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Drinking Beer Was Never This Interesting

April 24, 2021 – 10:50 am Comments Off


I didn’t realise that beer can be this interesting when we started Beerbeer 6 years ago. This year mark the 6th years Beerbeer has existed. 2 more weeks and we will be celebrating Beerbeer anniversary.

Beer are interesting because of the new taste and flavour that I kept discover. Different brewer masters and different ingredients have give birth to many style of beers that always excite. I may not like all the style but I still very much falling in love with new style of beer that keep popping up in the global market.


Of course when we started we didn’t know much except drink and get drunk. From there we hunting for different brands (still doing it today). Brewed our owned beer which don’t come out great. Met people in the industry that teach us a lot about the beer market, the appreciation, the food pairing and plenty more that relate to beer.

Looking back 6 years ago that not many people know about craft beers but today it’s a global trend around the world. Wish Malaysia craft beer scene can pick up much faster ;)

Well the journey of beer is one interesting ride that I’m more then happy to embark. May not have the enlightenment of finding the meaning of life but sure give a lot of looking forward for next found of the hidden gems of beer that I haven’t discover.


From bar exploration to this day bottle shop hunt for great beer may sound downgraded but is far more exciting then ever. Bar don’t seem to be that exciting anymore. Is like good concept don’t come out much lately. A great find at bottle shop bring more excitement to me ;) Hence my own bottle shop that still got plenty to improve on.

More and more beer geek out there searching for new beer. More people are embarking into the beer journey. What will happen this coming years? I’ll not know, but I’m sure it will be one interesting chapter coming soon! Get in the bandwagon and find joy in your beer quest! Cheers!

Kirin Ichiban Rises As It Joins The GAB Family

April 14, 2021 – 1:57 pm Comments Off

More than 400 guests witnessed the rise of Kirin Ichiban at a Japanese-themed cultural festival at Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur on 9th April 2014.

The festival venue was recreated to look like a Japan food street and it was the perfect backdrop for the guests to enjoy and appreciate the unique flavours of Kirin Ichiban, Japan’s no. 1 100% Malt beer.

Kirin Ichiban, a super-premium beer developed by Kirin Brewery, uses 100% Malt and an innovative “First Press” brewing method to achieve its unique taste profile. The First Press method means only the finest ingredients – including the purest malt, and extracts from the first strain only are used in the brewing process. What results is a premium beer that is crisp, rich in flavour yet leaves little after taste due to its purity.

At the launch guests, including guest of honour His Excellency Makio Miyagawa, Japan’s Ambassador to Malaysia, were treated to the Kirin Ichiban Experience. The guests were ushered through various experiential points for a taste of Kirin Ichiban’s unique values. They were transported to Kirin Ichiban’s universe by way of Japanese culture, food and hospitality.

During the celebration, Bruce Dallas, GAB’s Marketing Director, shared that the company is pleased to be able to add Kirin Ichiban into the brewer’s portfolio as it further enhances the company’s offering to Malaysian consumers. He pointed out that Kirin Ichiban has great potential in this market because consumers here are becoming increasingly discerning.

“After extensive market research, we found that there is much potential for growth in the super-premium beer category. We believe Kirin Ichiban with its unique flavour has the potential to fill that gap,” said Bruce.

Kirin Ichiban is already available in more than 40 countries and the brand has enjoyed healthy growth in those markets.

Bruce adds, “Kirin Ichiban is an excellent companion for any type of cuisine, even the most delicate of flavours and that is because the beer whilst being crisp and full flavoured, leaves very little aftertaste due to the beer’s purity.”

Apart from Bruce, His Excellency, Makio Miyagawa, Japan’s Ambassador to Malaysia, also said a few words on the super-premium beer at the event: “”Kirin Ichiban is the No. 1 100% malt beer in Japan, and Kirin Brewery, with over 100 years of history, has always been doing well in Japan. I am delighted that a great product like Kirin Ichiban has been added to the portfolio of GAB, the leading brewer in Malaysia. This will provide further opportunity for Japanese culture to be showcased in Malaysia, particularly by generating further appreciation for Japanese food and drinks amongst Malaysians.”

