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My Top Ten Movie for February

January 31, 2021 – 8:07 am Comments Off

Every month I try to pick my top ten movie that you should watch at home. It can be new movie, it can be also classic movie. It’s just my recommendation. This is mostly for those have big tv and cool surround system and for those that don’t feel like going to cinema but want to watch movie, here are some of my recommendation for Home Box Office Beerbeer Style. 

Here at Beerbeer, we are trying to diversify a bit to cater to more reader, scare that you guys all get bored for only beer. Hell knows, maybe we will be talking about more stuff soon, but for now we advance one step further that is movie.

Here goes the Top Ten list of movie:
#1. Over The Top
Over The Top
A true classic, that I really like. Simple story line and easy to watch. This is before Sylvester Stallone gone hype up with all the botox and steroid. Some off you may even too young to hear about this show.

#2. Balls Out-Gary The Tennis Coach
Balls Out
For those who know who is Seann William Scott aka Stifler in American Pie. Most of his show is quite lame, a lame movie for a stress day at work will do find. Simple and nothing but lame. If you like tennis, you should watch it even more.

#3. Pride And Glory
Pride and Glory
Edward Norton and Collin Farrell star in this movie. Ever since fight club I have been following most of Norton show, that include American History X, that reminds me to watch the show again. If you are tired, my advice is not to watch this movie, as it’s going to be a boring one. But do enjoy the acting.

#4. Sponge Bob Square Pants – The Movie
Sponge Bob Square Pant
Being a kid again, I just like all this lame show, is more relaxing to watch and have a good laugh. Always like that stupid starfish named Patrick. Maybe because he always remind me of my friend with the same name. I think everyone should watch this just to clear out our mind. A bit of cartoon won’t harm especially a lame one.

#5. Ip Man
Ip Man
I bet a lot of you guys and girls didn’t go to the cinema and watch this show. Sure can easily get this DVD on all the pirated shop or download from the net. If you don’t know who is Donnie Yen, after this show you will look forward for his coming movie. It’s a chinese movie, make sure you get the subtitle version if you don’t understand chinese. Better get ready, it may make you want to learn Wing Chun after this.

#6. 300
I know is a last year hit, but since Frank Miller new movie is on Theather, I was looking at my DVD library and found 2 Movie adaptation from his graphic novel, The Sin City & 300. Of course I prefer 300. “this is Sparta” who can forget that line, brutally shouting with sliver flying everywhere.

#7. Music & Lyrics
Music & Lyrics
Is the romantic movie that bring out my soft side… haha. Actually I’m a big fan of Drew Barrymore, always like to watch her act. Simple love the story that are very predictable yet fun to see Drew bubbly acting.

#8. The Thirsty Traveler – Season 1
The Thirsty Traveller Season 1
If you like alcohol like me, you sure going to like this. A whole collection of The Thirsty Traveler with the host Kevin Brauch bring you around the world to taste alcohol. Of course it covers beer, it sure will bring your knowledge of alcohol to a whole new level. The next time you visit a place, sure will to a bit of Thirsty Traveller yourself.

#9. Air Force One
Air Force One
Since Obama just became the 44th President of the United State, I just feel like a president movie. I choose this classic Harrison Ford movie. The President become the hero and whoop all the terrorist ass better then how the coward bush did it.

#10. Speed Racer
Speed Racer
The review of this movie is really bad. I’m a big fan of the Wachowski brother after the Matrix, but don’t seems to deliver after that. But hey, this movie are really colourful. never saw such a colourful special effect before, blending animated and real world not as perfect as matrix, but I guess the bar they set for themself in matrix is not easy to beat.

So here are the Top10 movie for February, hope you have your own list. Don’t worry, I like beer, but I’m not going to tell you what beer goes nicely with what movie, that will be insane. But it’s sure nice to eat junk food and drink a chill beer. Any movie you like to recommend to me during this short month of February? So I can recommend to you the reader in March. Cheers!

GAB Beer Food Pairing

January 30, 2021 – 8:14 am 2 Comments

GAB is Guinness Anchor Berhad, which also known for their Tiger, Guinness, Anchor, Kilkenny and Heineken beer in Malaysia. This article publish in the star on 13, January 2009 with the headline “And a pint to go“. You can read all about it there, as I going to publish the picture and give some opinion of my own.

Here goes:
Tiger Beer and Prawn
The light spices in a Tiger beer balance the chilli in the oil-dressed pasta with grilled tiger prawn.

My Opinion
I agree with this, as I always believe seafood should go with lager or pilsner. So that the beer won’t cover the taste of the food. That of course means that the seafood must also be fresh.

Kilkenny with Braised Wagyu Cheek
The creamy Kilkenny highlighted the smokiness of the mushrooms in the risotto that came with the Braised Wagyu Cheek. 

My Opinion
The dish it self is already something interesting. If you are a ale drinker you’ll know that this beer have hint of flavour, not too strong yet creamy to it’s body. Wagyu beef have it’s own smokiness that will blend with the ale and this will create a blend of taste like no other. Ale is a safe drink with food pairing, seldom can go wrong with this beer when it comes to food.

Heineken with deep fried seafood combo
A Heineken was the perfect foil to the Deep-Fried Seafood Combo. 

