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Top Ten: Best Of 2009 For Beerbeer!

December 31, 2020 – 10:04 am Comments Off

Today is the last day for 2009, we are going to count down to the best of 2009. This year is a good year for Beerbeer, we count some of our favourite moment, best pub, best beer and some good memorables.

10. The Best Free Flow: Tom, Dick & Harry’s
Tom,Dick & Harry @ TTDI
They give a good free flow without us walking to the bar, the waiter and waitress keep everyone happy by keep making sure everyone is having some beer. Range of Hoegaarden, Tatley’s, O’Connors and Carlsberg. They also have some grill lamb and seafood platter to go with it. One of the best free flow offered that Beerbeer encounter!

9. The Best New Place: The Library
the library @ e@Curve
Should I said anything more? This place make PJ become a happening place. Full house almost every day, good crowd with nice interior design really play a big role to this place, of course the name plays the biggest role! I guess everyone prefer a most noisy library that the one that actually have books… haha

8. The Best New Beer: Stärker Beer
overtime @ Jalan Sultan Ismail
This beer has been the hype of beer drinker and I totally agree with it. I was surprise by the taste of the beer and the freshness to it. This beer make me want to come back for more. If you still haven’t try it, better make sure you try it!

7. The Best Pub: Sid’s Pub

I have a few choices in mind, I was lingering between Kissaten, Dave’s and Sid’s. I give Sid’s the win because some people actually called me and ask direction to go there. Not only that, they have spread their wings to the 3rd outlet. This place is the benchmark for many new pub owner to follow their success.

6. Best Beer Event: One Utama Oktoberfest
One Utama Oktoberfest 2009
Although we don’t have many beer festival in Malaysia, this is one event that I always like to attend. Maybe this year is not the best of One Utama Oktoberfest but it’s still a place that many beer drinker gather to have beerfunawesomecrazynatic!

5. Best Commercial Beer: Guinness
to arthur! @ Sid's Pub TTDI
This year Guinness celebrate their 250 years anniversary. We have been entertain with non stop free flow from Guinness celebration, including St. Patrick’s Day and Arthur’s Day. Guinness also bring in many new fan that start to love this black stuff, especially the ladies!

4. Our First Press Media Event
GAB Oktoberfest @ The Tavern
Is always a pleasure to go to The Tavern in GAB to have free flow of beer, nice chill place and really hope can go there to chill every week. The press media is nothing special, can be improve, because is our first time, we always cheerish it. At the same time met a lot of people. That’s really great!

3.  We reach over 600 fans in facebook!
facebook member in Beerbeer
I’m very happy that we have a small niche fan base, compare to other people account, this amount is a happy figure for us. Hope more will invite their friend to join as many more activity will happen in 2010. A lot of free flow coming!

2. Write more then 700 post
beerbeer over 700 post
Who said there nothing to write about beer! We have so many things to write about it and we have proof many people wrong. We are the only site in asia that do so. Beerbeer – You never stop at one!

1. Reach 20,000 unique visitors!
The best part about writing in Beerbeer is we have readers that help contribute to our commitment to continue writing. Thank You our reader for continue following our site and keeping us going. Hope next year we will have more new stuff to introduce into Beerbeer to make this the happening site for everyone to enjoy! Cheers and Happy New Year!

Bayern is in the Haus

December 30, 2020 – 10:27 am 2 Comments

Bayernhaus @ Cap Square

Bayernhaus has recently change management. A lot of things are still being revamp and introduce to the menu. Many good vibes I have about this place. I review this place before, during September this year. With the new management stepping in, “Bayern is in the Haus“.

Bayernhaus @ Cap Square

By looking at it, the place is exactly the same as before, not much changes can be seen on the interior. But the place is always very welcoming to me.

Bayernhaus @ Cap Square

I love the bar hang out area, is indeed very nice to hang out if you come alone just to chill with a fresh glass of beer, while looking at the people who pass by. Of course vice versa in both situation of male or female, depends who you eyeing on… haha

Bayernhaus @ Cap Square

The outside hang out area is cool too. What I like  about this place is the setting, you can have great food, after that you can have great beer. You can chills for hours here and don’t feel the distant of having to drink somewhere else.

