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Beers In Malaysia – Paulaner

March 31, 2021 – 3:28 pm 2 Comments

This is a German beer or to be exact a bavarian beer. A brand that closely link to Oktoberfest. It started quite well known in most German restaurant and later to some bistro in Malaysia. Although they may have many different varieties of beer choices, but the favourite among all is the Paulaner Weiss Bier Naturtrüb! Prost!

Spotted New Beer – Mahou

March 31, 2021 – 12:06 pm Comments Off

Mahou Cinco Estrellas & Mahou Negra just arrive in the market from Spain. Will be available in many Spanish bar very soon. I tried this in El Meson @ Bangsar. Almost every month we have new beers in Malaysia. Who said we don’t have choices for beer?

By the way the Mahou is pronounce as mahu (malay for want). Is quite hard to reject the now isn’t it… haha

Things That Are Salah – Drinking Beer With Straw

March 31, 2021 – 9:08 am 2 Comments

What do you all think about drinking beer with straw? Personally is just not the right way, as it can be quite brave to do it.

KFC Double Down Hangover Heaven….

March 30, 2021 – 8:58 pm 1 Comment

I got one of these guys after work the other day here in Australia luckily enough a day before official release after reading about it in some local blogs/press and ‘coz of the stir it caused in the USA when it was released there last year…And of course I had to test it out for its hangover curing properties as well of course!

Ooooooo…! It’s Mantime!

Here it is guys the ultimate in hangover KFC cures! What it is, it’s a burger  with no bread bun and two pieces of fried fillet chicken goodness basicly replacing the bread on a normal chicken burger/sandwich… In the middle is a slice of bacon and two pieces of burger cheese (swiss maybe?) You can opt for hot and spicy(zinger) fillets with super charged  (that orange stuff in the pic) sauce or the Original recipe with BBQ sauce. I of course got the spicy variant! Yummo!

It was abit of a mission to get it down so the Mrs had a try too to help out.

Very tasty, really filling, right amount of spicyness/crispyness and slight gilt trip like all my KFC adventures…. for that reason I try and keep them few and far between…he hee.

Verdict: Good hang over cure- this will definitely help out on one of those days we all know when after a crazy night out on the sauce and we tell ourselves those pitiful pathetic words : “I’m never gonna drink again” and so on…  I wouldn’t over do it with this insane burger..’coz  it sure packs the calories!

Would go great with a larger or a lighter style of pale ale if you were to pair it— coopers pale ale comes to mind.

Too bad KFC here in Aus doesn’t serve beer with their food I can see why though given big contrast between the pub/club culture and “family” restaurants.

When I was in my second home Japan for a visit last year however I spotted Kirin Ichiban beer on the the menu at  KFC in Ikebukuro west Tokyo!

If you look at the menu item on the left above the counter that’s Kirin Ichiban with some variants of chicken sets/value meals you  can eat in with….A match made in heaven… or Japan rather.  (^_^)

I’d prefer Kirin Larger though over its famous sibling or even better a hoppy IPA..but thats another post…



Beers In Malaysia – Guinness Foreign Extra

March 30, 2021 – 2:47 pm Comments Off

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (FES)
Many people confuse  FES with Guinness Draught. FES is the classic stout that we all remember as young kids. Most of the young adult hate this beer but fall in love with Guinness Draught. This is the Orh Kaw (黑狗) that many remember. Of course the dog is not as famous now as many have switch to the Draught, but it’s still maintain it’s own supremacy for the old school man!

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