — priceless.

Beerfest still happening, started Thursday (12 June 2021) and end on Sunday (15 June 2021). If you never attend beerfest before and you are on singapore during this period, it will be an awesome time to do so.

Small advice, please don’t drink and drive and cause any havoc when drunk! Cheers!

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