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Beer & Cigarette

May 31, 2021 – 11:34 am 1 Comment

I notice most beer drinker smoke a lot more while they were drinking. A day a pack smoker will have over do it by smoking a pack in one night at the pub. One of my friend Alex told me that, when he drink beer, he will smoke a lot. How about for non-smoker like me?

Is cigarette and beer a good blend? Smoking inhibits your sense of smell and taste in a major way, and smoking (first- or second-hand) can damage your senses, sometimes permanently. So smoker basically has less taste of smell, can this be the bitter of the drink make them smoke more to lost out the bitterness and make a warm beer bearable? If that is the case, why drink beer? 

The true fact is this, beer and cigarette has been good friend for a long time, they are even under same category in tax – Sin tax (so sinful to intake this stuff). It is not because smoker tent to smoke more when they drink beer, they smoke more because in place like pub/bar make them feel like smoke more. 

How about those non-smoking bar in Singapore and Hong Kong? How do the smoker survive the addictive of cigarette? Maybe in those pub they should give out nicotine patch when smoker customer enters, so they don’t have the urge to smoke when drinking….haha

Here In My Home – Malaysian Artistes For Unity

May 30, 2021 – 4:58 pm Comments Off

The unity music video for Malaysia. What is it going to do with beer….ermmmm…not really just supporting a cost of unity for Malaysia! Let be united! YammmmmmmmSeng!!

What beer the rich people drink?

May 30, 2021 – 11:39 am Comments Off

The Malaysia Rich List appears in the June 2 issue of Forbes Asia. 

The top 10 richest in Malaysia are: 

   1. Robert Kuok, US$10 billion.
   2. Ananda Krishnan, US$7.2 billion.
   3. Lee Shin Cheng, US$5.5 billion.
   4. Teh Hong Piow, US$3.5 billion.
   5. Lee Kim Hua & family, US$3.4 billion.
   6. Quek Leng Chan, US$2.4 billion.
   7. Yeoh Tiong Lay & family, US$2.1 billion.
   8. Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, US$1.8 billion.
   9. Vincent Tan, US$1.3 billion.
   10. Tiong Hiew King, US$1.1 billion.

My cousin email this list of richest people in Malaysia, The above is the top ten list. It suddenly make me wonder, what beer they drink, or they are too old for beer as health play a roll, or maybe they are so rich, they don’t drink beer anymore. Wine, Champagne will always be the choice of rich and famous. Will there be expensive beer for celebration. 

People will pop Champage for celebration, but seldom see people pop beer. Even F1 driver or MotoGP will pop champagne. So to my curious what this richest Malaysian drink accept Number 8.Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, I wonder what the rest like to drink?

But on the other hand, I do know what millionaire drinks, as this German club celebrate with beer, as most of the football player or soccer player (the american will called) are millionaire themselves. But for German is a bit different story, as they drink a lot of beer, they even have a month dedicate to just drinking beer….OctoberFest…haha!!!

If you got any picture of the rich people on the list that drink beer accept for number 8.(which I will get in trouble for posting it), please send it to me, and I’ll post it. I don’t really know, or maybe I know them, they just don’t really know me. Till then.

Beer Drinker & Beer Lover

May 29, 2021 – 8:30 am Comments Off

To start with, there are beer drinker and non-beer drinker. For beer drinker category it split to 2 type, the drinker type and the beer lover type. Let me explain this, how do you category drinker type and beer lover type. I start of as beer drinker, most beer drinkers are in this category, they never advance to the next stage that is beer lover.

Beer Drinker:

  • drink almost any type of beer, as long is beer
  • drink to get the numb high feeling
  • social drinker
  • can consume a lot of beer

Beer Lover

  • choose their beer, appreciate the taste
  • find the right place to drink
  • taste different beer to find the right taste
  • always look out for new beer to try

This is are some of the different between the both. Not all beer drinker appreciate the drink as it is, some don’t even know beer got a nice after taste. Most beer drinker just gallop in their beer without knowing to enjoy the smoothness or the after taste of the beer. If on normal extent can beer is sure not under the category of good beer, as the bitterness is too heavy, no after taste and not much organic stuff can be found inside. Some people have it just to get high, like a can or two before disco to pump it up.

But for beer lover, to enjoy a nice chill beer is important, ambient do play a roll on pubs, not too noisy music. Food and beer also go along quite well. Certain beer go with certain food can hip up the taste, just like wine and food. Of course I encourage beer drinking more then hard liquor, as beer won’t make you hang over as bad as hard liquor. For those beer drinker out there, enjoy your beer, be a beer lover and know what you are drinking. If you find any interesting beer, do let me know, cheers!

Beer should sponsor badminton

May 27, 2021 – 4:09 pm Comments Off

In Malaysia, badminton is one of the favourite sport, with Thomas Cup just ended, I have to said this sport is getting more and more exciting with the 21 point systems, anything can happen, and the game is fast. Fake shot, drop shot, smash, net play….all are getting more tricky. If you see the doubles played, even more exciting, even my 72 years old Aunt will shout non-stop.

Beer involvement in sport are mostly major sport like tennis or football (soccer). A lot of people drink beer during this sport, on the funny side, alcohol beverage are always consider not healthy, with sponsor from beer company the sport seem more classy then usual. 

Beer sponsor can be seen in EPL, Carling cup, even Heineken is the co-sponsor for UEFA. So for badminton player to earn big money, they must have big sponsor. They can’t always be this low in sport, so I suggest beer sponsor to come in help them in prize money, at the same time beer drinker will drink beer while watching this exciting and fast pace game.

Above u can see the prize money different, US16,000 compare to a tennis player….96,000 pound that is freaking crazy. Is more then ten times the prize money different. The badminton player may not be as stylish as tennis player, but they do train as hard as the tennis player. They do get injured and most of their career end by 30 years old, that is not fair.

So I propose that badminton be sponsor by Beer company, and so many uncle out there, including me, will watch this sport with a beer in hand…..CHEERS, better change to YammmmmSeng!!! haha

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