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IN SUPPORT OF “Don’t ban alcohol sale”

November 29, 2020 – 10:00 am 4 Comments

We at beerbeer will always support this!!!! DON”T BAN ALCOHOL SALE… here how the story goes –

Earlier, the PKR announced that they are considering a ban on alcohol in Shah Alam. You can find the article here.  However this was overturned by the PKR as their leader mentioned that,

“We do not encourage Muslims and the young ones to drink. We are also not here to deny the rights of the non-Muslims,”

For a complete story on the turnaround you can read here.

He also commented that if this were to happen, it would be a state thing, not just Shah Alam alone.  My friends, keep our fingers cross. Hope that this will never happen. I am not driving down to Seremban to buy beer …. no, no. (hey, KL is not part of Selangor… I wonder!!)

Anyway, I think they realised that a ban does not solve the problem, again education should help. The ban will just encourage black market in other places, and again bribes and other stuff comes up again.  We will keep you updated on this issue should it arise again.

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Can beer cause violence?

November 28, 2020 – 12:00 pm Comments Off

My answer is yes, because alcohol is something that will enhance your happy mood when you happy, and vice versa when you sad. So when you have hatred in you, you may cause violence when there too much alcohol. You must be asking why I write this post, what’s the benefit of this post to promote beer culture telling people that beer can cause violence.

Recently, if you read the paper you saw the news about the violence that happen in Mumbai. The gunmen killed more then 125 people and kidnapped a few and is apparently done by Muslim militants. How sad is that, these people don’t consume alcohol by their religion law, yet such a violence are within them. I find this really sad. While the typical thinking of alcohol promote violence and cause chaos, lost teaching is even worse then what alcohol can do.

That come to my point, drinking promote harmony and friendship. I went to many Malaysia pubs and meet with many great people. I went to Singapore while having my beer, I met many people, both their locals and foreigners. Beer promote the happy drinking environment, that made each company joyful. We may have shout a little, talk a little louder, hence even accidentally broke some glasses when we are drunk. But overall the violence doesn’t exist until to wipe out people.

I’m not saying to ask the government to encourage people to drink, but to promote certain understanding in the alcohol so that people know how to appreciate and not abuse it. Truly sadden by how the Muslim see such a big treat in alcohol, just like the recent banned of alcohol sale in Shah Alam. People please do study the real problem, the real violence is the corrupt teaching of mankind not alcohol. Stop putting hatred into peoples heart, show love, friendship and harmony to promote peace. Alcohol don’t do violence, but hatred does.

Will banning alcohol stop such hatred / violence? No, alcohol is just another political gimmick, and its just too bad its happening here.  You can never ban alcohol in Malaysia!  Never!.  Investors will leave, thousands will be jobless and the people will not be happy.  Back to the question, many studies also show that people who drink are more approachable and has better interpersonal skills.  This is because pubs tend to have better ambiance compared to lets say the office.

At the end of the day, it is back to self-control.  during the recent 1 utama beerfest, i almost got caught in a fight. Being too happy, i made a racist remark to someone i did not know.  I said to the DJ, hey you are indian just drink. He was smiling and said cheers.  Later when the same remark was used, he was offended. This is just human nature. I never would have wanted to offend someone.  Nevertheless, I apologised and soon we were both drinking away again.  It is all self-control. The situation could be worst, but because of such self-control! wahlah… another friend is gained.

Hence! stop blaming and try to fix the real problem before something like Mumbai happens to Malaysia. Sad.

French Fries

November 28, 2020 – 8:18 am 2 Comments

Is always nice to have french fries lying on the table when drinking beer. It goes very nicely with those lager beer. French fries it self just have a hint of salt and pepper, with some sweet potato smell, so overall not much taste. The fries will only taste when you dip into chili sauce or mayonnaise.

Overall fries is a good chit chat finger food with beer, no doubt about it. I always like a plate of fries to go with my beer. Sometime 2 plate depend on how long I stay there…haha. Mostly lager beer for me with fries, as most premium beer I only drank at home or at friends place. So for finger delight food, lager will be my choice. Cheers!!!

Michael Jackson “The Beer hunter” interview

November 27, 2020 – 8:18 am 6 Comments

For those of you that don’t know is this Michael Jackson, you can find his information here. Michael Jackson (27 March 2021 – 30 August 2021) was an English writer and journalist. He was the author of several influential books about beer and whisky. This is not the one that recently convert to Islam. Here is the interview I got from youtube, have a look!

This is one of the last interview he have before he pass away. I like some of the comment he made, truly very knowledgeable on beer. By the way, wikipedia stated that his most hated beer is Corona. I think Corana is overated too….haha

Banned alcohol in Selangor?

November 26, 2020 – 8:32 pm 6 Comments

I got scare for a bit when my friend told me that maybe Selangor will banned all alcohol sales in public. This is worried as beerbeer is created to boost the beer culture, of course “boost” doesn’t mean encourage people to drink but understand the drink. So the news just said that Shah Alam will start implement this banned of sell in public and to muslim in 2009. And I was though that all alcohol sales are already prohibit to sell to muslims. What are they talking?

We at beerbeer don’t like to talk about politic but sometimes we find certain thing can really boost better government. Is alright that they want to banned the alcohol in Shah Alam to Muslim and underage who want to purchase alcohol. As that is the good way, is just sad that there are so many other things that they should focus on and not this. Is really sad.

If since they are going to banned alcohol sales, should they allow homebrew then? What’s you comment on this? I’m sure if they approve the home brew, I will be freaking happy about it.

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