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Free Beer Of August That I went!

August 31, 2021 – 10:01 am Comments Off

A free beer event is always pack with people come to booze it all out. I attended a few this month. Below are the event I attended for this month.

10 August 2021
Finnegan’s 10th Anniversary @ Hartamas. I drank 3-4 pints of Guinness. It was a fun filled event that come with an hour of free flow beer. An hour of free flow is enough to make everyone happy. Plus almost all the beer at the tap are free flow except for Old Speckle Hens. You can see the draught pour non-stop that filled the beer glass that going out in fast pace.

12 August 2021
Next free beer event is Tiger Beer @ Asia Cafe, which saw hundreds of people lining up for free Tiger beer. Tiger was promoting their new packaging design. Each person who line up will get 4 cans of the Tiger. Even a non-drinker will line up and get their beer. Where I can see all sorts of people lining up for the free beer. Everyone will enjoy free beer.

15 August 2021
Then we have Thirsty Sunday @ Bakita. Beerbeer first co-join event with a pub. Because Beerbeer is the part organiser, I basically go thorough the event like a free beer event, tasting more then 15 types of beer on Sunday afternoon. If that is not enough, Jaz Fresh and Starker went all out giving free flow for their beer. Those who turn up enjoy the event. Everyone can taste all the beer on the exhibit like Estrella, Birra Moretti, Fuller’s ESB, Fuller’s London Porter, Asahi, Savanna, Erdinger Hefe and Dunkel, Chimay and many many more.

17 August 2021
Arthur’s Day Media launch at @live in Sunway Pyramid. Again another free flow party from 7pm-10pm all the way free flow of Guinness Draught, Guinness Foreign Extra and Guinness Premium Beer. Media event by all this big brewery is always fun.

19 August 2021
MonoWings @ TTDI plaza have their grand launch party. Inviting guess to enjoy the free flow from 6pm-9pm. 3 Hour of free flow Tiger will sure make anyone happy. The place is pack with people and it was a good night.

In between the short 9 days I went for 5 free flow event, that is equivalent to 2 days a free flow event on beer. It was tougher then I thought. Kesian my liver… haha

25 August 2021
Hoofed have their opening invite on last wednesday. Again free flow of Carlsberg and red wine. Plus a sumptuous of sinful fatty food. It was a good party serve with good food and free flow of beer. Very hard to resist this kind of temptation.

So what next for September, looking forward to find out how much free flow I will have. For sure one online will be Thirsty Sunday that will happen on 19 September.

Cheers people. Share your experience with us at Beerbeer “How to survive a free flow party?”

Merdeka Promotion Around Town!

August 30, 2021 – 2:29 pm 1 Comment

As we know today is the Merdeka Eve and tomorrow is holiday to most people and for sure tonight many will go out and have a good night. So I have scout a few place that giving Merdeka eve promotions.

Beer Factory @ Sunway Giza

Craft Brews @ Mutiara Damansara

Sid’s Pub @ TTDI, Bangsar South, Bukit Tunku & Damansara Height

Happy Hour on Guinness and Heineken All Day And Night for today and Tomorrow!!!

Dave’s @ One Utama

Happy Hour till 9pm
Kilkenny Draft 2 pint free 1 perfect pint: RM50 nett
Guinness Draft 2 pint free 1 perfect pint: RM48 nett
Paulaner Draft 2 pint free half pint: RM69 nett
Tiger RM38 per jug

D’Legend @ TTDI

Merdeka Special Happy Hour All Night
Tiger RM35 nett per jug
3 Pint Guinness for RM50 nett

Bakita @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Happy Hour All Night Long
Tetley’s 2 pints for RM40 nett
Connors 2 pints for RM40 nett
Hoegarden 2 pints for RM50nett
Stella 2 pints for RM50 nett
Leffe Blonde/ Leffe Brune 2 pints for RM56 nett
Erdinger 2 pints for RM56 nett


August 30, 2021 – 10:34 am Comments Off

It was drizzling and cold, dinner was soon and I was hungry and really needed something to eat… it was great being a beer night.  Craft brews tire bite flying dog was presented to me as appetizer!! ehehhehe

Like all flying dog beers, you would see some art work on the bottle.  This time it was a dog (that looks like a tough rat) biting the tire….if this was made in Malaysia, it would be called Tyre Bite Golden Ale.

