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Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd Unveils Budweiser As 2012 FA Cup Lead Partner

January 31, 2021 – 9:03 am Comments Off

A subsidiary of Carlsberg Malaysia, Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd (LHFB), is proud to announce Budweiser, the iconic global lager brand, became the Lead Partner of The FA Cup, to be known as The FA Cup with Budweiser.


LHFB, being the sole importer and distributor of Budweiser and the official beer of 2012 FA Cup is again rewarding its customers another “once a lifetime experience” – to fly consumers to watch FA Cup Final live.

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia cum Chairman of LHFB, said, “Budweiser has served as Official Beer of the FIFA World Cup™ for the last 25 years; it is a long-standing supporter of sports around the world.  Last year, Budweiser has involved in COPA America Argentina 2011. And it has also strengthened its position by being the “official beer” of the FIFA World Cup™, this sponsorship will continue until 2014.”

Soren said: “Budweiser is proud and excited to sponsor this world’s oldest and most prestigious domestic cup competition.  We’re looking forward to sharing our passion for the beautiful game, bringing The FA Cup closer to fans around the nation through an exciting programme of activities, including bringing consumer to watch FA Cup Live in England”

“We will have Match Viewing Parties for Budweiser and FA fans throughout the competition. The next exciting match of Liverpool VS Man United will be one of the highlight for FA Cup and of course we will not miss the chance to watch this game together with all the football fans,” said Soren.

During the launch, it also kick-starts the search for an inaugural Malaysian Team to participate in the 2012 Bud Cup 6V6, which will be compromising of eight (8) members will be selected from different channels, E.g. our end consumers, trade partners; Joining the guests at the launch today was the legendary national footballer, Yang Berbahagia Datuk Soh Chin Ann who has been appointed as the honourable Team Manager for Malaysia Bud Cup team.


Black Damnation V Double Black

January 30, 2021 – 12:38 pm 1 Comment

When the beer poured out?
The first impression of aroma is full of dark chocolate note, with faint roasted malt smell.

How’s the taste?
The first entry is pack with flavour, hint of intense flavour of dark roasted chocolate, with roasted sour taste (something like drinking black coffee), hint of alcohol which guide the taste. As it enter the throat, can feel the heat with sweet bitter lingering. At 26% abv, the beer is very very balance and thick bodied. Is the beer warm a bit, more taste and aroma can be detect. It gives out more woody, earth like roasted bitter taste. The beer give out light sour and dark chocolate after taste.

What’s the colour?
Deep dark chocolate.

Where to drink?
Was invited by Leon to tried from his collection.

My Opinion:
This beer is blow away the concept of beer. It doesn’t taste like a regular beer, it doesn’t present like a regular beer and for sure it doesn’t smell like regular. For those regular beer drinker and no nothing about the age beer, is not easy to accept this. But for those that like aroma, texture and taste, this beer is something rank quite high up. This is by far the most interesting beer I ever tasted. Please invite me to taste again, is a pleasure to tried this beer. Cheers!


Tried 2 More Interesting Beer @ Taps Beer Bar

January 27, 2021 – 12:25 pm 2 Comments

Just tried this 2 beer yesterday night at Taps Beer Bar @ Jalan Nagasari. Both Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12 & Brewdog Abstrakt 06 are from Scotland. Both are unique beer. Very intersting. One cost RM27 and the other cost RM97…. steep price tag for the Abstrakt 06.

Food Pairing: Siew Yuk (烧肉)

January 27, 2021 – 9:12 am Comments Off

Siew Yuk (烧肉) is always a nice snack or munch while having a nice sips of beer. The saltiness of the beer compliment nicely with malty sweetness from the beer. Siew Yuk is good by it self, having those layer of nice fat and crunchy belly skin. Season with some light chinese spices and salt on the skin, it making a wonderful delight crunching it away.

Most beer will goes nice with it, although I don’t agree with having siew yuk with dark beer. For those that need some snack, this beer work wonderfully. If don’t believe have a try, it even goes nice with other alcohol like wine and smokey whisky. Cheers!

1 Day Trip To Singapore Jan 2012 – Afternoon

January 25, 2021 – 9:12 am Comments Off

Continued from 1 Day Trip To Singapore Jan 2012 – Morning

After leaving Jungle Beer brewery, we adjourned to Level 33 @ Marina Boulevard. It’s a brewpub which open on top of office building, making it the highest brewpub in Singapore. It may even be the highest in the world hence it’s called Level 33.

The view up there is quite amazing, on down part the air quality on that day is quite hazy. But it’s still a breath taking view of Singapore city centre.

Looking at the beer selection, I was hoping they have a wider range of beer. But there’s only 4 to choose from. I ordered the Pale Ale, while the rest order the blond lager, house porter and stout. The pale ale is a bit weak in taste, expected to be more flavour and aromatic but it just doesn’t deliver. Maybe is a food place, the beer here are quite blend. The good side is you’ll have fresh beer nice body that may paired well with food.

I try the Stout, again it was quite blend, the body could have been a bit thicker. On the beer side, the beer is not up to par especially a brew pub. Maybe the food here is more outstanding, I would not know as I didn’t order any food, as the price range is way over my budget for this trip.

From there, Leon drop us at Chijmes as we want to go check out The Auld Alliances. Too bad, the place is not open yet. So we have to move on to the next agenda.

Before knowing what lay ahead of us, lucky we stop by and have a simple meal on the food court nearby. I order a pork soup noodle, is not the best but is quite tasty after so much beer I’ve drank. This is the first meal I’ve eaten since arrived in Singapore. Our next destination is Old Empire at River Point, River Valley Road.

We walk from one end of River Valley Road to the other end of River Valley Road, it took us about an hour on a slow walk. If we would have known Old Empire is situated so far away from the The River Valley Road, could have took a cab there… haha, The weather is not merciful at all, the sun shine to it’s brightest. But this sign the “Kay Poh Rd” really make us laugh, I guess this is where all the gossip girls stayed… haha (no offense I have no idea about the history of this road, it just sound funny in hokkien. Kay Poh mean busy body in Hokkien)

After an hour of walk, at last we reach Old Empire. Rather then look at the beer menu, I straight away look for the most comfortable sofa to sat on. Have a glass of ice water, by the time I finish the water I was very sleepy. Without further delayed, I ordered another beer to keep my energy going.

I ordered Jungle Beer Kristall Klear. Is a very clean and easy to drink beer with light fruity aroma. Is like drinking a faint apple juice with carbonation and smooth body. But after a long walk this beer can crunch taste but can’t live the tired spirit up.

I have a taste of what CK order, the Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale. This beer have a unique flavour, like the colour of the bottle the taste a bit pinkish. By mean of flowery and something in there that I don’t know how to describe. It’s sweet but a different kind. Still I was quite tired, mind is shutting off.

Then the owner came and booze up my energy with Hobgoblin. An ale, with thicker body does bring back some energy for me. The sweetness and light bitter of the beer booze back my body cell.

The next in line is Old Empire IPA. Those that know me, IPA always work for me. This IPA is not that bitter, light aroma hoppy taste. The bottle really look good.

Then came the energy boose. King Goblin, this english ale is one of the best I tried. Not a big fan of English Ale, but this is nice. The nice creamy head, with cookie like malted aroma on the nose bring back a lot of memory in the brewery storage room. After that, no more feeling tired. I just want to keep on going.

By the time we finish up, it start to turn dark. My journey to Singapore 1 day trip is about to end. Still got 4 more hours before the train ride back to Malaysia.

I’ll continue the 1 Day Trip In Singapore Jan 2012 – Night on next week post. Cheers for now!

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