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Last Month Top Ten Search

December 6, 2020 – 10:21 am Comments Off top ten search in November really make me chuckle.

No.2 is Diwali/Deepavali, that make sense. No.3, 7 and 9 make sense as well, but weird how come still got people don’t go directly to the website and still used google to search for it?

No.4 Barfly @ Solaris Dutamas rank quite up there, bargain beer does create a lot of awareness in this market.

No.5 is Tiger Beer, wow surprisingly high up there. Maybe is time they put some advertisement in my blog to let me earn some money from it.

No.6 Women Breast? How the hell women breast when to top 10 on our search? Maybe I have some nude picture hidden some where there… haha

No.10 Hoegaarden, this is the beer that change a lot of non beer drinkers to drink beer. still stay strong. Very good.

That sums up the Beerbeer Top 10 search in Nov 2012… haha

What Happen To Overtime?

December 5, 2020 – 10:38 am 3 Comments

What happen to Overtime? It was just like Yesterday the place mushroom like no one business, more then 20 outlet across state and nation… but suddenly everything gone down hill and just died off…

Different Beer For Bars?

December 4, 2020 – 9:47 am 1 Comment

I have been writing about this issue for quite some time, yet I don’t think I found a solution for solve the bars problem. Owning a shop I notice that it is difficult to sell beers that are not famous or heavily advertise. As consumer are not ready to spend such a big amount on something they are not sure off.

Shops that sell craft beers need a knowledgeable beer guy to be there to explain to people what beer they drinking and what beer they will like according to their food and palate. This is something not so easy especially in pubs which run mostly by foreign workers.

End of the days, pub owners will just go for an easy option by going for the big breweries which basically capitalise the whole market. Although many pubs have good variants of beer, not many willing to explore out of their comfort zone and try something that are pricy.

Price make it even more difficult to sell the imported beer that unheard of by the consumer. Introducing new beer to the market is hundred times more difficult when the price is expensive.

To be honest, I sometimes think that consumer don’t really like to drink beer. They just like to be seen in this cool places to hang around. As a proper beer lover would have at least explore some other type of beers to advance their choices. Just like a person that like to try different food, he would keep exploring to find different places that offer better food then stick to something he like while still keep exploring.

Sad to say so, the beer logic for Malaysia is not to find the best beer in town but to find the best bargain in town. Which make sense as beer prices are ridiculously expensive. Now I myself selling craft beers and I can see how burden it is for the middle income group to drink craft beers, as most just can’t effort to spend that money on beers that they don’t know off.

Sadly, this is the case. In this few years, craft beer pub will grow in Malaysia but many will fail as well. As the craft beer places don’t have expert to guide the consumer on their palate. To find a beer sommelier is very tough in city like Malaysia.

In reality, good beer is only for those that have privileges. I find it sad that not all people able to drink good beer or willing to try. Most are just so narrow minded and shut off the ability to even explore further. As 2012 is on it’s end. Is another sad year for the beer scene, as I didn’t see any place that excite me since Taps Beer Bar @ Jalan Nagasari.

As a beer lover/drunk myself, nothing new in pub scene in terms of selection. Is either bar on Carlsberg taps or bar on Tiger taps. Is our consumer in Malaysia really that dull?

Mikkeller It’s Alive

December 3, 2020 – 10:34 am Comments Off

When the beer poured out?
Have a nice pleasant aroma of light sweet malt.

How’s the taste?
The entry have this kind of taste that remind me of the chinese cough mixture. Body is not that thick, have a wine like smoothness to it. It end with some light grape flavour. As the warm get warm up a bit, can taste cranberries syrup with the like of bubble gum. As you drink a long the beer give a tart warm on your throat. A bit of citrusy at the end, at 8% abv the beer is well balanced.

What’s the colour of the beer?
Pale yellowish brown.

Where to drink?
Drank it at Taps Beer Bar @ Jalan Nagasari.

My Opinion:
This beer live up to it’s name. Is kinda alive. I don’t like the beer when is too cold, as the beer warm up different stages of taste and aroma start to reveal stage by stage. It’s something I didn’t expect. I would have kept this beer in the bottle and see how the beer mature further in few years time. Overall this beer is a love and hate thing. I love how the beer reveal itself. Taste wise, I still think it can slowly mature for few months to balanced up the flavour. Have a try and let me know what you thought of it. Cheers!


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