Anyway like most Kölsch golden ales, it appeared bright golden-yellow with quick dwindling head.

The when you are hungry, your nose is definitely more sensitive and you would drool all over. The smell was slightly floral and a hint of  apple.

OK, by now I must have a (not a sip) big gulp of the beer

This drink is refreshing. It tasted really smooth, creamy and light.   It was just slightly malty, but hoppy. The apples starts to become apparent but was just mild.  It becomes crispy and dry and gives a even more bigger appetite.

The aftertaste was very light as the hoppiness did not really last that long too.

when it came to food…. this was fantastic to go with the beer, the bbqued prawn is now making me drool again.

Live Band @ IOI Boulevard

August 27, 2021 – 1:29 pm Comments Off

Every Friday and Saturday, IOI Boulevard will have live band from 9pm-12pm. So if you drop by Vive La Vida the newly open latino outlet you can enjoy the live band music.

munich @ IOI Boulevard

If you are at Munich, you’ll also able to enjoy the live band as the live band is just in front of Munich. So fancy for some fancy live music during you Friday and Saturday evening, drop by IOI Boulevard for some chill night!

Carlsberg brews the perfect reward for loyal customers with Carlsberg Gold

August 27, 2021 – 9:51 am Comments Off

Shah Alam, August 2010 – Carlsberg, Malaysia’s most preferred beer brand has launched an exclusive redemption campaign to reward loyal customers for supporting Carlsberg Gold in the past 2 years. From 16 August 2021 until 30 September 2010, consumers can purchase the Carlsberg Gold quart and collect crown corks to redeem exclusive Carlsberg Gold travel bag or a Carlsberg Gold umbrella at participating partner outlets.

This exclusive promotion is held to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the launch of Carlsberg Gold in Malaysia. “We have enjoyed fantastic success since Carlsberg Gold was introduced into the market and we would like to thank our valued customers for such a strong showing of support,” says Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia. “Carlsberg Gold has a unique quality and heritage that any consumer looking for a different beer experience will be pleasantly satisfied with our gold standard.”

Carlsberg Gold was initially introduced as a Limited Edition brew in 2007 to celebrate the 160th anniversary of Carlsberg. As part of a desire to create a premium quality beer rich in taste and prestigious in presentation, Carlsberg Gold has since enjoyed great acclaim for its superior quality and taste. Due to popular demand by consumers, Carlsberg Gold was launched in 2008 as a permanent product under the Carlsberg umbrella.

Carlsberg’s dedication to high quality ingredients and brewing allows Carlsberg Gold to stand out from the competition and gain international repute as a premium beer. The brew is rich and dark in tone, made from three carefully selected malts: Lager, Crystal and Brown malts, and other selected finest ingredients with the original recipe inspired from the 19th century.

In the 2009 International Taste and Quality Institute’s “Superior Taste Award 2009”, a jury of Chefs and Sommeliers tasted 796 products by 290 different companies from 75 countries and awarded Carlsberg Gold with three out of three stars and a mark of above 90% out of 100% for its exceptional product quality and taste. The “Superior Taste Award” provides an undisputable opinion on product quality and standard.

Carlsberg has long been a preferred brand by Malaysians, having been the best-selling beer brand in Malaysia for the past 10 years. This year, it adds to its accolades by being awarded Gold in the Putra Brand Awards for “Most Preferred Beer Brand” as well as Reader’s Digest’s “Most Trusted Brand Award 2010”, an award Carlsberg has won for 12 consecutive years.

“With innovation in our products such as the introduction of Carlsberg Gold, we hope that our consumers will continue to be loyal to the Carlsberg brand for many years to come,” adds Soren.

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