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Happy 20″Beerbeer”11!

December 31, 2020 – 11:38 am Comments Off

We wish everyone a good Happy 2011. Thank you for supporting Beerbeer and bring us to new heights. Hope 2011 will create more fun and joy for all the readers here. Salute, Cheers and Yam Sing to everyone! Have a save New Year Eve!

Fierce Competition At Carlsberg Golf Classic Finals 2010

December 31, 2020 – 10:06 am Comments Off

The Carlsberg Golf Classic 2010 National Finals drew to an exciting close today as fierce competition amongst the front runners contributed to an exciting display of amateur golf. After scoring gross of 72, Alistair Guthrie (1) edge over closest competitor Jimmy Cheah (1) by two strokes to win the Gross category while Sin Kok Mun (9) beat Jacky Ng Sok Peng with a score of 66 to Ng’s 68 to clinch the Nett title.

Winners triumph over a closely fought battle between 80 participants in this year’s tournament, held at the Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC). Guthrie qualified at the Saujana Golf & Country Club leg while Sin was the winner at the Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Club leg. Both golfers now stand on top of a tournament that saw more than 4000 participants across the country.

“The Carlsberg Golf Classic champions played a tremendous game of golf against the very best golfers in the country and their wins are well deserved. It was an exciting day for Carlsberg to put on this tournament for golfers and it has been our aim to see our participation raise the level of amateur golf tournaments in the country,” said Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia at the presentation ceremony. “Today, we are proud to mark that achievement.”

Winners of the Nett and Gross category each received their Champions Trophy and walk away with exciting prizes. In addition to that, they will also receive the privilege to play with Professional Golfers at the Pro-Am Tournament, held annually in conjunction with the Maybank Malaysian Open.

“One of the greatest benefit of playing in the Carlsberg Golf Classic is the opportunity to play along side a great golfer at the Pro-Am. I believe the winners will be able to learn a lot from a renowned player. It will be an experience money can never buy,” said Ravn.

Carlsberg Golf Classic is the biggest and longest running amateur golf tournament in Malaysia. 40 legs are played annually, where the Gross and Nett winners from each leg will challenge in the National Finals for the title of Carlsberg Golf Classic National Champion.

Key Highlights from Carlsberg Golf Classic 2010 include:

  • More than 4000 golfers participated in Carlsberg Golf Classic 2010 across 40 qualifying legs held in golf courses throughout Malaysia.
  • The largest leg held at the Sandakan Golf Club saw 180 golfers participating.
  • Michael Hon became the first golfer to score a hatrick at the Monterez Golf and Country Club qualifying leg. He has participated in the Carlsberg Golf Classic for the past 6 occasions.
  • Ms. Anne became the first lady winner of the 2010 season. She won the Nett category at the Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club on 25 September 2010.
  • Since 2000, a portion of the tournament’s entry amounting to RM30 will go towards deserving charitable organizations across the nation. It has so far raised approximately RM 1 million for charity.
  • In Asia, the Carlsberg Golf Classic series has grown in reputation in Singapore as the main golfing platform for amateur golfers. Many golfers join the tournament from Singapore. The series’ popularity has also led to the launch of Carlsberg Golf Classic in Vietnam in 2010.
  • At every leg, exciting lucky draw prizes including a Philips LCD TV was given to participants of the Carlsberg Golf Classic.

Known for its long association with golf and being the clear market leader in the golf segment, Carlsberg has been the leading supporter of both professional and amateur tournaments in Malaysia and as a result has seen its market dominance continue to grow and expand.

Ravn expresses: “Carlsberg will definitely continue our historical legacy with the game of golf through our development of the Carlsberg Golf Classic franchise. Golf is a sport that exudes several timeless values that we hope to embody here at Carlsberg.”

“Golfers can look forward to more exciting developments at Carlsberg Golf Classic and we’ll be including new changes to the format of the tournament starting next year to make it even more exciting and enticing for golfers,” he added.

Carlsberg Golf Classic 2011 season will begin in May 2011.

Things That Are Salah – Too Much Head On The Beer

December 30, 2020 – 10:59 am 3 Comments

Don’t everyone hate it when you are thirsty for beer, suddenly someone pour you a glass of extremely huge beer head which spoil some character out of the beer. Happen a lot to the inexperience waiters, waitresses and bartenders.