Bayernhaus @ Cap Square

For those who prefer air-condition and some pillow pampering, can always get the corner sit, reading some magazine and chill out with friends in the inside. Many bars and pubs throw in this kind of idea to make dining, drinking and chilling experience to make customer stay longer.


The inside is a beauty, white clean look with hanging chandelier make the place more up market. White clean look always work for me, it give the place a lot of breathing area and look spacious too.

Bayernhaus @ Cap Square

Ok, come back to why I said “Bayern is in the Haus“. The first and foremost, the place is owned by a German and they do serve some good authentic German food, with a mixture of some western food. Many places that so called German Restaurant in town don’t really sell German food but food that look alike. But this place do bring in many great joy for people who like a great taste of German food.


And how can we forget about German beer. They have a wide range of German beer. The 3 brands would be Paulaner, Hacker Pschorr & Thurn & Taxis. Recently they add one more which is Johann Auer.

Bayernhaus @ Cap Square

If you are a big fan of wheat beer, then this is a place to be. This place is more like a concept store for Paulaner. Every where you look, you can see Pualaner sign, from the stacking keg to the bottles, from the menu cover to the standing board, all are Paulaner oriented.

Bayernhaus @ Cap Square

This place only serve German Beers. No Belgian, no American, no Danes, no Japanese…. just purely Germans. A pure authentic German restaurant with German beers, purely interesting. A place to dine and drink beer, which I always like. For those who like to chill out with friends and have some drinks this is the place. Of course they do serve coffee and other refreshment too… that I’m not too sure whether it come from Germany, but the rest of it… a pure Bavaria concept!

Bayernhaus @ Cap Square

G43, Ground Floor, Persiaran Capsquare 7
Capital Square, 50100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 2698 2891

Craft “Red, Yellow and Green” Brew Launched!

December 29, 2020 – 6:11 pm 1 Comment

craft brew @ Damansara Perdana

Here are some of the Launch picture of Craft Brew on the December 18th 2009. A 2 hour free flow event was held, with tons of curious beer drinker waiting to try out what’s this place is offering.

craft brew @ Damansara Perdana

The lining up for the beer is long, the awaited queue is well worth it. Free flow event is something most beer drinker look forward. So far this year, I never fail to see a free flow event that come empty handed. At least everyone will get a little share of memories of free beer to cheer on.

craft brew @ Damansara Perdana

The place is pack with people, discussing the beer they are trying. Craft Brew is offering some good new range of beer, with tempting to the taste and tempting to the eyes.

craft brew @ Damansara Perdana

One of the their Red and Green beer for sure will capture the glamour holiday season. With the added usual yellow for beer, you will have a good variety of what I will called the traffic light of beers.

craft brew @ Damansara Perdana

The curious have a good fun and the cheers and chatting do brings out the beer gimmick. The Reddot offers of the English Ale and Green Monster sure did justice for the long queue. Everyone suddenly become an expert in beer drinking to taste the beer in details… haha

DSC_1566a (Large)

Craft Brews offering Reddot as their signature home brew, with four variation, the Czech Pils, Monster Green Lager, Weizen (wheat beer), and the English Ale. As for bottled beer, they have Flying Dog and the “akan datang” Rogue.

DSC_1569 (Large)

This is the Czech Pils, a golden pale colored brew. The beer brings out a little flowery scent with malty taste, light, easy and very refreshing to drink. The well carbonated pils give the crisp on the palate. A nice little malty lingering in the taste bud for it’s after taste.

DSC_1567 (Large)

This English Ale have dark red amber colored body, and good head, while slowly dissipate away. A sip, taste a bit spicy and a faint fruity. After taste, bitter lingering in the tastebud. The introduction to this English Ale is for those like strong and full bodied beer. As for me, this ale still a bit tad light, however, someone with light beer tastebud would appreciate this English ale.

DSC_1572 (Large)

Menu is comprehensive with foods and drinks. A good beer always come with good food to pair with. Each table seat have a piece of paper with beer inspired quote, maybe you can scribble down your inspiration after a few sip of beer too.

