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The RM1 Beer Is Back At 1Utama!

October 29, 2020 – 10:55 am 2 Comments

Is always fun to go 1 Utama Oktoberfest and this is one of the event I look forward. I love the crowd, the setting and all the other stuff. It’s a good fun day. When I reach there, the marching band started to play the music to welcome the people. The band is marching towards the RM1 beer line-up.

Many OneCard member lining up to get the voucher and buying the merchandise.

I’m the 107 people that line up, a lot of people lining up. Saw some first timer there which forget to prepare the two 50 cent coins to redeem the beer.

The fun is always there lining up and getting more beers. I used to line up for few rounds to see how many bottle I can get, but this time around I didn’t do so.

As this year, the beer is an Oktoberfestbier with 500ml and 6.1% abv. Is something not easy to finish that fast, as the beer is very carbonated. With the fast intake, it will bring me to drunk level very fast as well.

1,000 RM1 beer is something quite fun. Looking at the happy people that got their beer and continue line up for more is fun. Some can get up to 10 bottles on their table. Oh Man, we got a lot of drinkers in the house… haha

Everywhere you turn you see people. What I like about this year 1U Oktoberfest is the big white tent setup. At least don’t need to worry about the rain. With full blast on the fan, the place is actually quite airy with light breeze.

The table spread all the way into the corridor. Where people dine and eat. With cheap beer and good food, it was a fun night to be.

The favourite food stall of course is the Dave’s corner. Almost all the food are gone.

Then they have beer drinking competition. I was rooting for the African… too bad they didn’t win. The chinese guys won. Surprise huh… who said chinese can’t drink.

The winner and the contestant posing for picture. Look how drunk they are. So many posing with gang sign…. haha

For those who like to take picture and post a lot. The are many place you can do so, even the big mug standee outside.

Or you can post with the lovely models that wearing German traditional clothing of Dirndl and Trachten. Hope I get the name right.

By the time I left it was almost 12pm. I was there since 6pm. A pure 6 hours of drinking and partying with the crowd. But don’t worry, if you miss out yesterday. You still have today and tomorrow to enjoy this great event. Remember to bring a lot of 50 cent coins to redeem your RM1 beer. Cheers!

Cheers! Beer Can Help You Get Slim

October 28, 2020 – 9:59 am 4 Comments

The Sun UK

DRINKING beer rather than wine can help people to slim, according to a new study.

Swapping two glasses of red a night for a pint could mean losing almost 10lb in a year. And by ditching alcopops for beer, people could end up 19lb lighter.

Research by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has shown that beer contains fewer calories than wine – although around a third of people mistakenly believe beer has more calories than other drinks.

A glass of white wine contains an average 131 calories – 46 more than a half of bitter, with 85. Changing drinks for just a week would burn off more calories than an hour’s jogging.

Brewing expert Prof Charlie Bamforth said: “For years beer has been blighted by a reputation for being more fattening.

“The major source of calories in any alcoholic drink is the alcohol itself, and because beer is the drinks category with the lowest average alcohol content, it’s also lowest in calories.”

My Opinion
For me the calories doesn’t come from beer that much but more towards the food. After drinking, it opens up my appetite and make food taste so much nicer. What do you think? Honestly I seldom see fat wine drinker compare to beer… haha

One Utama Oktoberfest 2010!

October 27, 2020 – 12:57 pm Comments Off

Oktoberfest 2010 Now serving you the 200th anniversary of celebration! Come on down to bottoms-up in 1 utama Oktoberfest from 28th to 30th October at LG Floor Rainforest @ 1 Utama, 6pm onwards. Prepare two 50cents coins to redeem a bottle of beer from 6pm onwards. Only 1,000 bottles are up for grabs daily. Get in to the ONECARD priority lane to enjoy FREE* beer on us! *Terms & Conditions apply. This is a non-halal event.

A Place Created For You

October 27, 2020 – 10:22 am Comments Off

Es Para Ti is a mediterranean style dining and bar place situated at Damansara Perdana. They just open about a month ago. Es Para Ti mean “is for you” in spanish. As mediterranean sea touches on 3 continents which Europe, Asia and Africa. So you can basically know this place will have a lot to offers in foods and beverages.

