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Happy Deepavali

November 12, 2020 – 2:53 pm Comments Off

Full Moon Phuket Lager

November 12, 2020 – 9:11 am Comments Off

Saw the big word brewpub in Jungceylon, Patong. The next day, hop in quite early for the locals, or even the farang to start drinking. I think this is first microbrewery i hit in the land of smile.

Back to their offering on tap, they have Phuket Lager, Dark Ale, and Oriental Wheat. On this unfortunate day, I’m only able to taste their lager and ale, not their wheat beer. They provide tasting glass too, the amount is more generous than the microbrewery in India though.

First had Full Moon Phuket Lager. Their own Phuket style lager. The appearance of this beer appear to be pale gold color. Good nice white head stay for quite a while.

Nose wise not much to smell, a little malty. Mouthfeel is light body, malty aroma, hop bitterness is almost non existent, little flowery sweetness. Carbonation is light medium, quite refreshing, in this freaking hot weather. This Phuket Lager is made from the blend of Australian pale malt and Thai Gaba rice from King’s Royal Project.

After taste is malty, little dry in the end, hop bitter a little lingering. A light beer i deem. Quite a refreshing start from the commercial Chang, Singha and Leo.

Next will check out Dark Ale.

So There’s The Party…

November 8, 2020 – 11:02 am Comments Off

By now many have known where is the location of this epic party. But I don’t thing I need to reveal here as it’s not fair for the organiser, as it is more fun to find out as a surprise then a the knowledge. If you still haven’t got your invite, I think is too late but if you already got your invite, this will be one of the memorable event that you ever been. Free beer, free stay, free food, free party, free transport and of course free holiday. What can you ask for more? So have an awesome fun for those that are going!

On The Fourth Year…

November 7, 2020 – 9:22 am 1 Comment

Every year we at Beerbeer have some achievement to showcase or did something we never had a chance to do before this. On the third year many things seems very monotone. Even this year celebrating Beerbeer 4th anniversary didn’t have that satisfaction of achievement. That where I realise that I haven’t do the Beer Shop that I have dreamt for quite a while.

After Singapore Beerfest Asia 2012 and visited Brewers’ Craft, the passion of opening a beer shop became more realistic. The fire in me start to ignite again. I told everyone about my next venture, more on personal rather then putting Beerbeer online. By now you guys should know beside me “Kennhyn”, there are still many writers for Mostly hidden from the side.

The first idea is to open at hawker centre so that I can sell the beer while customer can order and enjoy local food with beer. After searching, I was determine to setup at Asia Cafe in SS15 as there got young and working demographic, which suitable to promote craft beers. After talking to the owner to rent the place, they don’t allow other stall sell beers, as they control the beverage and they only allow to sell GAB product. I did emailed to GAB MD about it, but it won’t help as well.

So, again I back to the root and search for other places. Then saw one little small place with big area at Chef & Brew @ Damansara Heights. Asking my real estate friend to help me source it out. After few weeks, the news came back negative and back to square one again. I was still pondering to open a retail or cafe or retail cafe type.

Then in August, while I was reviewing on BarFly and told them my Beer Shop retail plan, they told me there is a quarter shop vacant up there. Is within my budget and can work on it. September we seal the deal, of course in between have some planning changes. A lot of changes actually, but on the good side.

During the period is excited and scared all in one bowl of feeling. Day and night just thinking about the beer shop. Of course the name Ales & Lagers already chosen before hand in June. As I’m trying to propose to few places to show my idea and get a good rental on places. End up I have a good deal to tryout for 3 months without much commitment.

Ales & Lagers is born on 1 October 2012, with a counting number of 92. As I have 3 months to try out the business. the numbering countdown was decided just 4 days before the opening day after a drinking section with some buddy of the industry. At first is the 3 months project but 92 days and counting is more interesting. Raise quite a bit of curiousity to first timer to the shop and even shop nearby asking what’s the number all about.

I was quite blessed with so many friends from the industry that help me out to make Ales & Lagers a reality, friends that help me move, setup, fixed, advice and encouragement, suppliers that willing to borrow, listen and even shared advice. Is really happy so many people lend me hand and give me the spirit to make this work. On the fourth year of Beerbeer, I manage to setup Beer Shop. Thank you for helping.

Brewdog Punk IPA

November 6, 2020 – 8:31 am Comments Off

This is american style IPA with 5.6ABV brewed by Brewdog. Appearance of this beer amber gold with quite frothy white head.

The smell of this IPA has quite strong hop aromas, citrusy tangerine kind of fruit aromas, malty, the aromas is pleasant.

A deep sip, notice a malty, the floral and fruity of the aromas in the flavor, the hop bitter hit in but not too strong, just nicely blend in with the citrusy palate.

Mouthfeel was crisp, moderate carbonation, dry end, hop bitter is fairly nice, light body, quite enjoyable drink in a hot day, probably with a cracker with dried spicy shrimp. Tried this IPA at Ales & Lagers.

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