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Learn How Beer Is Made

April 30, 2021 – 10:43 am Comments Off

Don’t know how beer is made? Here is a documentary that can teach you how beer is made. Simple and easy walkthrough. By the time you finish this documentary, you may become the beer genius in town. Enjoy!

I Like Wine, But…

April 29, 2021 – 10:02 am Comments Off

Of course this is a beer site, the best thing on earth is beer. Not really, this is just a post of our Malaysian culture, I bet this happen in Singapore too. I’m not a avid wine drinker but I do like wine, but…

There many but on the “I like wine” because I find wine is a drink with many hidden agenda. To drink wine there too many terms and condition. To drink wine there too many steps, too much talking and need too much knowledge.

Here the Top  Ten Reason I like Wine, But…

#1. Take too long to open.

#2. Have to drink with the right glass

#3. Too much description even before the wine touch the tongue.

#4. The step by step to enjoy the drink.

#5. I find it too formal.

#6. You can’t enjoy with a group of friend.

#7. You have to wait for the right occasion.

#8. I just can’t stand the pretender.

#9. It doesn’t work with our hot weather.

#10. It just too much talking and not much drinking.

Of course many said that to drink wine is an art. I like the texture of the drink, the smooth yet nicely body drink that spurs out aroma like no others, yet alcohol are not too strong – the drink is really sexy.

To enjoy with a group of friends is just doesn’t blend well. EPL night drinking wine is like something go wrong some where. The drink is too sexy to be fun and crazy. The drink got too much terms and condition.

Can’t we just make wine drinking as simple as beer drinking? I guess we can but that wouldn’t have make wine drinking the drink it is today. The sexy drink that bring glamour, the drink that make you pronounce in french like pro by just saying all the grapes name. The drink that make you look manly just to open the wine bottle in style. The drink that give out taste that swirl and linger in your tongue to trigger the food taste to the next level. All said about the drink, but…

Brewekz Irish Red Ale Is Now Available

April 28, 2021 – 2:43 pm Comments Off

U•yen Is Momo No More

April 28, 2021 – 10:17 am 1 Comment

U•Yen invite us over to try their new menu, which turn out to me more like our own beer food pairing section. U•Yen situated in Centrepoint @ Bandar Utama, the place used to called Momo, famous for their buffet. But after the new owner take over, they have introduce many a-la-carte to the menu and they invite us over for a big sumptuous lunch.

Before the meal start, we warm-up ourselves with some beer. As the owner got their hand with the 3 new beer that is Hopf White Eisweissbier, Hopf Spezial Weiss and 111.

We started with Hopf White Eisweissbier. A very refreshing beer and not too over power in taste. A unique beer in it’s own way. It for sure warm up our palate.

First stop the owner present us with Wagyu Beef. Is delicious and we are spoiled with the first dish that they bring out. The beef raw sweetness with melted fat goes nicely with gulp of beer. A simple hot stone to grill the beef if you prefer it more cooked, but the original served-style is my preferred choice, as the meat is tender and the texture is great. What can I said, for lunch… this is too good.

After that we had our second beer, the 111. Another refreshing beer but not that strong in taste. Beer food pairing is great, something I really can get used to.

Then came the grill squid, with the beer already open up my tongue palate, this dish is totally awesome. With the grill squid tentacle showing flavour to my taste, tentacle is also the best part. The texture of the squid is not rubbery, with good timing, the grill is perfect and a squeeze of lemon to add some zest to the flavour.

Then came the third beer which is the Hopf Spezial Weiss, which have heavy taste that blend in nicely with the grill squid that we just ate. The counter effect is good.

After that we totally forget to take picture and keep eating and drinking. The owner spoiled us with many choices of food. Plus the beer to add on, is really wonderful. I really thank you for this kind invitation.

As all I remembered, we ate and ate, but there still a lot of food. Sometimes I wonder, maybe I should be food blogger rather then beer blogger… but then not only will I get beer belly, I will sure put on kilos of weight too, darn I will look rounded like Doreamon by then…. haha

We use to come to U•Yen (while is still called Momo) a lot before many other buffet outlet open in KL. But recently when I come to U•Yen, the buffet customer have change to a-la-carte and I can understand why. They have a big range of offering for you to choose from.

The environment of the place is cosy and very warm. We can sit here for hour just chit chat, as the place is quiet and peaceful. Of all the buffet restaurant I like U•Yen the most not because they have the best variety or the cheapest in town but they have the best environment where we don’t need to fight for food, that make the place more zen then the others.

For German beer lover, this place offer a good range of German weissbier to choose from. So far I can’t go buffet with beer, as if I drink a lot of beer I can take too much food, if I take too much food, I get drunk very fast… haha

This place have good vibes for me because it’s quiet and cosy. They even have private room if you want to have a private get together with a group of people. Momo is good but U•Yen is even better. As U•Yen is Momo no more…. Cheers!

F9, 1st Flr, Centrepoint Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 47800

Beer Is Just That Simple… You Sure?

April 27, 2021 – 10:14 am Comments Off

Recently I met up with Josh and Sunshine. Both are beer lovers and are truly into beer. They have travel around the world and try the best beer around. This really open me up that one day I want to travel around the world taste one of the world best beers.

As always something struck my mind, as the conversation goes on including Wai Lun from Bottles & Bottles. Many good beer are meant to drink fresh there and then. Brewpub do produce good beer, the only way to try those beer is really to go there.

To make a good beer, every little small detail have to be taken care. Like the hops you choose, the malt to use, the water, the yeast, the storage, the temperature so far and so on. So much effort and details have to put to it to create a good beer. Year of experience to try to get it right.

They said microbreweries do actually produce the best beer you can find. But is hard to import from this microbreweries as they don’t produce in volume. Commercial beer on the other hand have the volume to supply to the demand but the quality of the beer will have to sacrifice.

Beer is always thought as a simple drink, a drink to chill after a hard days work or watching football or even sunbathing on the beach. The simple drink that I know is no more that simple once I understand a bit more. I start to search for taste, search for the body, search for the character and hunt for beer that suit my taste.

Sometimes people even think twice to ask my opinion on the beer. As they know I will drag on too long about the subject. I bet in their mind they will tell up “shut the hell up”.

For me beer is not as simple as it was once known to me. The drink still have many mystery that always surprise me. When I found the best test that suit me, some new beer taste will come and replace it. It will be endless to discover this drink. Even in a country like Malaysia, beer are so limited yet I still enjoy it so much surprises month after month. If you put me in Germany, I think I will run amok.

In the end, Beer is still a simple drink… haha A drink you have fun with friend, a drink that are there to chill your day, a drink that let you ponder and let loose. A drink that you don’t like to stop at 1. A simple drink that I respect! 1 more beer please… haha, Cheers!

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