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Foodbeerlicious Is On! 29 Dec 2013!

December 26, 2020 – 3:48 pm Comments Off

Foodbeerlicious is about getting together with family and friends, meeting new ones and just having a jolly good time with great food and awesome beers on a chill-out Sunday afternoon. Especially it is the last Sunday of 2013!

Free and easy is the name of the game.
The idea is simple – eat, drink and be merry!

29.12.2020 (Sunday)

What Time?
2.30pm onwards till Burritos run out!

Ales & Lagers
D1-G4-6, Solaris Dutamas,
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1


Somersby Brunch Club: Sweet Ending To A Wicked Weekend

December 19, 2020 – 12:54 pm Comments Off

Fans of Somersby Apple Cider experienced a Sunday like never before where family and friends, media and bloggers rendezvous at the brand new dining restaurant, Signature at The Roof’s melodious and interactive Somersby Brunch Club session. This brunch club series is the fourth session of the year, past three were held in KL and Penang.

Somersby Brunch Club is a platform for cider enthusiasts and brunch lovers to gather together for good food, great cider on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Similar to its Brunch Club sessions held at Marmalade Café and Delicious Café in October and EuroDeli Café, Penang in November, unassuming guests were pleasantly surprised by a host of Somersby games which filled guests with fun and laughter. The experience of brunch could not be more refreshing and relaxing with the one of a kind kitchen musical by Jeremy Teo of Red FM and Malaysian singer songwriter Chelsia Ng added that special twist to a typical Sunday afternoon. It was truly an outstanding episode that left guests with an unforgettable impression of their weekend.

Eugene Lim, Brand Manager Somersby Apple Cider commented, “The concept of brunch club is to create a new drinking occasion, an ideal platform for consumers to try and enjoy the refreshing taste of cider while having their meal in a relaxing ambience during brunch. We’ve learned more about our consumers and their likings for cider through our interactions with them by offering them a unique cider and food pairing. Since its introduction in July last year, we are pleased that Somersby Apple Cider has performed above expectations and now becoming the country’s fastest selling cider.”

For this brunch session, Somersby Brunch Club’s partnered restaurant – Signature @ The Roof introduced their new Brunch Menu that presents an array of tantalizing dishes, specially paired with Somersby Apple Cider, the sweet refreshing cider in town. It is expected to turn a mellow Sunday into a lively one.

The complete Brunch Menu, which will be made available soon, offers fourteen lip smacking dishes ranging from sandwiches, salads to the exotic Mediterranean Grilled Salmon, accompanied with a bottle of Somersby Apple Cider; the perfect menu for a sweet ending to a wicked weekend.

Dax Lee, Director, The Group F&B said, “We built The Roof to become the epitome of Kuala Lumpur’s premium dining and entertainment scene that offers the ultimate lifestyle experience. Today, we are proud to partner with Somersby to launch Signature by The Hill’s brunch menu and available every Saturday and Sunday”.

In addition, coinciding with the coming Christmas festivity, Somersby Apple Cider will call for its lovers and supporters to buy a book for charity and exchange it for a bottle of Somersby Apple Cider at Pavilion KL, Level 3 Fashion Avenue from 13th to 26th December 2013. Fans of Somersby Apple Cider can find out more by logging onto


Foodbeerlicious Tease – Coming Soon!

December 13, 2020 – 10:03 am 1 Comment

Beer Is Not Just A Beer

December 12, 2020 – 4:46 pm Comments Off

For many people beer is just a beer, any beer will work. Just like I was once asked what is the best beer in the world? And the answer is “FREE BEER“. But upon people that explore beer in depth, they will seldom agree on this term. As the best beer in the world belong to individual liking.

We can argue for years before we came to a conclusion that which is the best beer in the world, but for me the answer is not really important. But is beer just a beer?

Having a craft beer shop is great as I can talk to customer and understand feedback direct from customer. To many first timer for them beer is just a beer, nothing can surprise them. I guess they are not wrong to think that way, as for most consumer – beer is just a liquid that can make them drunk.

As for me, beer is not just a beer. What beer you drink? How you drink it? Can actually tell your taste bud and how you enjoy the drinks. It does tell a bit of character of the person as well. I should not go in depth in this, as it would be called judging.

Beer is not just a beer because every beer are different and give different flavour. Not many will sit down and agree to their favourite beer, not counted for those that drank only 5 types of beer. For those have try more then 30 types of beer, to choose a favourite is kinda hard.

