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Tasted Some New Beer!

September 30, 2020 – 2:07 pm Comments Off

Tasted some interesting beer yesterday. More details will come tomorrow.

OctoBeer is Here!

September 30, 2020 – 10:23 am Comments Off

September have come to an end. Is now entering the month of Octobeer. A crazy drinking month. Finish toasting with Arthur is time we go German.

Many places will crank up Oktoberfest as this is the time to do happening events and bring great fun to the people.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (25 September 2020 – 3 Oct 2020)
There will have some great beer competition and hot dog competition, beer bottle cap tossing and fitness stuff. They already started last weekend.

Souled Out (1 Oct 2020)
Got many beer deals going on. But I guess the fun will be the “Oompah” band that will make you drink more and then drink even more.

Ecoba (1 & 2 Oct 2020)
Having some great promotion and on the 2 Oct they will be setting the longest human beer line. They will target 1000 people for this fun celebration!

Beer Factory (15 – 16 October 2020)
Not sure what’s happening yet, but looking at the German brand at the bottom it will be a lot of beer fun. I bet when the time finish you’ll basically speak German.

Kuala Lumpur Oktoberfest (15, 16 & 17 Oct 2020)
Is a big 3 day event with beer drinking competition and many more contest. From the looks of it Starker is one of the sponsors.

S’mores Oktoberfest (30 Oct 2020)
Not too sure what will be happening yet but with GAB in, sure will have a lot of Beer fun.

Of course this are the handful Oktoberfest event that I know off. There will be plenty more coming as the days close by. Many many crazy event of drinking and playing. So better make sure you boost up your liver. Happy Octobeer!

A Place That Bring Back Memories!

September 29, 2020 – 10:32 am Comments Off

Richfield Corner is situated in SS3. Hide among the big residential area. When I was invited by Kay to come over and check out the place. I was a bit skeptical that this will turn out bad, as usual I was wrong.

When I enter I saw a decent looking water hole, with many old school drinker will like. A rustic looking place. On the wall hang a lot of beer advertising material with classic looking tap.

The bar it self are cramp with bottles of alcohol and some classic decoration like the old Anchor draft keg. You can hardly find all this stuff even at flea market, this classic collection are hard to come by. They have the usual GAB draft like Anchor, Kilkenny, Tiger and Guinness.

Even though the inside is small, they manage to create a few section to cater for different needs. The bar area, the lounge and dining place. For some the deco can be a bit complicated for the eyes.

Is the rustic look that this place have it’s own classic feel to it. Of course this place is here since the 80′s and have change owner since then. But many of the original things still maintain today. The place just recently renovated to cater to new crowds or the younger generation.

As you walk out, you straight away can see the contrast between it. A more chill out area, with hut and open air space. The place is not crank with loud music just some light music as it is still in residential area. The lovely part is inside the hut, where there’s a pool table.

Looking at the hut really give me Kampung feel. I was wondering do they serve toddy here… haha. The old school wooden shack really brings up some memories. Of course the place is a modern twist.

They have some exciting food, serving local and indian dish. The best finger food with beer there is the Chicken 65. Marinate with spices and deep fried in hot oil. The chicken is so nice that we don’t even need chill sauce. If you are wondering what 65 means, it just mean 65 days for the chicken to grow before slaughter.

The place have many deco complication that doesn’t match. Old school hut, disco bling, mirror club setting, carve wooden window. But no one really cares, is the fun to be area with your friend around drinking, chatting and just hang out.

This place have survive more then 20 years, each of the decoration shows how long they have been here. A nice friendly neighbourhood water hole. With plenty of smile and hang out for friends. The best social is still to know your neighbour. Cheers to classic!

24, Jalan SS3/5, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 47300

My First Wine Tasting With The Hardys

September 28, 2020 – 10:11 am 4 Comments

Hardys is my first wine tasting event. Before this event I actually bought a wine book to learn some wine terms and get some of the pronunciation correct for the wine’s name. Have to do some homework to go to this tasting.

Hardys history started in 1853 when Thomas Hardy bought their first property which is later name “Bankside” where the Hards started. Hardys is one of the oldest wine producer in Australia. The brand is widely known through out the world. About 2 million people drank Hardys Wine each day. That is a big number for daily consumption.

Of course time have change and wine producing in the old days also have evolve. Many new blend and new style of making are discovered. Hardys will maintain their classic way of making wine at the same time going towards the contemporary style for exploring the new taste.

Hardys tradition have pass on to many generation, Bill Hardys is the fifth generation continuing the legacy of the Hardys. Even his daughter is now involve in this business.

After the presentation about the Hardys, we proceed to lunch. Each dish are presented with 2 wines to compliment the taste.

We started of with a wild mushroom soup with cheese and olive oil, which pair with 2 white wines.

2009 Hardys Nottage Hill Riesling (white)
Fruity aroma swirling around with hint of sour end

Quite mellow, with fruity taste, quite refreshing to the palate

2006 Eileen Hardys Chardonnay (white)
Oaky smell, very pungent with fruity fresh.

Mallow and smooth, with hint of chocolate flavour. Full bodied with many complex taste with mostly fruit taste with slight bitter.

Second dish is prawn risotto with basil, tomato salsa in a slightly spicy sauce.

2008 Hardys Crest Cabernet Shiraz Merlot (red)
Heat of spice flavour with slight alcohol

Spicy to the tough that create some light heat. Tannin linger for a while, with woody pungent. Light finish

2004 Eileen Hardys Shiraz (red)
Woody with alcohol hint. Heat with spice kind of scent.

A complex taste which give tannin. Spice and heat on the mouth, with nice aroma with nice finish.

The 3 dish is spicy linguine with braised lamb, coconut cream, mushroom, mint & red curry.

2006 Hardys Oomoo Grenache Shiraz Mouvedre (red)
Can detect the alcohol, with some slight woody smell

Drinking time the alcohol is not that deep in taste but bring up a lot of the spicy note from the food. Papper spice around the mouth with some simple finish.

2004 Thomas Hardy Cabernet Sauvignon (red)
Light earthly smell, with some alcohol & woody hint

Sour with light fruit sweetness, spicy note from the food we ate. Light and dry finishing. With something like earth wood hint.

This is not my usual comfort zone. As beer is my frontier, wine is something still very basis to me. The complex taste of wine is far different from beer. I learn many things from this wine tasting. I wish the food would be less spicy, as the last pairing doesn’t really work well for me, as the food spicy kept linger in my mouth.

The advice from regular wine drinker is have sweeter wine to compliment with the spicy taste. The one that make the most impression for me is the Eileen Hardy Chardonnay. A white that really stand out from it class.

Now I understand why they spit out the wine after tasting it. As later I found out that the alcohol have influence my taste bud as well, I can’t get so much taste as the beginning of the tasting.

This is a good experience, next one have to find someone to sponsor me to the vineyard. Then I think I can understand more. Cheers!

Beer Factory Oktoberfest!

September 27, 2020 – 2:18 pm 2 Comments

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