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Victory Brewing Is Now Available @ Ales & Lagers

March 14, 2021 – 10:40 am Comments Off

First time in Malaysia, Victory Brewing is now available in Malaysia. Got 3 different type to choose from.

Victory Prima Pils (ABV 5.3%)
Victory Headwater Pale Ale (ABV 5%)
Victory Golden Monkey (ABV 9.5%)

Stout And Porter Tasting

March 13, 2021 – 2:26 pm Comments Off

Few days back I did a tasting on stout and porter. Although both of this are kind of similar but each brewery produce different kind of character. Some are heavier in roasted taste, some chocolate, some bitter and many more different character.

We have 4 different stouts and porters, beside Guinness the rest I doubt you can’t get it easily in pubs. We had Guinness Draught, Fuller’s London Porter, Yoho Brewing Tokyo Black and Magic Hat Heart Of Darkness.

Guinness Draught
Beside creamy, I really have nothing much to say about this beer. I know Guinness Draught lover will hate me for writing this, as I know many Malaysian will die for their Guinness as the brand is very strong in branding. Light malty taste with light flavour. Have some roasted taste but nothing delight on the palate. Is Guinness Draught a stout or different category?

Fuller’s London Porter
This one have a roasted smell, can taste the roasted smell with hint of chocolate. The body is light and not much character there. Have a light roasted bitter at the end. Would pair nicely with light dessert.

Yoho Breweing Tokyo Black
The body of this beer is light and clean but have lot’s of character of dark malt with nice light roasted malt aroma. The entry and finishing is quite delightful. Pair nicely with dessert.

Magic Hat Heart Of Darkness
This beer is pungent among the 4 we tasted, even have some hoppy bitter at the end. Have a strong entry but don’t stick too long at the end. Just roasted bitter with slight sourness to it. Prefer to pair this beer with savoury then dessert. It brings out a lot of flavour from the pepper biscuit we paired with.

Sometimes the most tasteless one are the one consumer preferred. But of course when come to proper tasting and drinking the character of the beer is more important. Each of these beers have it’s strong note. Is still pretty much up to individual. I would go for Magic Hat Heart Of Darkness for the nice pungent flavour but prefer the end of Tokyo Black which is pleasant and the roasted of Fuller’s London Pride with the body of Guinness.

On this tasting, I wonder if we can mix them all up… haha, Cheers!

Magic Hat Has Arrived At Ales & Lagers

March 10, 2021 – 10:41 am Comments Off

White Chocolate Pilsner -Bacchus Brewing

March 9, 2021 – 1:34 pm 1 Comment

Another Great Growler review! This Growler fill comes from the Prince of Wales Hotel Bottlelo in Merewether Newcastle Australia. An awesome unique brew to review a White Chocolate Pilsner!



This brew hails from the Bacchus brewery up in Brisbane Queensland Australia which is situated at the Homebrew shop where I got my Basic Keg set up from. Great bunch of blokes to deal with if you are into home brewing by the way.

Anyways on to the brew review!

Pours a wonderful bright golden hue with a fluffy white bubbly head which hangs around for a while. On the nose a big vanilla essence aroma along with some noble hop spice.

Had this one nice ‘an cold goes down smooth as with a quite vanilla bean ice cream/custard flavor on the front then towards the end the slight but present bitter bite that is expected from a decent pils.

Quite refreshing and abit sweet but with that bitter finish this is a awesome example of experimental brewing at its best. Not overdone at all. The grains used and hops work well with the white choc.

For a food match this one is quite hard perhaps Mexican food would work with this one. Tangy Salsa and soft tacos come to mind when having a slightly sweet pils at hand.

I used to like white chocolate quite alot when I was younger (Herseys cookies and cream bars hmmm) and now I have found the PROPER beer equivalent and its does it’s job well.



Gordon Biersch Has Arrived At Ales & Lagers

March 8, 2021 – 11:47 pm Comments Off

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