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Value Set Lunch – S’Mores @ Bangsar South

May 31, 2021 – 11:21 am Comments Off

I have been eating around some pubs to find out their set lunch. Maybe I should check out about set lunch deal in pubs, since the set lunch can be quite interesting.

I was at The Sphere @ Bangsar South to check out potential places for beer event. So I drop by the only bar there at the Sphere for a set lunch – S’mores. I browse around and found that the value set is really interesting. I guess the most interesting word there is NonH-Halal.

So I went in and order, and they ask me to choose 2 side dish… which I quite happy, looking at the variant they have, including fries, salad, cord, potato salad… and rice.

For the price it comes with a soup, a drink and a main course. Which I think is really value for money. I opt for the Argentina Tender Loin Steak, as I still into steak mood. The soup is nice, for the price. I enjoy my meal.

When I though everything is over, then comes the Ice-Cream. Including tax the total damage is RM17.50….. totally value meal. Awesome!

Barbican Content 0.5% Alcohol?

May 31, 2021 – 9:05 am 2 Comments

barbican Non Alcoholic Beer Lemon Flavour

I received a comment for my beer review post about Barbican from Azwan. He wrote

Barbican is a type of beer, even though the manufacture claim it as non-alcoholic beer, but in recent days, Malaysian Religious Dept claim their research found out about 0.5% level of alcohol exist in this drink. So please stop claiming it as halal. Otherwise the manufacture have to clarify or deny.

If anyone know about this please inform us, but again… for those of us who drink real beer, please don’t bother about this article as this won’t effect you at all. Cheers!

Grimbergen Blond

May 30, 2021 – 9:22 am Comments Off

When the bottle is opened?
Sweet fruity and floral aroma.

How’s the taste?
The first taste, the beer give a very fruity and light carbonation. Cherry/grape like sweetness with light sour with fruity berry sweetness. At 6.7% ABV, this beer is quite well balance in taste. Have a light sweet after taste that linger on the palate.

What’s the colour?
Golden Yellowish Crystal.

How’s the bottle design?
Both the bottle, label and glassware are well design.

Where to drink?
Drank it at Brussels Beer Cafe @ Menara Hap Seng. Should be available at all Brussels Beer Cafe outlet.

My Opinion:
If you like sweet beer, this beer is quite nice. Not so pungent sweet but more like grapes sweetness. It remind me a lot of Ribena sweetness. Easily paired with food, with its fruity aroma. Not much bitter and light carbonation can easily drink for a period of time.

Food Pairing That You Need To Tapao – Keropok Lekor

May 27, 2021 – 9:25 am Comments Off

Keropok Lekor is a tradition malay snack, maybe from Terengganu. Is made from fish and other flour then when you fried it it give out this crunchy crispy outside with soft chewy inside texture. The keropok lekor from the road side stall or warung don’t have much consistent.

Some places the keropok lekor is more crunchy, some are more fishy, some are really chewy. Is a easy snack, just dip it with chili sauce and put it your mouth. I like to eat this snack with beer because of it’s light aroma.

For afternoon beer drinking section, having a big bowl of keropok lekor will sure enhance your drinking experience as well. Have a try next time, Malaysia have plenty of snack food to offer beside muruku and peanuts. I think bar/pubs should be more creative in serving bar bites. Lately less and less pubs throw in peanuts or muruku to the customer when they order.

Should bring back that snack culture during beer section… to give you a more rounded beer belly… haha

Queen E, Waiting For Her Guinness

May 26, 2021 – 9:04 am Comments Off

Even the Queen have to wait for the Guinness Draught to nicely settle. I guess is a bit not fair as there are Queen Elizabeth and her husband yet they only pour 1 pint.

Of course we all know that who is the one that are really waiting for the Guinness Draught. He must be thinking, only 1 pint for both of us? Damned… haha

You think Queen is the only one doing it, US President – Obama also having some creamy goodness this week in Ireland. I have to said, a lot of endorsement for Guinness brand in this month. Sure the sales will go up. Maybe when Obama is not US President he can be the spoke person for Beer… it would be fun to have someone his status to promote beer!

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