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After 5

July 30, 2021 – 9:38 pm 6 Comments

This place is not far from the place I staying, is called “After 5″. Means it open after 5pm and the fun will start from then till morning. I have to said, I like the name. Good thinking. So I went and try out the place, there I order 1 Jug of Tiger beer. My friend and I went there around 1am to Yamcha on Monday in this place. You can choose ti sit inside to enjoy the music or outside doing some chatting.


The place is crowded with people, I find it amazing as it is monday. This place is situated in Metropolitan Square in Damansara Perdana, at the end corner. Citybank is on your left if you coming down the road.

Not much choice of beer in that place except for one thing, a lot of horny guys. As this place is full with chic. Trust me when I said there are a lot of chic down there. After a jug we leave the place, advice to sit inside because too much mosquito outside. Thumbs down place to drink beer, I hate when they give small glass to drink beer. Not a place for girls but sure is a place for horny guy….haha.

Conquer Beer Belly

July 29, 2021 – 8:17 am 1 Comment

Many tell me to write about beer belly and how to avoid or reduce it. Before that, let me explain why beer belly happen from my own knowledge. There are a few possibilities:-

#1. Beer is also called liquid bread, as it contain the similar nutrient like bread such as carbohydrate. Drink beer at night, is like taking supper, after that you go to sleep, this will give you beer belly. Unless you follow the rule of digesting that after your meal, sleep only after 3 hours.

#2. Maybe the yeast in the beer play a roll in beer belly, that our body enzyme not capable to handle.

#3. Most beer drinker are not health conscious people, their food diet maybe the one that give them the beer belly. The oily food intake with beer may cause more damage to your tummy.

There are tonnes of reason why beer belly happen, but only a few way to curb it. Since I have to write about beer belly, I have take up a challenge to reduce my beer belly. I give one month trial to see how much I reduce my beer belly. If it success I’ll let you guys know by next month. Cheers!

Theakston Old Peculier

July 29, 2021 – 12:15 am 1 Comment

Bought this UK ale during the search for LCD display with my girlfriend at Funan center, although the model of LCD that we want was out of stock, I came across this in the cold storage located at lower ground, think I saw the very same ale at Paragon’s Market Place, but now they are having a discount from S$9.85 to S$4.95 for this 500ml bottle over here, this is too good to be true, looked carefully at the bottle, ‘Best before: 31 AUG 08′, still have a month plus to go, well, what the hell I’m waiting for? Along with this, I also bought a Konig Ludwig, a Warsteiner and a Carlton Cold, but they are history now, cos my father finished’em without my notice, and what pissed me off the most is he told me that he mixed them up with the rest of Archipelago’s strait pale that my brother bought for him, how the !!!??? could this be ??? what the !!!???

Never mind, I will shop for more this month end, yeah… it’s pay day man…

Today is almost the same as any other days, work at Johor, but during the journey back, we made a stop over at the rest area along the highway and took our dinner in the KFC. Once reached home, can’t wait to take a bath and then parked my ass in front of the TV, felt thirsty in the middle, went to the fridge for some fruits, but I saw this surviving bottle lying next to my Harvey’s sherry and magarita’s mix, think I better finish it off before my father did and gave me some lame excuse, besides, who buy beers just to keep?

Opened the bottle, deep, dark chestnut brown colour, kind da reminds me of the sarsi soft drink due to the coarse bubble, let TV tried a bit, but she just took a sniff and told me that it smell like sarsi, can’t say that she is wrong, cos you will get this fresh (even though near expired date???), fruity, sweet caramel like note, it’s even sweeter when hitting your lips, then rich roasted malt flavour followed by roast coffee bean on the palate, the finish is burst with hops, full of depth and lengthy. By the way, it’s hoppy flavour is something I never tasted before, rounded, packed with strength that will knock you off the chair, did a check on the internet and found that it’s brewed using the “traditional Fuggle hop” , interesting… Overall, at 5.6% abv, it’s quite low in the alcohol punch, but surprisingly full-bodied (which everyone of them claims that they are, BUT not true most of the time) and full of dark roasted flavours. Hope there is still some more left at Funan. Recommend this to serious malt flavour fans, if you like Guinness but not it’s high ABV, you might wanna try this one.

Pardon for the poor picture quality, too lazy to use DSLR.

Franziskaner Weissbier

July 26, 2021 – 10:27 pm 5 Comments

Stan suppose to buy this in carrefour @ S$2 per bottle, he told me that somehow the cashier mistaken that the beer is having promotion of buy 1 get 1, and he ended up paying only S$6 for bottles of 6.

Some interesting wording on the back label, ‘Naturally cloudy Munich wheat malt brewed in full accordance with the Bavarian “Purity Law” of 1516′ and incase you are wondering about the upside down front label, no, this is not a defect bottle, because the rest 5 are the same as well.

Had a wonderful dinner at night, curry fish head, vegetable stew and poached chicken, felt thirtsy after the meal due to the extra hot chilli sauce I dipped with the poached chicken, lucky I have 2 chilled and ready in the fridge, took out one of them and drank straight from the bottle. Didn’t really pay much attention to the taste on the first gulp, but wow, it’s refreshing. Took a beer glass and poured the rest into it, cloudy, rusty light brown, rather lifeless colour, definately not a looker, may be a tiny little zesty hint on the nose, there aren’t any aroma on the palate except for some iron taste and some more of it in the super short finish, tiny little bit of pamelo too.  Overall, it’s light-bodied and smooth.

Well, for a just S$1 per bottle of weissbier, I would say that this is not bad at all, even for S$2 I am also fine with it, I ever tried some S$2+ beer from Holland and Belgium and they are not even close to this. However, I do notice some yeast settlement toward the end of the pouring and the metalic taste I get from the beer, don’t really like it.

I am ahhup

July 26, 2021 – 9:43 pm 3 Comments

I think I better have an introduction about myself before I start to post anything here.

Well, I was invited by Kennhyn to post review on beer over here, usually I post them on my multiply, for personal record to keep tracking on what I had drink. Can’t say that I love beers a lot (My real passion is Scotch single malt and RUM), but I do have the craving from time to time and living in Singapore is rather convenient to get them, from the famous and common importe or local beer to beers that you will have problem to pronounce their name or even beer from burma (yup, i had tried ‘em, not bad…)

I know kennhyn just picked up this hobby and was decided to help him and yeah, drool on dude, if the beer I post is not available in Malaysia.

What am I looking in the picture? Some good old Scotch of course !


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