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Where’s The Party? Is Back!

May 9, 2021 – 4:52 pm Comments Off

Sssshh…….it’s a secret! Premised on the unknown, Carlsberg’s ‘Where’s The Party?’ (WTP) is not for the faint hearted, tired-after-one-hour, wallflower or need-my-sleep type. It is for those who are bold enough to take on a party of epic proportions because they know no other occasion can hold a candle to a Carlsberg WTP.

In 2012, WTP III saw 1,200 revellers from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore being kept in the dark until the big reveal on which state the party was being held came merely days before. Still clueless on the venue and every other aspect, yet completely hyped about the endless possibilities that the unknown holds, people committed to WTP III and Carlsberg delivered on its promise of making it an epic experience.

First there was the venue renowned for rocking the night away, the Penang Hard Rock Hotel. But not satisfied with an indoor bash, Carlsberg played host at a beachfront extravaganza that was the party ground for the brand’s first ever 3-nation WTP. The music was wicked, with a series of internationally acclaimed acts and local powerhouses taking the stage including Mad August, Rubberband, Love Cubic, Kelis, as well as DJs Norman Doray, Mayumi and Nikki, just to name a few.  To top it all off, ice cold Carlsberg flowed. Who could ask for more?

Well, WTP is back and it holds the promise of being epic-er.  The fourth installation of one of Asia’s most unique and raved about parties this time around is set to take off on July 6 in Malaysia. Carlsberg’s lips are sealed on all the rest.

Loyal Carlsberg fans and those who want to be a part of the “It” group who make it onto the WTP IV list of guests, now need to pay close attention. The same rules apply which means WTP IV will remain a mystery in all manner of speaking, asides from the date of course. One should mark July 6 in your diary if you’re serious about partying with Carlsberg.

If the entertainment was wicked last year, it’s expected to be other-worldly this time around with stars from the local and global party stage congregating under one roof. And if you’re in, so are three of your nearest and dearest.

Keep your ear to the ground or you can go to or for more information. Till then, here’s a glimpse into what happened at the last WTP. And remember, what happens at WTP, stays at WTP!

Royal Rye Wine Tasting!

May 8, 2021 – 1:33 pm Comments Off

Many months ago I wrote to Carlsberg Malaysia to see they able to bring me a collaboration between 3 breweries beer from Jacobsen,Baltika and Mikkeller. Since Jacobsen is part of Carlsberg so I was trying my luck to see would they able to bring in this beer for me to try. Just after Chinese New Year (CNY), Carlsberg emailed me back that the beer I requested has arrived and the MD would love to do a tasting with us. I was glad and happy when I received the news.

The beer I requested from Carlsberg Malaysia is Royal Rye Wine. A beer that was brewed in honour of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s visit to St. Petersburg. I was just trying my luck when writing in to Carlsberg but was really happy they bought in 3 bottles. Not too sure why the beer don’t have label on it, from the internet research the beer is no more in bottle form and only available in draught at Copenhagen. So I believe this 3 bottles may be direct from the fermentors.

To crack open this bottle is not easy, the cork is so tight, shaking and twisting it doesn’t seem to work. In the end we have to used the cork screw to pull the cork out. May look like a champagne cork but the thing don’t pop out that easy.

Can smell the rich aroma, the pouring of the beer is smooth and highly carbonated. The aroma of the beer is very malty with nice spices linger with sweetness. The colour of the beer is dark reddish brown with light caramel colour head.

The entry of the beer remind me a lot of belgian Trappist beer. A start with spices with candy sweetness of dark fruit. A complex middle of flavour and smooth easy drinking body. From the internet, the beer stand at 9.5% abv.

I only taste rye bread twice in my life, can’t really judge the rye flavour there. With the sweetness and bitter end I can easily paired with meat with sauce, mushroom may bring out further the flavours. This beer is something different compare to most I tried. Although it have plenty of belgian trappist DNA in it, at the same time is different from the overall character. If only I can age this bottle for few years, then this beer will be even more unique and complex in taste and flavour, hopefully. Cheers!

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