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Malaysian Import Beer Tax Are Crazy

January 30, 2021 – 2:02 pm Comments Off

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As I have now opened my owned beer shop, I started to import beers for my shop. First time doing my tax calculation really spooked me off.

Duties Calculation – PER LITER
1) Import Duty = Qty in liter  x Import Duty Rates
2) Excise Duty 1 = Qty in liter x Excise Duty Rates
3) Excise Duty 2 = (Import Duty +Excise Duty+ Total Value of goods) x Excise 2 Rates
4) Sales Tax =  (Import Duty + Excise  Duty 1 + Excise Duty 2 + Total Value of Goods ) x Sales Tax Rates

You have to go through 3 duty and 1 tax to clear from custom.

Wines     Brandy/Whisky       Rum/Vodka/Gin        Beer
Duty                7              58                                 55                                   5
Excise 1         12             30                                30                                    7.4
Excise 2         15%         15%                             15%                                 15%
Sales tax        5%           5%                               5%                                   5%

Trust me when the first 2 duties add together is already quite crazy.

Just simple calculation a box of RM0 (24 bottles x 330ml) beer will cost RM118.60 just on the tax without declaring a single cent on the goods. That already RM4.95 before the beer add on price and logistic. When you add on the goods price and the extra tax on Excise 2 and Sales Tax is just become havoc.

For beer drinkers in Malaysia, is fair for us to asked what the country did for us since we contribute so much extra money to them. We have to forgive the proper imported beers for the expensive price because of the expensive tax and bad exchange rate.

I hope the next budget can do something about this. I really think is not fair for the consumer to absorb all this taxes while the government is doing nothing to stop the illegal smuggled beer into the country. I can’t blame the smuggler as this is a lucrative business. Beer selling at RM5 a can get around 100% margin as the real cost is around RM2 per can without paying tax.

Will I see the day that beer excise duty will be reduce… that we have to sound our concern  out loud! For the glory of beers in Malaysia to be reasonably price.

Guinness T0 Launch Its New Draught In A Bottle!

January 29, 2021 – 10:41 am Comments Off

GUINNESS® is set to launch its iconic draught brew in a sleek new 330ml bottle in Singapore, offering consumers a new twist on the legendary brew. In true GUINNESS style, the brand will launch its GUINNESS Draught in a Bottle (GDIB) variant into the market next month by setting a Guinness World Record of the “Longest Bar Slide”!

On 21 February 2013, five lucky fans picked by GUINNESS will attempt to set the world record on behalf of the brand by sliding the new draught bottle down the full length of a 15 metre specially-constructed beer slide, closely watched by an adjudicator from the Guinness World Records. The record setting attempt will be the highlight of the launch event, to be held at House of Timbre.

“Guinness Draught in a Bottle injects a new feel to a brand that is strongly established in the market. Our all-time favourite Guinness draught now comes straight from a bottle, offering

consumers a new and more accessible way of enjoying their favourite product,” said Mr. Rene de Monchy, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

“What better way to launch this bold and smooth new bottle in Singapore than to contest a Guinness World Record of the “Longest Bar Slide”. Guinness aims to bring to our fans ground- breaking experiences and this promises to be an exciting first for the brand here!” he added.

To win a chance to make history with Guinness, consumers can simply log on to the Guinness Singapore Facebook page and complete the sentence “Guinness is as smooth as …” from early February onwards. The five most creative entries will be picked and the winning fans will stand a chance to set the world record on behalf of the brand for the “Longest Bar Slide”.

GDIB will retail for approximately $12 per bottle at clubs, restaurants and diner outlets all over Singapore, including areas such as Dempsey Hill, Holland Village, Clarke Quay and Mohamed Sultan Road.

Draught GUINNESS® has traditionally been a tap beer served in a pint glass. Singapore will be the third market globally and the first in Southeast Asia to introduce the newly packaged GUINNESS variant, after North America and South Korea.

The launch of GDIB in Singapore will be supported with a 360 campaign across advertising, public relations, social media and brand activation.

GUINNESS should always be enjoyed responsibly – for more information visit For more information about the launch of GDIB in Singapore, please visit GuinnessSG.

New Beer: Rogue American Amber Ale

January 19, 2021 – 1:18 pm Comments Off

Rogue American Amber Ale is now available in Malaysia. For now can be found in Ales & Lagers. Very glad to see this Award Winning World Champion Amber Ale available here. Have you tried it before?

Listen! Listen! Just Shut Up And Drink!

January 16, 2021 – 2:28 pm Comments Off

Carlsberg 2013 CNY Campaign -Carlsberg ‘Tree of Abundance’ Road Show

January 16, 2021 – 10:00 am Comments Off

Carlsberg ‘Tree of Abundance’

  1. Inspired by the money tree plant as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
  2. Carlsberg ‘Tree of Abundance’ is grandly proportioned at 16 feet in height x 16 feet in width.
  3. 680 mock gold Chinese coins adorn the Tree.
  4. The Tree is painted a rich golden shade.
  5. The Tree is built on a solid metal base that measures 3.5 feet.
  6. A ‘Wishing Fountain’ is placed at the Tree’s base.

Carlsberg ‘Tree of Abundance’ Road Show

  1. The road show is called the ‘Golden Entourage’ and will commence on January 11 and continue until February 22.
  2. It will travel across Peninsular Malaysia only.
  3. In addition to the majestic Carlsberg ‘Tree of Abundance’, the ‘Golden Entourage’ will feature a brightly lit Carlsberg truck, 8 Fook Gods (God of Prosperity) and lion dance performance.
  4. A bounty of giveaways awaits Carlsberg consumers who visit the ‘Tree of Abundance’ at various locations.
  5. The giveaways are part of the massive Carlsberg RM 6,800,000 million consumer redemption promotion.
  6. To participate, Carlsberg consumers will receive one crown cork per person which they will toss into a ‘Wishing ‘Fountain’ at the base of the Tree.
  7. A coin box will be released from the Tree trunk. In the coin box, there will be a Chinese New Year greeting messages for consumers. Some extra lucky consumers could also get any one of the following:

CNY1 – RM11,888 giant ang pow

CNY2 – RM1,188 big ang pow

CNY3 – Free big (quart) bottle of Carlsberg

CNY4 – One deck of Chinese New Year themed playing cards available in two designs

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