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September 30, 2020 – 8:17 am Comments Off

Oktoberfest is coming soon and it is time to learn a few german words. Most importantly, we have to learn the vulgar words first because as “kiasu” (scared to lose) chinese, we are afraid that people will curse us. Got this from a friend who lives in Germany…. Long live Bayern (this is for him).

Hope that you would not use the following terms but just know them.

FUCK – Ficken

CUNT – Vagina

FOTZE – Musche

ASS HOLE – Arsch Loch

Breast – Brust or Busen

Cock (Penis) = Schwanz (colloquial)

Leck mich am Arsche (Lick my arse or backside) very common to tell some one to “Piss Off” or “Fuck Off”
Geil = Lascivious, wanton, lewd (or in Malay Gatal/Itchy)

Ok after learning all the bad stuff, we now learn terms for us to survive in Germany

Prosit = Bless You ( To your health, Cheers, etc. ), we also call it YUM SENG… yes beerbeer’s favourite term

Wie gehts ? = How are you ?

Gut Danke = Fine thanks

Aufwiedersehen = Goodbye or See you (again)

Sorry = es tut mir leid or Verzeihung, or Entschuldigung = (excuse me) apology

Guten Tag = Good Day

Guten Morgan = Good Morning

Gute Nacht = Good Night (Gute not Guten)

Tagegeld = Daily allowance

Geld = Money

Taeglich = Daily

Prima, Wunderbar = Great

Gruss or Glueckwunsch = Greeting

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 – eins,zwei,drei,vier,funf,sechs,sieben,acht,neun,zehn

thats about it my friend…. cheers … or prosit

Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle GmbH Anti Aging Bier

September 29, 2020 – 7:43 am Comments Off

Product of Germany, from Jasons Market Place, Raffles Shopping Center, S$8.30, 500ml bottle @ 4.8% ABV.

Were choosing beers at the beverage corner, saw a bottle with rather artistic drawing on the front label, wow, an anti-aging beer? this should be interesting, grab one and proceed to checkout along with some other stuff.

It has been raining on and off for these few days, in the mood for a healthy portion of beer, and I do mean “healthy”.

Left it in the freezer compartment for a good 10 minutes before open. (passed the bottle and beer glass to TV for picture taking using her newly bought studio light) Dark brown, almost black colour. Mild roasted chestnut, caramel nose, light-bodied for such a dark brew. I kept getting this greenish-grasslike aroma, took a few mouthfull just to comfirm it, yup, I am right, the aroma dragged to the finish with some sweet burnt malt and very light traces of salt.

The bottle’s label is actually in Germans, but there is an additional sticker which translated the important info into English. The beer is made from mixture of malt and 3 health ingredients said to maintain good health and slow down the ageing process. 1st, thermal brine water water (from the health resort Bad Saarow, Germany). 2nd, spirulina, a type of algea rich in nutrients. 3rd, flavonoide, a plant extract. 

An interesting wording on the info sticker, “But it is still a beer, and too much of it could undo every harmony effect”. It can cause intoxication and hangovers just like any other alcoholic beverage afterall. How ironic, after understanding so many goodness the beer can do to you and they tell you this ???!!! An excuse to drink as much of beers as you want? dream on…

Did I rejuvenated and nourished after the drink? Well, for S$8.30 a bottle, I better be…

Kelabu Mango

September 26, 2020 – 8:35 am Comments Off

This is of course not a local food, but it do come from Thailand. Is a sour dish, some may like it, some will totally hate it. I like the taste of this food, normally it act as an appetizer. So sour food should go with what kind of beer. I would suggest beer that have sweet taste will go nicely with. Sweet aroma taste like ales would goes well, larger and pilsner won’t be that bad also. Sweet taste like weissen beer should goes well too. I’m not too sure about stout, as this dish got some spicy flavour. Any sweet taste aroma beer with less fizzy or gassy should goes well with it. Comment on it and let me know, cheers!

Getting your beer from your lady friend

September 25, 2020 – 8:18 am Comments Off

When you are plain lazy  but still need to have  a beer you may really need this invention.  Watch it to see what happens!

The Pump Room

September 24, 2020 – 8:28 am 5 Comments

The Pump Room is situated in Clarke Quay, nice place to hang out and chit chat. They have live band performing at night. I’m not that fancy about the place, I’m more focus on the beer. They offer one of the best lager I tasted in all the Singapore microbrewery which is their Bohemian Larger. I don’t have much picture in this place, as I concentrate fully on the beer and forget to take picture.

I’m not sure what style or where they come from. Bohemian word came from French and Bohemia is in Czech. So is it in France or Czech? But this lager is one of the best I try so far. Really recommend you guys to stop by and try it if you are in Clarke Quey, Singapore. I prefer to sit outside chating with friend then sitting inside. As Clarke Quey have some nice colourful roof covering the area, chatting outside have better feel to me then sitting inside, is depends on preference. 

The next time I come back here, I would like to try all their beer, as I think highly for it. Maybe they have better beer beside their Bohemian Lager which I try. Hope to be there again just to drink it up! Cheers!

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