Kirin Ichiban is GAB’s first Japanese product in its portfolio and it is the company’s first new brand in five years. With its addition, GAB plans to increase the distribution network of the 100% Malt, First Press beer giving greater accessibility to the product. The company will also be bringing world class innovative engagements for consumers to experience and enjoy Kirin Ichiban.


New Craftbeer Spot in Singapore, Beer is Food

April 9, 2021 – 11:08 pm Comments Off


Tuck away at the semi-basement floor of Golden Mile Food Centre, Beer is Food is the latest craftbeer spot to join the scene in Singapore. The beers ranges from UK’s Brewdog and Tiny Rebel, Japan’s Baird Beer and Hitachino Nest and Weihenstephan of Germany on the tap.

I managed to catch a quick chat with the co-owner, Han Lin. He explained that this is a temporary setup while they are looking for a better location to run the joint in a bar concept. This is their opportunity to build their clientele.

As one would expect, a craftbeer shop in the hawker centre means abundance of food selection from the multi-cultural flavour of Singapore. However, as the shop is situated at the semi-basement floor, it is hidden away from the natural breeze and can be stuffy at times. Not to mention the toilet that is a distance away.

Beer is Food
Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road
#B1-55, Singapore 199583

The Advantages of Home Brewed Beer

April 7, 2021 – 10:20 am Comments Off

When me and my friends were younger and more naive (to be mild), we would go out every night to a different pub or club and waste ourselves from different combinations of alcoholic drinks. We did not really choose, but simply sipped into our bodies whatever we came across. However, it is true that the main drink both then and now was beer. And just like in those TV-commercials in which we can see people before and after various cosmetic and medical treatments, you should take a look at us and our beer taste then and today. Nowadays, we rarely go out, mainly due to deteriorated economic conditions,  but also because many of us have already got married and have children. Since our resources are quite narrowed down, we have to be witty and pragmatic. That is why a couple of us have started producing beer at home. And to be honest, this home-brewed beer has turned out to be tastier and of better quality than those well-known overpriced beer brands.

Less is more
The quality itself comes from the simple fact that we make beer only for ourselves. Since we do not chase high numbers and mass production, our beer is thicker, our ingredients (click here for more info) are sufficient and our pleasure is immense. In those places the established breweries save money and resources on account of watering down the quality for the sake of the amount they get, we have the freedom of shrinking the quantity but keeping the quality. The hops, the malt and the yeast are combined in a denser way and because of that our beer is usually more viscose and consequently leaves a better impression on our tongue sensors.

Hanging out while brewing
As people get middle-aged or old, they need more hobbies or any similar relaxing activities to unload the burden of everyday duties off of their minds. Some of us start fishing, some playing golf and some simply start making home beer. Since social contacts are decreasing as we enter the older age, home brewing is a perfect occasion for regular gatherings of old friends. Not only that you will learn a completely new skill, but you will also have a perfect excuse in front of your wives or families why you are not at home – you are going to taste your friend’s home brewed beer.

Constructive and healthy
Although alcohol generally has a really destructive effect on our health, producing your own beer will most probably keep you away from overdoing with it. As it has already been said at the beginning of this text, the shrunk budget that most often makes people launch home beer production usually dictates the amount of beer you will drink. Instead of wailing and cursing the damned life and its pointlessness, making your own beer will serve as a constructive psychological therapy and at the same time as a health keeper. Besides, you can even outgrow your brewing kitchen and become a more important player on the local beer market.

As time goes by, our habits and routines change. If earlier you used to overload your body with gallons of beer and damage your budget consequently, now it is time for you to come to your senses, make your own beer and enjoy the benefits of that noble process.

Guest post by Dan Radak who is passionate beer lover, especially home grown beer, he is also a web writer and co-author on several websites. In his free time he’s digging through web in search for best home brew supplies.

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