I think this service can be improve if they are trained properly. Normally I don’t like them to pour the bottle beers for me. 2 reasons for it, first is I don’t like this situation happens and second is because I like to pour my own beer… haha

Any of you have this experience? I bet everyone did, especially those serve in jugs… haha

Going Up Or Going Down The Same Road

December 29, 2020 – 8:58 am Comments Off

TTDI Plaza, once  a famous hang out place pack with clubs, bars and restaurant. Is still packs with clubs and bar but is not the place it used to be anymore. I see the same thing in IOI Boulevard  in Puchong. After opening for almost a year, the place is still not fill with offices. Is just restaurant and pubs.

A few issues at hand are – will all the people want to keep hanging out in the same area with so much competition going on. Look at Sunway Giza, packs with restaurant and pubs. The place are pack with people, this is used to be a scene we found in TTDI Plaza.

JayaOne is another drinking area in PJ with almost the same concept. Most of this place offers 1 stop place to work, dine and play all at the same place, but is it really good to have so much competition opening in such a small place cater to the same people?

The F&B industry have change, many new concepts and ideas to bring the level of F&B business to next level, but many times they forget the main attraction which is the good services offer by the outlet. Owners can spend up to millions on renovation and designing a good outlet, but when come to services some place get “F” for failing badly.

Everyday we receive SMSes about outlet promotions on the cheap stuff. I never receive an SMSes about today we got Beer Tasting or Whisky tasting. No education are send forth, just more and more promotion on the price war. No educations mean no increase of new drinkers. Everyone is going for Single Malt Whisky lately, but how many actually know what is the meaning of Single Malt beside more expensive?

I know for owners – business is business. You want to earn money, if not what for you want to start a business, this is not charity organisation. In true facts, what are you guys competing against? The prices or the consumers? Some good places keep having event non-stop to make the place happening and fresh to attract peoples to spend money on their joint.

Look at what happen to Asian Heritage Row, look at what happen to Jalan Sultan Ismail, look at Bangsar, look at Hartamas. All this are repeated history that keep going on and on. We are basically asking who’s next? Counting at the places to drink in big area, we have Changkat Bukit Bintang, Sunway Giza, JayaOne, TTDI Plaza, IOI Boulevard, Solaris, Sri Hartamas, Mid Valley, The Curve and etcetera, etcetera.

Why I didn’t see creative in pushing new style of promotion beside throwing prices attracting the customer? Cheap prices always attract customers, because customers are cheap? alcohol are expensive? Who is going to step up to change the scene?

The ALCON (Alcohol Consumer Rights Group) press release show little support from the F&B group. I think for many outlets, they will benefit from the increase. Only Sid’s Pub and J&R was there to support ALCON. Where is the rest?

This will go on and on about how the places of F&B should be. Or maybe we should ask this question, “the places I go to drink 5 years ago, are they still exist”?

Beer Of Our Life

December 28, 2020 – 9:49 am 4 Comments

Since Beerbeer started, a lot of people ask me this question “What is my favourite beer?” I understand that the more you drink the harder it is to choose your favourite. The more you drink here is more towards the type and brands not the frequent or how much you drank.

I do have my favourites in certain time and place or even certain food. I love to drink beer according to my taste of that day. Of course to have my favourite beer is hard to find. My favourite type is still IPA (Indai Pale Ale). One of the hoppy, floral, bitter beer that many dislike. I quite like the Dogfish 60 min IPA, which I drank in Singapore Beerfest.

My favourite beer for this year is actually Pannepot from Belgium. The owner of BruxAle collect the beer and was kind enough to share it with Minjie and me. Something so surprisingly good that it make me happy the whole day for a reason I know that this is by far the best beer I tasted this year.

I guess some of the readers will go along my choices and try what ever I recommended. So far not many will like my favourite beer as it always come with hoppy and full flavour beer. I still wish we have better lager or pilsner in Malaysia. So far the commercial brands are not really giving any good taste to it. The simple after taste are not there. I actually think the Malaysian still have the mentality that darker is always stronger. Hope this will change one day.

As writing for Beerbeer have lead me to discover more types of beer. Beer of my life will keep changing. As I discover new type and new style to slowly sips to my mouth, eventually new favourite will come. Ale or lager who knows? But ale will be a better choice for now.

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