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Merry Guinness: Celebrate Christmas The Guinness Way

November 30, 2020 – 9:59 am Comments Off

Kuala Lumpur, 25 November 2020 – GUINNESS® launched its 2010 MERRY GUINNESS® celebration countdown with a nationwide campaign, which will be held all throughout the festive month of December. With its tagline, ‘Merry Guinness. Share the Magic this Christmas,’ GUINNESS® has lined up a host of activities for its consumers.

“The most magical things about Christmas are warm feelings of communion and friendship which go together with pints of GUINNESS®. Pair those pints with a hearty meal and enjoy an unforgettable experience with the people who matter most,” said Mark Jenner, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad in his welcome note.

“In line with our MERRY GUINNESS® campaign, we have prepared a magical journey for our consumers to enjoy and share with their family and friends. Some of the highlights of our nationwide campaign consist of special MERRY GUINNESS® events and the GUINNESS® Heritage collectible premiums” he added.

The GUINNESS® Heritage Collection will be accessible in more than 2,000 pubs and bars across Malaysia. For every six pints of GUINNESS® draught or one bucket of GUINNESS® Foreign Extra Stout purchased at participating outlets, consumers will receive a free limited edition GUINNESS® Heritage Collection glass inspired by the famed GUINNESS® Gilroy collection.

This unique glass bears a vintage look and is available in two designs, based on the internationally-acclaimed GUINNESS® advertising campaign that took place in 1938 and 1955 respectively, featuring the infamous Toucan and the smiling head. Taken from the work of legendary English illustrator John Gilroy, who was famous for his iconic advertising masterpiece for GUINNESS®, the GUINNESS® Heritage Collection glasses will bode well as collector’s items that will also double up as great Christmas gifts for friends.

In addition to sharing the spirit of Christmas with family and friends, GUINNESS® has prepared a game with a magical twist. The Merry Mat game is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser which will make the celebration more thrilling and memorable as it fills the air with barrels of laughs amongst friends. Look out for the Merry Mats at your favourite GUINNESS® outlets nationwide.

To continue with the merriment of MERRY GUINNESS®, there will be a total of 54 Merry GUINNESS® events all over the country with a mix of small and large events that will allow consumers to celebrate Christmas the GUINNESS® way while enjoying special GUINNESS® promotions.

Besides the Christmas hearty meals, other jolly highlights include the GUINNESS® Merry Makers caroling with an edgy twist in true GUINNESS® bold fashion, where time-tested Christmas songs known to many will be given a touch of rock n’ roll for that added magical moment this Christmas. Be mesmerized by our magician and GUINNESS® Merry-rinas who will serve you pints of your favourite black brew throughout the night.

“With our exciting line-up of offering this MERRY GUINNESS® season, people will dream of Christmas in a colour better than a white Christmas, a Christmas with the black swirling magic of GUINNESS®. So gather your friends and loved ones and share the magical moment of Christmas with the world’s favourite premium black beer over food and lots of festivities. MERRY GUINNESS®!” stated Jenner.

MERRY GUINNESS® to one and all!

Calling for Entries: 2011 Australian International Beer Awards

November 29, 2020 – 2:55 pm Comments Off

The 2011 Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) kicks off its global search for the best beers when entries officially open on Friday, 10 December 2020 offering breweries the opportunity to benchmark products against the best in the industry.

As the pre-eminent showcase of beer and brewing excellence in the Asia Pacific region, the truly international AIBA received more than 1,170 entries from around the world and awarded 11 of its 15 Champion Trophies to international breweries in 2010.

The 2010 Awards received 674 Australian and 495 international entries and looks to expand its international reach in 2011 with entries closing on Friday, 21 January 2011.

AIBA Chairman, Mr Peter Manders said that since its inception in 1993, the Australian International Beer Awards had grown in stature to become one of the most highly regarded awards of its industry, attracting a remarkable number of high quality and innovative beers from Australian and international breweries.

“With international entries increasing each year, the Australian International Beer Awards offers a unique opportunity for breweries to benchmark their products against the best in the world.

“The pre-eminent showcase of beer and brewing excellence in the Asia Pacific region, our focus is on increasing entries from around the globe including key focus areas in 2011 Canada and Asia.

“Established to reward excellence in the field of brewing and to assist in the promotion of the brewing industry, the AIBA’s unique non-collaborative judging system is highly acclaimed, offering brewers significant value,” said Mr Manders.

The AIBA’s global reputation has been reinforced in recent years with the inclusion of some of the world’s most respected judges, who join a panel of Australian industry experts to judge a variety of classes.

In addition to awarding the coveted gold, silver and bronze medals in each class, judges award 16 prestigious Championship Trophies.

