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Beer That Represent Their Country

April 30, 2021 – 8:12 am 12 Comments

I saw this post from other blog, you can check it out here. I think this is very interesting, a knowledge we can all have and the next time we visit other country, we know what beer we should drink. The beer posted may not be the best beer in their country, but sure is famous enough to represent the country.

So try to remember as many local beer as possible, hope Malaysia will also have their own beer soon. So here the list:-

Albania – Birra Tirana

Angola –  Cuca

Antigua and Barbuda – Wadadli Gold

Argentina – Quilmes Cerveza

Armenia –  Kotayk

Australia – Victoria Bitter

Austria – Stiegl

Azerbaijan – Xirdalan

The Bahamas – Kalik

Belarus – Baltika

Belgium – Duvel

Belize – Belikin

Bolivia – Pacena

Brazil – Skol

Bulgaria – Zagorka Special

Burma – Myanmar Beer

Cambodia – Angkor Beer

Cameroon – “33” Export

Canada – Molson Canadian

Chile – Cristal

China – Tsingato

Colombia – Cerveza Águila

Democratic Republic of the Congo – Primus

Croatia – Osjeco Pivo

Cuba – Cristal

Cyprus – KEO

Czech Republic – Staropramen

Denmark – Carlsberg

Dominica Republic – Presidente


Ecuador – Pilsener 

Egypt – Stella Lager

El Salvador – Pilsener

Eritrea – Golden Star Beer

Estonia – Saku Originaal


Ethiopia – St. George Beer 

Fiji – Fiji Bitter

Finland – Karhu III

France – Kronenberg 1664

Gabon – Regab

The Gambia – Julbrew

Georgia – Kazbegi

Germany – Oetinger Pils

Ghana – Star Beer

Greece – Mythos

Guatemala – Gallo Cerveza

Guyana – Carib Beer

Haiti – Prestige

Honduras – Port Royal Export

Hungary – Dreher

Iceland – Viking

India – Kingfisher Premium

Indonesia – Bintang

Ireland – Guiness

Israel – Gold Star Beer

Italy – Peroni

Jamaica – Red Stripe

Japan – Asahi

Kenya – Tusker

North Korea – Taedonggang Beer

South Korea – Cass

Laos – Beer Lao

Latvia – Aldaris

Lebanon – Almaza

Lithuania – Svyturys Beer

Luxembourg – Diekirch Beer


Macedonia – Skopsko

Madagascar – Three Horses Beer

Malta – Cisk Lager

Mauritius – Phoenix Beer

Mexico – Corona Extra

Mongolia – Khan Brau

Montenegro – Nikšicko Pivo

Morocco – Spéciale Flag

Namibia – Windhoek Lager

Netherlands – Heineken

New Zealand – Steinlager

Nicaragua – Tona

Norway – Ringnes

Pakistan – Murree Beer

Panama – Atlas Beer

Papua New Guinea – SP Lager

Paraguay – Baviera

Peru – Cusqueña Premium

The Philippines – San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Poland – Zywiec Beer

Portugal – Super Bock

Romania – Ursus

Russia – Baltika

Saint Lucia – Piton Beer

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Hairoun Beer

Samoa – Vailima Beer

San Marin – Amarcord Beer

Serbia – Jelen Piva

Seychelles – Seybrew Lager

Singapore – Tiger Beer

Slovenia – Laško Beer

South Africa – Castle Lager

Spain – Estrella Damm

Sri Lanka – Lion Beer

Suriname – Parbo Beer

Sweden – Sofiero

Switzerland – Eichof Beer

Taiwan – Taiwan Beer

Tanzania – Safari Lager

Thailand – Singha Beer

Tunisia – Celtia Beer

Turkey – Efes Pilsen

Uganda – Nile Special

Ukraine – Obolon Lager

United Kingdom – Carling

United States – Budweiser

Uruguay – nortena beer

Venezuela – solera beer

Vietnam: Halida Beer

Zambia – Mosi Lager

Zimbabwe – Zambezi

Beerbeer @ Beerfest Asia 09

April 29, 2021 – 4:00 pm Comments Off

At last is here, after all the waiting, today is the day that I’m been waiting for. So if you are in Singapore get yourself down to the Beerfest and get crazy. If you not in Singapore, try to get yourself down to Singapore and come to the Beerfest. The event will held from today till 3 May 2009. If you can’t come to the Beerfest, just continue reading Beerbeer, like you are here in the event. If I’m not updating my post, mean I’m already drunk. Cheers people!

A Great Night at Sid’s Pub @ Bangsar South

April 29, 2021 – 8:56 am 1 Comment

Last wednesday, Sid’s Pub @ Bangsar South, have a grand opening that they pour a free flow of Tiger & Guinness from 5pm -10pm. Like all free flow event, we must go there early to grab the best spot. What better sit to have then right in front of the pub, where we are able to go in and out of the place like is our own (how I wish to have a pub like Sid’s).