My Opinion
For me any fried stuff will go nicely with beer, most fried stuff don’t have the strong taste in food. Although I agree that fried stuff is good with beer, my best preference for fried stuff with beer is pair with wheat beer or weissen bier. Just a personal opinion.

Guinness and chocolate lave cake
Guinness and Chocolate Lava cake

My Opinion
I believe this will goes well, as stout is very strong and creamy, as a dessert pairing will be the best choice. I always believe that stout is not easy to pair with food, is easier to cook the food with stout then pair with it. Something sweet will always bring out the taste. While dark beer will always goes well with sweet pairing.

The different between male and female, beer way!

January 29, 2021 – 8:48 am 1 Comment

Sorry ladies, that drink beer. I think beer associate too much with guy. I know many girls that drink beer, even better then guys. Got more then 40% of this blog reader is female, again showing girls actually take beer seriously or the guy become pussy? So don’t take the Ad seriously, cheers!

Beer Ad

This is kinda true, but not all man apply to this. I’ve seen with guys that choose freaking long on what they want to drink. On the other hand, girls like to choose what they drink, just like their clothing. But put me in Starbucks, I will be total loss…

Beer Ad

This is funny. Are guys that simple? Is male and female have so much differences?

Beer Ad

I know a lot of girls wish to be like guys when going to the loo, sorry that’s guys privilege.

But the picture I receive is real blur, not too sure what beer brand is it, but I said is a nice one. For sure, they are not targeting female, since they draw the line that female don’t drink beer. Hope Carlsberg and Tiger can come out something nice and funny, not those crappy ad that so boring! Cheers!

Boat House @ TTDI

January 28, 2021 – 8:17 am 2 Comments

Boat House

The row of shop in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) is the gem of pubs near my place that I can basically find all my taste there. I have introduce Deutsches Gasthaus and Sid’s Pub. Today I going to introduce another place “Boat House”. A place that I can find good food with good beer. Need I say more about the beer they offer, even the Paulaner logo is next to it. I use to called this place the Paulaner place, as I pass by at night, I only notice the Paulaner logo. Ok, maybe I just too into beer, blind me.

Boat House

I spend my birthday here with some good friends last year as many of my friend haven’t try Paulaner before. The western food with some fusion here is delicious. Don’t ask me what I order as I normally don’t recall the name, but got 1 dish which is quite unique, that is the fried cempedek with chicken inside replacing the seed. Something very different. Unique combination of taste.

Boat House

Now let’s talk about beer. Boat House serve a good deal of variety of beer, but the focus is on Paulaner and Hacker Pschorr. As you can see Paulaner logo, bottles, barrel and even signage is everywhere in the place. If you are scratching your head wondering what brand I mentioning, especially Hacker Pschorr I can truly understand, because is not the usual brand of beer that you can get from the pub. This are famous German beer, this place offer their wheat beer or called Weisen Bier. Which goes nicely with food.

Boat House

The environment here is nice and cosy, not noisy and very peaceful. A nice place to come and chill just chit chat away with the cosy lighting. Is a bit weird actually to drink with guys here (that just what I feel) is best to bring girls along to neutralise the manly of beer drinking. Maybe because of the inside decoration that feel weird for all guys to sit down and drink beer. Maybe wine suits the place more. But we can always sit outside to enjoy the breeze.

Boat House

Is a good dining place for first date too, as Boat House really suit this kind of occasion. I love the place because this place offer beer that not easy to get. If you planning to have your food and drink your beer this will be the place I recommend. Before I end the post, get prepare to pay a bit premium for the beer. Cheers!�

Cold Weather Seasonal Ales

January 26, 2021 – 8:33 am 2 Comments

Snow Cap Ale & Winter Solstice

I absolutely love beer, and tonight I am again like a kid who’s discovering something new. Who wouldn’t be amused at the thought of drinking winter beers in a tropical country? The weather’s been chilly this January, though, especially in the evenings.

“This is ale?” was my silent reaction as I poured my first beer, the Snow Cap. Color was Coke-dark, quite different from the India Pales I’ve been used to seeing and tasting. So this is true seasonal beer. Distinctive and purpose-driven. It isn’t ale just because it’s colored dark orange or copper. It’s ale because it has the distinctive bitterness that’s suddenly quite refreshing on a cold January night. I wouldn’t like an ale when it’s summer and searing hot, but I’d appreciate a good seasonal ale when the clime is cold like tonight.

Snow Cap Ale

And it goes well with the food I’m pairing with the beers tonight — a mishmash of East and West. Beef sausage sauteed in olive oil, dried onions and chili garlic paste. The strong spicy flavors best complement the ale’s signature taste and serve as a counterpoint to the beer’s bitterness.

Beer Sausage Garlic
Beer Sausage Garlic

The Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale is less bubbly and more dark iced tea, color wise. The taste is fruity, masking the bitterness with a heavy yet assuring tanginess that makes you retain the liquid a while longer inside the mouth, swirling the brew and making you curious about the subtleties of the ingredients.

Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale

The two beers tonight are true cold weather beers.

Con-Con Rating System:
G=good and will drink if available
D=desirable, will opt for seconds or more
W=wow, would go places just to seek out this beer

The verdict (assuming the beers are drunk at cold weather):
Snow Cap Seasonal Ale (Full Bodied Winter Warmer): D, alcohol 7%
Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale: D, alcohol 6.9%

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