I wouldn’t say that beer is complicated, it meant to be a simple drink that best accompany with friends. That’s why beer have been the favourite choice of alcoholic drink in the world. If beer is just a beer, then we can’t convince much to the person who think that way. But if you willing to explore a bit on the beer, then beer can bring out some surprising character and style that you may eventually like.

Of course in theory, a lot of people drink just to get drunk. So for them beer is just a beer. The cheaper the better, weirdly when it come to the real situation many of beer drinkers actually think differently. Even though is the same brand on different bar, they will sometimes pay a bit extra for the same beer they think taste nicer on that bar. Maybe beer is not just a beer, maybe the consumer that I presume that beer are the same actually enjoy the taste of beer in their own liking. Maybe somewhere down there we are more beer expert then we know. Or maybe I’m wrong.

Is beer just a beer? I let you decide! Cheers!

30 Lesser Ordinary Days in Ales and Lagers.

December 12, 2020 – 7:48 am 1 Comment

“It began with the forging of the great keys, 2 for me, the wisest and fairest of all living beings, one for my manager, the greatest beer encyclopaedia, but they were all deceived for another ring was made; in the mountain of Centennial Hops with the cask of whiskey that asshole my big boss forged in secret, a master to key control the others”

On one perfect sunny fateful day, I was given a set of keys to Ales and Lagers; a key so powerful that it ruled all beers, a key to a portal that promises endless drunken possibilities. Sometimes you go invisible. So yeah it was cool as shit and I just have to lose it a couple of weeks after in Malacca and it was not recovered ever again, because I truly believe some fucking Hobbit stole it, realised it’s supreme power and held on to it so firmly. (It was eventually found but that’s story for another day)

Key That Ruled Them Beer All.

After a fuck load of grovelling, coaxing, bribing, mind washing, sneaky dirtbag tricks that I’d prefer never to speak about and blackmailing, JUSTICE PREVAILS! Albeit through a special kind of arrangement (in which I had to work there to learn the beers I’m drinking), and I was yet again awarded the set of key that I born to own. I was so happy, we drank until the sun came out and shop ran out of the awesome bottom shelf beers *wink wink*

To quote Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility”. So within the first week of work I organised the inaugural “Ales and Lagers’ Worker Union’s Strike”, we demanded for better whatever, which was paramount. It didn’t matter. The asshole big boss eventually agreed to listen to our demands at 4.75pm, yes because my big boss hustle hard. My manager was *allegedly* on his off day so it was up to my newfound courage and me to negotiate the terms of our welfare. For the first time in my life, I discovered I could be bribed with not three, not two, but ONLY one beer. That asshole big boss gave me a beer I cannot refuse, I can tell you that! Look at the bright side; we managed to set up our worker’s union, a feat which makes climbing Mount Everest like eating chicken.

That Place Where They Beer Hangout.

Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a Police. Damned if I know why, so being a “beer consultant” or that-basterd-that-pours-beer is a pretty kickass upgrade if you ask me. While serving my 30 days tenure in Ales and Lagers, I have made a few profound discoveries. For instance;

(One). I wash glasses. A lot, a lot, a lot of glassses. So many glasses I’m seeing a therapist to help me address my nightmares with glasses. Oh, broke a few of them too. But what my big boss doesn’t know won’t hurt my glasses. I mean me. See!

(Two) Normally if I’m hanging at the shop, I’m lubricated with booze. BUT, when I’m drinking I can’t bloody count. Maybe like a 6 months old kid. Everything seems to get hazy after 2. Hence, with Drunk Dyscalculia Disorder, DDD (it’s a real word) I’m spending many hours with a beer shop enduring the pain of looking at lovelies I can’t drink. If you’re willing to take the risk; either a gargantuan bill or a FREE one, kindly feed me with beers. I really love just about anything!

(Four, I mean Fifteen) Got paid a decent salary at the end of the month but as fate has it, I spent it on 45 bottles of beers. I don’t even know I’ve had those beers. Weird.

Well, overall, I’ve enjoyed my short tenure working there and was glad to make a few acquaintances, both with the people and the beer. However, I do have a pickup truck and the keys to the shop and please contact me if you are interested in pulling a beer heist job in this awesome beer shop in Publika. I could really use a few extra pair of hands to helping with the loading.

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