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Is been a good day!

August 31, 2021 – 1:26 am Comments Off

Singapore trip for today is more then I expected, most of the things I plan have gone wrong. From buying train ticket to getting the right place. But in the end is all work as plan and all work well enough for me to said, Singapore is a nice place to beerbeer around. In the MRT station I saw some dudes in armor promoting Baron’s beer.

I went to Tiger live, which I was late for their last show which is at 6:30pm. I went to the wrong road, end up I mange to find it. Of all the computer was down today, I manage to sneak in and get a few glass of free beer fresh tiger. Which the taste is crisp and easy to drink. Some more is free, what can I complaint. I bought some souvenir from the shop. Pretty darn awesome.

That I met up with the person which all the beer drinker know, Alex Buchner a name that are famous around the beer industry. Again he treat me a good glass of dark beer, and later my ex-collegue treat another good glass of beer. Today is my first time taste the hops tablet. The taste is citrus in the beginning but once the bitter kick in, is crazy. Totally bitter through out my mouth. Now I know how a hops taste like, and the aroma is wonderful.

In my walk in singapore, I find that this country have a lot of potential of beer drinker, anytime anywhere I can see people drinking with beer and eating their food. Is so norm that it surprise me. I also saw this wine & beer fair which only sell 2 types of beer which is disappointing. But I did get to taste Erdinger.

Alex Buchner told me to look forward for the coming Singapore Beer Festival which is going to be big. I myself are getting ready to come to this beer festival, can’t wait to be exact. Tomorrow will be another for all the beer drinking to do. 

So far, it’s been good to me. When I told people I coming down to Singapore just for beer, the reaction is weird looking face. But after I explain to them, things get better. I have to said, Singapore is one step ahead of Malaysia, any many steps in terms of economy. I still trying my best to promote beer to Malaysian, or asking brewery that I met to come to Malaysia as I know there will be a market here for beer drinker to advance from just the normal beer.

I learn a lot today from Alex Buchner, thanks man! Cheers to you!

I’m In Singapore!

August 30, 2021 – 9:54 am 1 Comment

Just like I told everyone I coming down to Singapore this weekend, Guess what, I’m here. To show my love to Malaysia, I’ll be promoting Malaysia Independent Day or Merdeka in the iLAND (Yeah Right!). I arrive here way too early, around 4:30am I already reach the Golden Mile, which I give a good walk all the way from Beach Road to Little india.

On my looking way looking for The InnCrowd (the place I’m staying). I saw this 2 guys drinking Barons in front of 7-11, like what Minjie, Stephen and I would do back home. It sure feel good knowing people in Singapore are doing the same thing. But something do turn me down, I saw this shop which I though it Kilkenny bar, but it turn out to be Killiney straight away potong steam (take the fun away).

During my hard walk, I stop by and eat a roti prata, that should be my first meal in Singapore, not sure it’s a breakfast or late supper. Either way it give me some the energy.

I still feel a bit sleepy and cranky rite now. Hope I can manage to meet as many people and visit as many pubs during my 3 days visit here. can’t wait to start my hunt this afternoon. You guys will be getting more from me soon, cheers!

No Tax Increase For Beer

August 29, 2021 – 5:10 pm Comments Off

MinJie just called and let me know that the Malaysia Budget for 2009, beer price didn’t increase for this year, but beer best friend the cigarette will increase by RM0.60 for the 20 stick pack. So beer drinker out there, hope you didn’t stock up too much beer last night. If so, just celebrate that you will still enjoy the same price till the next budget of Malaysia is announce. Plus since today is a Friday, drink and booze as you like, enjoy! I can still enjoy my premium beer without paying extra for the already extra price….haha. It sure to be a good news on friday!

How to open beer bottle with paper

August 29, 2021 – 8:19 am Comments Off

Here is something interesting if you can’t find a can opener, and out of no way you saw a piece of paper, this is how you do it. Is a good survivor skill that everyone should use, or you can be like me to use my teeth to crack the bottle open. See the video and learn it.

Should you eat before you drink beer?

August 28, 2021 – 8:12 am Comments Off

I have try many way so that I can take in more beer in one sitting. For guys like me, we will always try to show off by prove to people our capacity of intake. The more beer you drink, the macho you feel. I use to have this idea that if I take my food before I go for my drinking section, my intake will be more. In actual fact, this has never been proven, not even by me.

The worst case for me, once I eat too much of Bak Kut Teh, after just a can of beer, I was puking like mad man, the next thing I know, I’m already on the floor, having my hang over. Is a good laugh and a pure humiliation because my friend MinJie actually caught it on his PDA. Plus, that day is my birthday. How bad can it be?

Now a days I can drink with or without food intake. My prefered choice are eating and drinking should do it together. Beer go nicely with fried sotong (squid), fried chicken wing, pork ribs with sweet and sour sauce and bbq. Another thing is, drinking is not a competition on how much you can drink, is to drink to your capacity. Don’t puke and don’t get hang over, beer is not cheap in Malaysia. You don’t want to paid so much to suffer yourself.

If your mind tell you that by eating you can drink more, then go ahead. Like wise is no harm to go with empty stomach, is just that the beer gas will make you bloated and burb a lot. Happy drinking, Cheers!!!

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