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Braindrops @ Palate Palette

July 31, 2021 – 2:51 pm Comments Off

braindrops @ palatepalette

Sat. 01.08.2021
10pm till Enlightenment.

Yzdar (EPIC Tribe)
Ilusi (EPIC Tribe)

Yzdar (EPIC Tribe / Malaysia)
Yzdar is the co-founder and event management head of The Epic Tribe , which he is responsible for organizing the only underground indoor psytrance party in Kuala Lumpur and the outdoor psytrance gathering Fierce Green Fire 08 and EPIC NYE 07/08 which were held at a secret location on the most beautiful mountains in Malaysia . EPIC Tribe indoor parties have featured prolific artists such as Samadhi (DiscoValley Records), Alien Mental (Insomnia / Echo-Vortex Records) , DJ 3HM (Osirion Records) and many more.

He has played extensively across the South East Asia regions, a regular at the Kanchanaburi Moon Mountain Party, Jungle Exeperience Koh Phangan, Ooze Bar Bangkok and Home Club Singapore. He has also played along side prominent psychedelic dj’s and artist such as Sabaii Sabaii, Samadhi, Psychoson, Sanuk aka Tight, Jacky Oozebar, Dj 3hm, Full Face & Alien Mental. He is well known for his powerful night time twilight/dark set with twisted melody and psychedelic atmospheric sounds, creating a new sensational mind experience with powerful energy for the dance floor.

DJ Ilusi (EPIC Tribe / Malaysia)
DJ Ilusi is Ahmad Firdaus, the latest DJ addition to the EPIC Tribe family. Heavily influenced by the sound of Pink Floyd since at a young age, DJ Ilusi now takes on the psychedelic sound of full on to twilight. His favorite artists are likes of Azax Syndrome & Iron Madness.

Power Your Party For Only RM20 (inclusive of 1 drink)

The Epic Tribe prides itself by throwing legendary NON-PROFIT parties with ZERO CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP.

Your support goes directly towards booking our acts, sound system, deco, as well as operating costs of our location.


Join us as we continue to inject much needed positivity into Malaysian music scene. Your help makes a BIG difference.

And you get a 1st drink too!

For further enquiries email [email protected]

Fergal Murray Demo Prefect Pour Of Guinness

July 31, 2021 – 8:24 am 4 Comments

Fergal Murray is the Master Brewer for Guinness, so just in case you’re a bartender. Learn how to pour Guinness Draught, because a lot of place pour a lousy pint of Guinness and this spoil the taste of it. Enjoy the Video!

Beer vs Wine – open bottle part 2

July 30, 2021 – 12:04 pm Comments Off

We have shown you video on open beer bottle can be more fun then opening a wine bottle. Now we covering part 2. Which is the equipment/tools to open the bottle.


cork screw

A normal cork screw opener is a need to open the bottle. You can’t use chopstick or you mouth to take out the cork. Of course the better choice is still the screw cap wine bottle. It’s so much easier and hassle free, but of course drinking wine is classy elegance, using the cork bottle can showcase the exclusive of the classiness of wine. At the same time, the cork screw opener do come in a lot of design and form, which are really amazing. Look like those high tech gadget.


beer opener

Beer bottle opener is not something fancy, it can come in any size and shape, but surely have the big head for the bottle cap insertion. Normal beer bottle opener have nothing much to shout, they look like spanner, but some come in very small size that you can actually carry them around. But for most, you don’t really need a can opener to a beer bottle.

Beer vs Wine – open bottle part 1

Schumacher Is Back!

July 30, 2021 – 10:45 am 2 Comments

michael schumacher is back in F1

Michael Schumacher the seven times World Champion in Formula One is back to replace Felipe Massa. Felipe Massa which had a bad accident last weekend is said to be off for the whole season.

I believe many of the Formula One fan will be delighted to hear this as, the F1 season for this year is pretty boring, lucky that Hamilton did save the F1 race from boredom. We can’t wait for the coming race to see Michael Schumacher dawn in Red again for the Ferrari team!

I still prefer him in red then wearing white pretending to be Stig from Top Gear! Cheers to Michael Schumacher and a speedy recovery for Felipe Massa!

Jaz Beer New Ambassador

July 30, 2021 – 8:01 am 5 Comments

jaz beer website

Jaz beer has come up with their new website look, now they look more ready to fight against the big boy. Of course we may not want to admit, but Jaz beer is indeed Malaysia made beer. Hope the muslims don’t shut them down!

jaz beer ambassador

To make the beer more appealing, Jaz beer hired non other then the famous Gillian Chung, Singer and actor from Hong Kong. Of course we know she was in a bit of scandal with Edison Chen which make headline to all the chinese reading nation. With the more mature and sexy look, she do make the beer a bit more sexy to drink. I know what you horny guys thinking, while she holding the beer bottle.

jaz beer ambassador

Jaz Beer now using their new tag line “Jaz it up!” for their advertising slogan, which is quite catchy and sexy. Can’t wait for Jaz beer to appear in pub nearby and see how the locals accepted it. They have since reposition the company and change a bit of the beer taste to make it more international feel.

Now the green bottle fight will be a 4 corner fight between Carlsberg, Heineken, Tuborg and Jaz Beer, should we count Chang beer too? Then it would be a 5 corner fight. Can’t wait to see you in Pub soon! Cheers!

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