This picture were taken around 5:15 where the crowd started to grow. By the way, the guy in the blue shirt is Frank, he is the manager there. I have to say sorry to Frank as I forget to pay for my food. Lucky I manage to pay them back on friday night. Maybe I having too much fun, too high till I forgot to pay my food. How embarrassing is that?

The environment of this place is nice, is a total neighbourhood pub as Geoff will put it. Serve good food with nice variety of beer and liquor. I actually like the interior of the place, very spacious and cosy. Many area to move around.

As usual, we start to mingled around, meet up some people and do our usual “Yam Sing”. The night is awesome, the free flow is great. Many reader from Beerbeer did go over for the free beer, some do email me about how they miss the event. Hope those who miss it, must join us next time. Then we can do “Yam Sing” together.

As you can see that the crowd turned up have tripple, not much space left. When the picture taken is around 7pm. Is almost full, with so many people enjoying the place, the crowd and the free beer. Everyone is enjoying themself, get to know some new friends, meeting some old friends or just to chill at the bar enjoying the crowd. Is really awesome. Isn’t it good if all our politician can just chill through beer?

Tiger beer is really a good refreshing drink to mingle around, but many didn’t drink fast enough, as the beer turn flat, they just wasted it. End up I actually drank more Guinness then Tiger. Don’t ask me how many I drank for the night, if I can even forgot to pay for my food, I don’t think I can remember how many I drank. Just more then my usual 4 glass…. haha

That is Dominic (hope I get your name correctly spell) on the right, enjoying his puff and a chill glass of Tiger. He is Geoff’s brother, he is a familiar face in Sid’s and he pour a kiss ass pint of Guinness. Many people gather outside to smoke and some fresh air.

As you can see in the picture that the place is full of people. The free flow is suppose to end at 8pm, but later on Geoff announce that the free flow have extended to another hour. The people starting ordering again. 

This is the last picture I took, before I left Sid’s. I bet everyone enjoyed themself that night. I sure did, I was happy to meet up some Beerbeer reader, introduce to few more to visit out site. Sorry guys for not able to remember all your names. Lastly we from Beerbeer would like to congratulate Geoff for the New Sid’s Pub in Bangsar South, it’s a great place and we wish the place will continue the success they have in TTDI. Cheers!

Beerbeer @ Singapore

April 28, 2021 – 2:33 pm 3 Comments

Beerbeer is always in Singapore, but this time around I doing some beer travel here again. Hopefully, like last time I gain some benefit and knowledge on beer belly. I just arrive this morning by train, a bit blur and cranky. Staying at my favourite backpacker place – InnCrowd.

For this trip, the main event is Beerfest Asia 09 which will start tomorrow till this Sunday (29 Apr – 3 May 09). So fa so good, as we have receive the passes to the Beerfest, APB brewery tour, meet up supplier, meet up brew master and visit some local pubs.

Look forward for this trip since I found out the date for Beerfest Asia. Last year MinJie cover the event of Singapore Beer Festival and this year me and AhHup will do Beerfest Asia. Too bad not all Beerbeer writer can gather for this event, if not we sure will sure crack some havoc with noise…. haha

I’ll will be in Singapore till 1 May, hope that I can do more thing this time and will benefit our reader and Beerbeer. By the way, there also a good news to celebrate today as this is the first time Beerbeer viewer reach more then 500. I know is a small amount compare to most blog side, but I bet this number will grow. Cheers!

Bia Hà Nội

April 28, 2021 – 8:20 am 3 Comments

First time i tried Bia Hà Nội was in Hanoi, the best beer i ever had in Vietnam. Since Hanoi is my first stop, Bia Hà Nội has set a standard on the rest of my drinking journey downsouth. On the way down, I tried various other provincial beer, like Bia Huế, Beer Larue (Hoi An), Saigon beer, 333 beer, but none is as good as Bia Hà Nội!


This bia can go along well with dried squid, calf meat and anything that tastes good dipped in a special salt and pepper lemon dip. The meal I had that go along well was Hanoi platter, a frenchmen opened restaurant in one corner in Hanoi. This platter came with rice, vietnamese spring roll with special sauce, stewed pork and greens, with Bia Hà Nội….awesome!

This Bia also come in can, but somehow I still prefer the bottle, maybe the can i drank was lukewarm..
Bia Ha Noi can
I tried to purchase few bottles for my consumption in the room later, but was told i need to pay 3,000VND for deposit for each bottle! WTH..i need to lug back the empty bottle to claim back my 3,000VND/bottle, and was told, Bia Hà Nội just available in Hanoi, not other province in Vietnam… how sad..that was when i’m there, not sure if now they do available elsewhere, anyone please update if they’re everywhere! Maybe i should start franchising Bia Hà Nội to Malaysia!

Bia Hà Nội has no additives or preservatives and is essentially made to be consumed on the day that it leaves the factory. As such, there is no stocking of Bia, and outlet must forecast their sale accordingly.

The locals will tell you that Bia, which have typically alcohol content 4-4.5%, is best consumed early in the day, as close as to when it was freshly brewed. Imagine Hanoian comes to work in the morning smelling Bia Hà Nội..hix* hix*…

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