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Heineken profits drop 74%

February 27, 2021 – 2:55 pm 2 Comments

I saw this article from Straits Times. Is no joke for such a sharp drop of profit. But of course the money are use to buy some brewery and investment. Is really interesting how much money they are using for investment. Because the stat show that their revenue increase 27%, but sharp drop on profit.

Heineken announced that net profit dropped from 807 million euros (RM$3.5 billion) in 2007 to 209 million euros last year. This is a lot of money for investment by all mean. But they do top the market in 59 of the 66 country there are in. But I don’t think is that easy for Heineken to gain the market share in Malaysia, although they have improve a lot, now you can purchase Heineken easily compare to few years back. But they do have some interesting promotional items.

I will not surprise in 5 years time Heineken will be fighting strongly with the market leader, because of the new generation most preferred drink. As this market is hold by Tiger and Carlsberg, eventually when the country have more beer coming in, the market share will be reduce and this will eventually effect the statistic. How can this little Islamic majority country on par with those in Europe, I hope that day will come. Cheers!

Prawn Cracker

February 27, 2021 – 8:43 am 5 Comments

Prawn Cracker

Who can don’t like prawn cracker, I think since we are south east asian we should localise our beer snack. Although french fries is nice, prawn cracker is even a better compliment. Don’t believe me, let me explain. If you like the smelly smell of the prawn cracker that have a hint of sweetness at the same time the cracker is salty, it goes nicely with beer. I would said all beer goes nicely with prawn cracker.

Crunchy and smelly, goes easily as a snack food for a nice beer section. I think this is much better choice to go with compare to muruku (another local snack) or peanuts. Of course some of you may not agree with me, but this is sure my choice as snack food for beer. Cheers!

Jazz Night @ Groove Junction

February 26, 2021 – 8:35 pm Comments Off

If you are jazz fans and want to chill with your drink while you submerge yourself into a ray of tunes harmonic melody, then bring yourself to Groove Junction this coming Monday. Is live music to your ears, Unwind to Jazz.

Here’s the Poster.

They do have some exciting offer, with beer@RM38 per jug and RM13 for set lunch, hmmm… maybe I should get myself down to this place. See you there.

Some International And Local Beer Festival

February 26, 2021 – 4:01 pm 6 Comments

I just go around the internet to find the date for some major Beer Festival. Of course we at also planning to have one if possible this May. But everything is still planning, is not going to be easy to pull something like a beer festival. Location is important, proper planning and activity is to added to make the beer festival interesting. But don’t worry we will keep updated.

Ok, here is some of the event that I look forward for this in local scene, The Paulaner Oktoberfest in Penang and One Utama Beer Festival is sure in my list, but too bad both the date are not yet available.

In Asia I would like to go to The Great Japan Beer Festival which going to held in 6-7 June 2009. Anyone want to sponsor to go happy drinking in other country? Should I ask the Japanese Embassy for sponsor? 

In the international scene of course will be the Oktoberfest that held in Germany. This is for sure in my to do list before I die.

So if you are a beer fan, please check out our Event and Prom0 page to find out more about the beer festival around the globe. Just in case you are traveling to other country, plan well that you may even enjoy some beer festival yourself. Cheers!

137 Years Old Beer

February 26, 2021 – 8:38 am Comments Off

Beer Age

This article is taken from here.

Beer from 1869 that can be guzzled

It was brewed in the year that the Suez Canal opened, Charles Dickens embarked on one of his last literary tours and the Cutty Sark was launched in Scotland.  

But the recently-discovered cache of 1869 ale should have been undrinkable, given the conventional brewing wisdom that even the best beers are supposed to last no more than a couple of decades. Beer experts, however, say the 137-year-old brew tastes “absolutely amazing”.  

The Victorian beer was part of a cache of 250 vintage bottles found in the vaults of Worthington’s White Shield brewery in Burton-on-Trent.  

The bottles will not be sold and have yet to be valued.  

According to Steve Wellington, Worthingon White Shield’s head brewer, said: “It was always rumoured that there were some vintage beers on site but no one had bothered to taste them because it was assumed they would not be drinkable.  

“Uncovering such an interesting collection is fantastic, the most exciting discovery ever made in British brewing. I assumed they would taste awful. But they had the most astonishing, complex flavours.”  

The bottles were sealed with corks and wax and stored in even, cool temperatures, in the dark and placed on their side to stop the corks drying out.

My Opinion
Wow, I don’t think I have the privilege to try one. But is this mean if the beer is store correctly after hundreds of year it can actually taste nicer? Saw the bold word in the article, the beer actually taste “astonishing, complex flavours”. Is like no word can describe the taste of the beer. I bet all the beer drinkers out door, would like to have a sip of this old beer. Even the brew master that make the beer, to bad I think he already 6 feet under. Cheers!

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