DSC_1579 (Large)

The wall also showcase the brewing process of beer. It’s a simple illustration for everyone to understand. That what I called beer education on the joint… haha

DSC_1583 (Large)

Here they have some unique looking tap machine that look like a fire hydrant. I guess this is the emergency beer rescue hydrant. They will save those who are thirsty, and a nice fresh pint will sure cool down your system… haha

DSC_1585 (Large)

Overall, this place have a fine dining look. The pieces are fitted with elegance, we may have though this is a up market area of wine dining, but don’t be fool by the apperance as this place offer some of the best beer in town.

DSC_1594 (Large)

Open area are more preferred for a nice chill night, as drinker slumber in the load of choice to go from. Most of the offering have never exist in our shore until now. As the name itself already make sure it’s a place for beer drinker to hang out. Cheers!

G3 Podium, Ground Floor
Menara Batu Kawan
1, Jalan PJU 7/6
Mutiara Damansara
47810, Petaling Jaya

Bubbles 2010 The Final Countdown

December 29, 2020 – 2:00 pm Comments Off


Check out the Great Final Countdown for the arrival of 2010
with the great fireworks views from Sunway and PJ area at our front view!
All Ladies attending our countdown will get the 1st Ladies Drink Complimentary from the house~
Order your 1st Bucket Cocktail Sausages and we will make sure it will not reach the bottom of the bucket for the rest of the night~
~MG15Yrs Whiskey 2 Bottles @ RM550Nett + FREE Gifts~
~Heineken 5 Bottles in a Bucket @ RM63Nett~
~Macallan 12Yrs 2 Bottles Package @RM700Nett~
And many more offers for celebrating the arrival of the “TIGER” Year!
Mark your calendar and come Party with us!

a life less ordinary #3 – Trash

December 29, 2020 – 11:34 am Comments Off


“I’ll take a quiet life,
a handshake of carbon monoxide (Radiohead, No Surprises)”

I was in a line that is way too long, ironically not for free beer. Hell it wasn’t even beer dammit.

“How much can you save, like a hundred?”

She just looked at me and smile ignoring my pathetic last stunt that might set me free. I kept harassing her with how unnecessary my presence would contribute to her joyous experience. I am her assistant, her bag boy (I carry her bags for her and do some hustling if necessary), and her unwilling accomplice in her voyage for luxurious good for lesser price. There was a long line of waiting ahead to go into a bleeding warehouse sale. As a matter of fact, the line is so long, it baffles me why in the world I am standing in it at all without a beer in my hand.

Then after a good half hour, the rush came, they opened the door to the store. Inside, I cringe looking at the desperation of every person stand next to me, raiding every inch of the store, ransacking the abyss of a certain fashion glory for a gem to bring home, to brag. I was not in the place that I am comfortable in and badly wish that someone would be kind enough to put a bullet into my head to end my misery. In contrast, she looked content, at ease, comfortable like a cat in basket. She was actually having fun.

A couple of months ago, I discovered that I love cheap raw trashy fun, thanks to Anna, an Austrian compatriot who’s been here for less than a year when she fixed me for a trip to Perhentian Island. Expecting a 5 star holiday, I landed in filthy backpacker’s beach with muddy waters. Our hotel room only had 1 fan, which works from 7pm to 7am and the mosquitoes were the size my fist and the room was very distant from the beach, all the bloody way up in the hills. And there was no beer in the morning when all that happened when I could really use one. Fuck all. As the day went by, I met some lovely Austrian, English and Belgians girls, some French blokes that speaks mandarin and I had so much fun, I hung out at the beach till 4am for an after hour party. The next day, as we were coming back, we met a storm at the sea. That rocked us hard or rather the boat. I loved each and every minute of the trip. I called it trashy fun, the kinda of fun that makes me know there’s still blood in my veins.

Truth be told, I love to do stupid things which I will usually regret later for the name of fun (or rather for the kick of it) and I think so does everyone else. It suddenly dawned upon me that it was crazy but it was her version of trashy fun, she digs the rush, even I could never ever understand a single bit of it but at least she knows how to have fun, the trashy kind.

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