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How to get drunk without drinking

June 30, 2021 – 5:46 pm Comments Off

So how, after watching do we have different perspective on drunk? So we can actually be drunk by thinking and visual about it. That is one scary thing. Imagine we are all being hypnotize, every time we see certain words we will be drunk and high. What I highlight here is not being drunk without drinking, is being fun in drinking. Getting together with friends and chill while chit-chat through a few pines of beer. Cheers!

We will be moving to BEERBEER.ORG

June 29, 2021 – 9:00 am Comments Off

This is to inform people that we will be moving to on the 1 July. Sure you will ask that why we choose .org and not .com or .net. There are 2 version, one is the truth and the other one is the bullshit.

I prefer the bullshit version, here it goes. We want to make beerbeer so big that it’s a organisation of the world. Beerbeer will conquer every pub in every corner of the world. It’s an organisation that beer drinker and beer lover will like to join. That’s why we choose .org. Why not because we are going international. Our first stop will be in Singapore. So hope we can write something fun for it.

On why we moved to the new site, because previously when we started it just to test out the wordpress software, as the more we write, the more we get into it, and viola, more and more people visit our site. During the peak we can reach up to 30, although is not a big crowd compare to Che Det that have 1 million visit in a month. We still got a long way to go.

Hopefully, we can provide you more interesting post and more new article will add in, like interviews, places and beer test will be added in slowly. This will make you have more reason to to visit us. So remember to log in to this 1 July. Cheers!!!

What is Root Beer?

June 27, 2021 – 9:48 am 4 Comments

In Malaysia, we often laugh at the muslim and said, the only beer they can drink is Root Beer. I write this post because in one of the forum, they actually write that Malaysian’s favourite beer is Root Beer. Is an insult to beer lover and beer drinker. So I went to wikipedia to find out more about this drink.

To my suprise, Root Beer is actually a beer. There is 2 type of root beer, one contains alcohol and the other doesn’t. Root Beer doesn’t have the high level of alcohol compare to the normal beer, only 0.4% of alcohol. If I’m not mistaken, this is even lower then Shandy? To be honest I love to drink Root Beer and the only place I drink is in A&W. Many didn’t notice, as in A&W they do serve Root Beer in Pine or Mug from the draught, and the Root Bear actually got a big beer belly.

So I guess, I’m wrong about this drink. It is true that Malaysia best beer is Root Beer. Hold on a minute here, what am I saying, Root Beer without alcohol is just a carbonated drink, is no more better then coke or sprite. So in this case Root Beer without alcohol is not a beer, and for that Malaysia favourite beer is still Carlsberg. For those who treat drinking Root Beer like beer, I’m so sorry. For the rest of beer drinker Cheers!


June 26, 2021 – 12:05 pm 1 Comment

Whatever the occasion, Chinese will always go yum sing. In english, it simply means cheers during a toast. In writing you will simply hear YUUUUUUUUUM(hold as long as possible) SING (to end it). You will hear groups of them shouting YUM SING to the top of their voices especially during weddings. Great CHEER. I once taught the aussies this cheer and we used it in my cousins wedding… we had a great response. It is just not as simple as hip-hip hooray – Yum sing is used so widely by Malaysians, it has become an addiction in all weddings. I have experienced many ways of giving a toast but YUM SING to Malaysians simply just covers everything.

However to our Indian friends, this word of course does not exist… they simply use the english word DOWN (which means finish it :) ). Nevertheless, even they join in the fun everytime the chinese have a toast. Yes, i have to agree that the Indians are great beer consumers in Malaysia.

This word has often been misused as some Christians uses BLESSING…. I think if you should do it, do it original and not substitute the word. This word is not a curse, or even a word which means let us get drunk, it is just simply cheers.

So to you all out there…. to good health – YUM SING –

Heineken thinking green…1963?

June 26, 2021 – 9:34 am 1 Comment

Curious what the topic is about. As I was searching what to post here, I go to design site to search nice bottle design. As the environment now is in total screw-up, I try to see any cool bottle that was created to cater for recycle purpose. To my surprise I found these.

Although it doesn’t really look appealing, but the purpose for this bottle is far more amazing. The bottle is called WOBO (world bottle). These Heineken beer bottles were created in 1963 by brewer Alfred Heineken and architect John Habraken specifically for re-use as bricks in Caribbean communities that lacked adequate building materials. Doesn’t that amazed you that this idea was created in 1963, more then 40 years ago. The idea come after Mr. Heineken’s visited to the Caribbean where he saw two problems: beaches littered with bottles and a lack of affordable building materials. Viola, there comes the WOBO bottle.

Today, the shed at the Heineken estate and a wall made of WOBO at the Heineken Museum in Amsterdam are the only structures where the WOBO bottle was used. The idea got heated a while with the production of about 100,000 of this bottle, but the company later scrap it. 

To be honest, I really like the idea. Maybe the new age designer can help design better bottle, not only beer bottle but any kind of bottle that can save environment. Let’s us all take up our beer, and give respect to this idea. YammmSeng!

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