This year, the coveted Champion Exhibitor Trophy was awarded to Norwegian boutique brewery, Nøgne Ø – Det Kompromissløse Bryggeri of Grimstad, highlighting the international appeal of the event. In addition, five Awards went to breweries from the US, two to Norway, two to New Zealand and one each to Denmark and Germany with four of the 15 Awards going to Australian breweries.

Conducted annually by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria in conjunction with the University of Ballarat, the AIBA judging will be conducted at Melbourne Showgrounds in April 2011. The event will culminate in a gala awards presentation dinner at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibitions Centre, Melbourne, Australia on Friday, 20 May 2011.

Entry into the 2011 AIBA closes on Friday, 21 January 2021. For entry details please visit or contact the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria on +61 (0)3 9281 7444.

Floreffe Double

November 29, 2020 – 8:54 am Comments Off

When the cap opened?
Have a sweet herb aroma.

How’s the taste?
The beer taste of herb sweetness, with slight sour with nice fizziness. It has a nice carbonation going on. With some complex bitter taste at the end. At 6.3% ABV it is something unique in taste, refreshing kind of mint cool end. The after taste will bring out some light bitter herb aroma.

What’s the colour?
Dark Brown.

How’s the Bottle design?
Nothing much interesting, quite typical.

Where to get?
Drank it in Brux-Ale.

My Opinion:
The taste is this beer is quite similar with the Floreffe Prima Melior. which have those western herb sweetness and taste. Is very refreshing to the tongue after drinking it. I think it can pair with some spicy food as well, as quite soothing to the tongue and throat. I should try it out one day… cheers!

Kilkenny Launches Its Premium Beer In A Bottle In Time For The Festive Season

November 26, 2020 – 10:08 am 5 Comments

Traditionally a draught beer only available in bars, pubs and restaurants, Kilkenny will be launching the unique taste and texture of ‘Kilkenny Beer’, in a bottle. Available to consumers at restaurants, food courts as well as pubs and bars across Malaysia from the 1st of December 2010, the move will make this premium beer more accessible to consumers in time for the festive season.

‘Kilkenny is fast becoming a rising star in our stable of premium brands with a steady increase in demand and sales. Malaysians are increasingly seeking out to try premium beers and we knew that by launching Kilkenny in a bottle, it would allow them to purchase it more conveniently giving more consumers the opportunity to enjoy this exceptional brew, ‘ said Tai See Wai, Marketing Manager of Kilkenny.

‘We are excited about launching Kilkenny in a bottle to consumers, allowing them to enjoy its distinctive taste, aroma and color in a more accessible way, “he continued.

Kilkenny was first brewed on the grounds of Ireland’s oldest brewery in a small town called Kilkenny where it gets its pedigree heritage. This premium beer originates from the St. Francis Abbey brewery, the oldest operating Irish brewery that has been producing great beers since 1710. Almost 300 years later, Kilkenny has become one of Ireland’s most internationally successful beers, and now winning the hearts of local Malaysians who want to try a different brew.

An Irish ale, rich in history, Kilkenny pours a nice ruby red with a golden glow when held up to the light. It possesses a distinctive full flavoured taste that beer aficionados can enjoy responsibly. This unique quality of Kilkenny is shared by both Kilkenny in a bottle and draught making it the preferred switch for beer lovers from their customary brew.

‘Kilkenny is one of my favourite beers as it is smooth and light. I think that it’s a great step to produce it in bottle form as it enables consumers to purchase it easily and more conveniently’ said Deepak Gill who runs a popular blog called CockTales.
‘I absolutely love Kilkenny because of its unique taste. It’s not as heavy as a stout but not as light as a lager either. It is the perfect combination for me.’ said Micheal Cheang, a beer aficionado and blogger who own the blog Eyeris.

The refreshing characteristics of Kilkenny make it great for those who want to just enjoy a social evening out with friends and the perfect accompaniment with food. With all that great food especially during the upcoming Christmas season, you certainly need a remarkable beverage to match. So be sure to head out and ask for Kilkenny in a bottle for the perfect beverage this Christmas season.

Things That Are Salah – No Beer Parking

November 25, 2020 – 9:47 am 7 Comments

This week lesson is please don’t park your beer. The picture above happen at Sid’s Beerfest when Sid’s announce that the last few barrel are free flow, people start lining up and take their beer. This is what happen in one of the table. Only 2 guys but full of beer. When I ask them why take so much, they said got friends coming.

For me the reason no parking on beer because the beer will turn warm. When the beer get warm is quite pointless to drink and it can get to you quite fast as well. Why waste the beer although is free?

Don’t park your beer, because you’ll will not enjoy the taste that much. You may enjoy free beer but I quite doubt you’ll enjoy the drink.

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