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Spotted New Beer – Kronenbourg Blanc

June 30, 2021 – 9:07 am Comments Off

I was at the launched of Kronenbourg Blanc yesterday at The View, G Tower. Is another edition of Kronenbourg beer stepping into the market. Kronenbourg Blanc is a wheat beer.

For those that love to drink from draught, no worries. This beer do come in draught as well. Happy hunting. Cheers!

Magical Wanderust – Bakita’s One Year Anniversary

June 29, 2021 – 2:07 pm Comments Off

Date: 30th June 2011 (Thursday)

Adress : No33, Jalan Berangan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
Time : 7.00pm onwards
Free flow of drinks and food will start at 7.00 pm – 9.30 pm so be there early. You don’t want to miss this party !!

A Hidden Cocktail Bar!

June 29, 2021 – 9:02 am Comments Off

This is the hidden cocktail bar place, no signage nor any indication that it is a cocktails bar. This place is called Tate @ Intermark, KL. It is so hidden that the mixologist that ask me to come over have to bring me in. If he didn’t show me the way, I would never have guess this door will lead to such a wonderful cocktail bar.

At the entrance there is an armour suit welcoming all the guest. When I enter, this place is full of mystery. A place with no signage, a hidden entrance…. what should I expect later…??

After entering, I can see a nice bar counter with plenty selection of liquor display. Quite a simple bar, I was expecting a rustic castle like place. But it was more like a gentleman club.

A shinning wall that reflect the light to create a cosy place. The place is very dim and dark, I was having a tough time taking picture.

Behind the pool table have a cigar and whisky racks that display the best of the product. With the light shine at the wall, using those texture to create a nice ambient is brilliant.

There are 3 private room to hang out with friends. Honestly the place itself is already very private on it’s own criteria. Having a private room at a private hide out make it even more exclusive… haha

I have to said, the place may look like a gentlemen’s club but the mixologist friend told me that there is more ladies hang out here then men. Most air stewardess like to hang out here without being hit on by the horny guys… haha

Even a simple cappuccino looks freaking awesome. I never drink coffee but putting it on a classic looking cup look nice to have a few sips. All the things here are very details. This place is purely drinks and no food are in the menu. They do have some snacks for you to grease your palate.

This is a cocktail bar of course I have to try some amazing cocktail. The mixologist have mix something on his own special that I find it quite amazing in taste. Something out of the norm I have try for beer.

For now the ladies found this place more entertaining then the guys. At the same time I find the ladies are more open to try out new taste compare to guys. With the ratio of 2 female : 1 male, maybe the girls will be the one that lead to change the drinking culture.

Honestly, this place really quite nice to chill with friends. I was sitting there and get really comfy after awhile and don’t feel like leaving. Simple yet elegant interior with leather sofa and chairs with contemporary look, making it more cocktail like place then just a simple whisky bar. I have to said, sometimes posh place does make the standard feel a bit different. Maybe is time we give more respect to mixologist or many people will know them as bartender, a confusion of genre. I will sure come back for this place to explore more of their cocktails. Cheers!

Tate@ Intermark, KL

Spotted New Beer – A.K. Damm

June 28, 2021 – 2:28 pm Comments Off

Spotted this new beer when doing a review at Tate @ Intermark, KL. This is a Spanish beer, is a pilsner. Have fun hunting! Cheers!

A Surprise Party, That Was Awesome!

June 28, 2021 – 9:25 am Comments Off

Carlsberg have invited the medias to join in the “Where The Party?” event. This event is exclusive by invitation only, of all the thousand only few hundreds was choosen to participate on this grand event.

At 10:30 we all gather at Bukit Jalil Stadium to register and then board on the bus to the mystery place. Looking at the itinerary, 2 hours to beach is either Port Dickson or Sepang Gold Coast. With all the invitee coming in early, with us media still not sure what or how this party is going to be. It just getting more and more suspense.

Around 11am the bus started the journey to the mystery place. The media bus has 3 crews to actually entertain us at the same time do some ice breaker section. From the turning of the bus heading towards KLIA, we all have suspect that the party is going to be at Sepang Gold Coast. The ice breaking section in the bus was good and met many medias and bloggers to be able to make friends and enjoy the party together.

When we arrive at Sepang Gold Coast, the mood was fantastic. The sun is shining, the party mood from the staffs and crews that keep cheering with drum beats. It was an awesome feeling, everyone was treated like VIP. The anticipation for the event grow bigger as we know we are already here to have a great time.

For us media, we went in for a short press conference talking about the event and how Carlsberg is going forward to push the brand. It was the most casual press conference I ever been, everyone was asking some good question and some funny one as well. Maybe everyone is already in different mood. Most of us are smiling and ready to rock!

After the press conference, we check in to our water villas. Honestly I always wanted to stay on this type of hotel, is a dream come true. Never expected that I’ll be staying at Sepang Gold Coast but it was still breath taking. The sky is blue, the sea breeze is awesome. Bucket list… ticked!

After all the registration, long bus journey, checking-in and washing-up, is time to party KAW! KAW!

Carlsberg have prepare 2 section of game area, the yellow zone and the green zone. Each time you play the game you can collects points and can redeem it when the party is over.

Each game area got it’s own level of difficulty. But with so many pretty girls and hunky boys crew cheering for you, I bet everyone is trying their best to accomplish the game task.

Beside all the fun game zone, what I love the most is the massage area. Honestly, that is the best area for me. Not that I don’t enjoy the game, a massage is what I need in this sunny holiday spot plus all the walking in Singapore before this, it can’t be better time then this. Sitting on the balcony, having my feet massage at the same time feeling the sea breeze hitting… what a holiday party experience. I even went to the infinity pool for a relax swim… syok! syok!

After all the fun on the baking sun and the relax moment. When back in my villa to wash up and rest before the second round of bigger party ahead.

So when night falls, the mood have change. Everyone is hungry at the same time ready for more fun to come.

Barbeque dinner is served, everyone is chomping their food and dunking their beer. As the food is buffet style and of cause free-flow Carlsberg beer. As Dato Soh Chin Aun put it, the best beer in the world is Free Beer… haha

Around 9pm when the emcees came on stage, all mayhem let loose and let the party begin! Start with the dancing crew opening the welcome performance.

Performance after performance that let the crowd standing, cheering, dancing, sing together, shouting and of course while drinking their beer. It was my first outdoor party with so much drinking involve. Of course we try to drink responsibly… haha

From pop rock, to alternative, from hip-hop to techno… there is something that you will like. Most of the crowd are hanging on the main stage checking out the performances.

Around 1am, everyone still in their top mood. Ever ready to party. Even Dato’ Jimmy Choo was there. I find the beach full with lose items like flip-flops, t-shirt, tags… got one stage I also lost my glasses… lucky for me I manage to found it… haha. It was a great fun night, I have never party that hard before. I’m not sure what time the party ended, when I was laying in my bed I still can hear the boom boom beat from the music.

The next day we gather again to check out. This time everyone is talking about the event that happen the night before. Most of the people look stone but can tell that everyone is satisfy with such a great exciting party. For sure Carlsberg have pay a big price to turn many fan to loyal customer.

Just like everything there is a beginning and there is an end. For me this event is wonderful. Met some new friends, leave some good memories, enjoy a great holiday, learn a few things and best of all is greater then I imagine. It was a great great party. Thank You Carlsberg for the media’s invite. That Calls For A Carlsberg! Like every end, there will be another beginning. Look forward for the next big event! Cheers!

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