When I enter, I quite like the outdoor feel of the place. Chill simple surrounding with many trees to shade the area. Is very nice especially on and cold chill day.

Then you went up, you have another section of dinning and drinking area. This place is more like a corridor but is shaded by the building structure. From here you can also look up the 2nd floor of the bar. For simple quiet meal, this would be a good place to chat and drinks.

You can see some picture frame showcasing pictures on the staircase to the bar area. This place got a lot of place to explore.

Once up here, you can feel the gastropub environment, dark setup with cosy light to create the mood for the place.

A big bar area as you enter to the 2nd floor. With all the beer, whisky displaying on the counter. A big U shape bar looks like a good place to chill. Always like to sit at the bar as the beer ordering will come in handy… haha

For wine lover they have another room inside the second floor. Here you can see all the wine are display on the rack.

Different angle will give you the different perspective about this place. Some nice wall picture that create the mood from the sponsors really make this place rustic. Certain angle you find this place very modern, certain part cosy and certain part a bit rustic.

This are one of the examples of the rustic feel for the place, a fire place with coffee table. Suitable for sipping your whisky while chatting with a friend.

While they have the VIP room, which look really cosy and nice. Big sofa is always good place to chill in.

Then of course the modern contemporary style of picture frame hanging. Each section have its different style. Maybe that’s what mediterranean is all about – it covers a vast variety of countries, hence a different feel and mood to the whole place.

For drinks, they sure have a good choices of beer, whisky and wine. Sure will make selection tough with this big varieties.

This place have it’s own uniqueness to offer to customer. Boosting different area with different environment at the same time giving the rustic, cosy and modern style all the way. It maybe a mismatch for some, but many will find their sweet spot here. Cheers!

G12 & G16, Emerald Plaza East
Jalan PJU 8/3, Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya

What Type Of Beer Drinker You Are?

October 26, 2020 – 9:45 am Comments Off

Everyone drinks beer with a reason. Some like the beer taste, some like to get drunk, some like the social and some just want to chill. I believe everyone like beers with a reason of their own, something unexplainable.

Those who met me know I talk too much about beer, I even dreamed about it as well. Day and night my job is talk about beer. So I have categorize a few different type of beer drinker.

Beer Enthusiast
This people like to explore new beer, they can taste beer in different perspective. When they see new beers, their eyes will glow and their mouth will open. Always look out for something new, hence even go internet to check out the ratings of the beer. If you are this type, we know you love beer a lot.

Beer Lover
This people love beer but don’t really explore the taste much. Normally they have their own few favourite brands. They will choose according to what they like to drink and normally have their favourite hang out places as well. Beer type normally stick to their favourite brand.

Heavy Beer Drinker
Almost everyday can see this people drinking beer. Hence this people can even drink beer in the morning if they are allow to. Most of the time, they just want to get the certain drunkenness into the body to make it a day. Any beer with alcohol will do.

Social Beer Drinker
This people don’t particularly like beer, but they don’t mind having 1 or 2. The beer they choose are mostly famous commercial beer. Sometimes they don’t even like to drink beer, but they drank it because all their friends are drinking it. They mostly choose the famous commercial beer or some imported beer.

Places Beer Drinker
This group change according to where they are. Normally they only drink beer at pub or bar. This people normally like to go places that full of people and like to be seen drinking beer. They may not be like the beer lover that drank a lot but more towards the social drinkers. Mostly imported beer is their choice.

People That Just Order Beer
This is the type that any alcohols works. All they need is booze and any cheap beer places will turn them on. Normally they will order the house beer on jug as long as on happy hour and daily promo. The beer choice is always the house beer that serve in jug.

Of course, for me I’m all the above. Sometimes I’m pretentious as well, enjoying my beer, sometimes I just a social drinker. But most of the time I’m just a beer lover. I can eat my food and drink my beer. What ever category you are in, is important to enjoy drinking.

Don’t force yourself drinking beer if you don’t feel like it. You can always reject it. Is nothing wrong to drink other stuff in the pub. Remember, drinking is suppose to be fun. Cheers!

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