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This is vaadai, an indian style spice cake. I like this for afternoon tea time, as it’s a bit spicy and full of taste. Is a type of finger food that can goes nicely with your beer. Lager, pilsner, weissbier, witbier, ale or even stout can really match with this finger food. Of course is not easy to find this at night, so you have to “tapao” (take back) and reheat it at night when you chill with your friend.

Good advice is to slice into small cube and just eat small piece at a time to enhance the taste. The more you eat, the taste get even better with beer. This is a good pairing, I really love this. really hope the next time I go to pubs I can find this as a finger food. Is quite enjoyable. Ok, I better go tapao some for this weekend gathering. Cheers!

Groom Dies After Drinking Too Much

May 28, 2021 – 8:55 am 3 Comments

A Taiwanese groom died on his wedding day after having too much wine and beer, police and local media said. The man, 35, an insurance company worker passed out at home after drinking too much. Mr Wu was hospitalised after his face turned black, hospital spokesman said he died despite treatment.

This is something that shouldn’t happen. As I’m not too sure about it, in many cases of my own experience, beer and wine can’t work well together. I can easily get hang over after drinking both beer and wine. Can beer and wine cause a new alcohol poison that can killed a person?

I wrote a post on 6 Stages From Fun To Death, this is what happen when too much drinking will cost. Eventually a happy day turn tragic. So the next time you go drinking, please remember to drink moderately, so that the fun stay.

Getting Ready Your Beer For Champions League Final

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uefa Champion League Final MU vs Barca

The heat is on, UEFA Champions League final (CFL) between Manchester United and Barcelona final countdown. This is the dream final that everyone is waiting for. Both team is in great shape for the big event. I’m not rooting for any team as my favourite team already kick out in the semi, I’m just hoping to see a great showdown.

So have you prepare your beer for the UEFA CLF. Of course we know the official beer for UEFA CLF is Heineken. Have you invite your friend to come over and enjoy the final game?

If you plan to go out and enjoy the CLF, here are a few places in Klang Valley that you can do so.

souled out
The Souled Out @ Desa Sri Hartamas
Together with Celcom, they will be hosting a football viewing party with activities, games and a live band playing from 9pm onwards. They are offering five bottles of Heineken at RM60nett.

backyard pub & grill
The Backyard Pub & Grill @ Sri Hartamas
Offering happy hours promotion the whole night through.

Ronni Q's
Ronnie Q’s sports bar @ Bangsar
50% off for first pint of Guinness until midnight with the purchase of a Sheperd’s Pie. There will also be light snacks for those who stay on for the match and happy hours all night long.

roti canai and teh tarik
The Mamak all over Klang Valley with big screen
I don’t think they give any discount, but certain place got free ais kosong. So enjoy your game with a piece of Roti Canai and a few glass of teh tarik. Sorry, no pork & beer.

So who ever you rooting for, please don’t fight or throw empty beer bottle. Enjoy the game and enjoy the beer. Cheers!

Beerbeer KL Writers Meet Up Tonight

May 27, 2021 – 2:21 pm Comments Off

backyard pub & grill
Tonight Beerbeer KL writers will have a meet up at The Backyard Pub & Grill @ Sri Hartamas. We will be there around 8pm, anyone that interested to join us to meet some new friends just come along. There is no free flows or free food, is not a organise party or event, just the KL writers get together for the first time. See you there!

Drinking @ Redang

May 27, 2021 – 8:21 am 2 Comments


Recently I just went to Redang for my diving trip. Redang is an island situated in Malaysia under the state of Terengganu, it’s a beach paradise. But as beer lover and with this crazy hot weather, a beer in hand on this wonderful island would be good. As the beach are sandy and the water are transparent blue, this is truly an amazing place. I’ve been to Tioman 2 years back for my dive, both place give a different experience.


I’m not going to write about how beautiful Redang is because this is a beer site. So of course I will write something related to beer. As I mention I going there for my dive trip, I do avoid taking beer before my dive, as alcohol and diving is a no no situation. Only on my last day that I drank my favourite beverage.

Turtle Mating @ Redang

Redang is not a duty free island, not like Langkawi or Tioman. The beer here are quite expensive. RM10 for a can of Tiger or Carlsberg. Not much variety in this island, all they have is the usual stuff like Carlsberg, Tiger, Heineken and Guinness.

Carslberg @ Redang

Even the locals will normally bring their beer from the mainland, which is cheaper than what they are getting in the island. Many of the locals here drink their beer with ice, as the weather is super hot and beer are easily turn warm. On my thoughts, this is a bloody good place to brew your own beer, the cheapest beer you can get is always from the homebrew. Maybe they have their own todi (coconut fermented alcohol) here as coconut are easily available. But beer is still a better choice, maybe they should have something under their own wing “Redang Beer”… haha

Tiger @ Redang

Of course I was hoping to chill my night with some Guinness draught or Paulaner. Need those refreshing beer that give you the energy after a long day under the sun or maybe underwater. I was hoping for a lot of stuff, like the pubs serve up keropok lekor (fish cracker that are famous in Terengganu) as finger food. Malaysia are still far away to create a good beer place with local finger food.

A foot to the moon at Redang

But I guess, drinking under the full moon already consider a plus. How often can you drink under the moonlight, while listening to the wave crushing to the beach as the wind blowing through. It’s almost a perfect condition if not for the mosquito come buzzing and sucking my blood. Where the hell those mosquito come from?

Diving @ Redang

I have to said, Redang is truly a paradise in it’s own standard. I love the beach, the water, the dive and the moon there. Everything is so calm and chill. If only I can stay longer there, brew my own beer and enjoy it under all the best condition… perfect. To Redang I salute. Cheers!

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