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Roti Babi My Style

November 25, 2020 – 9:05 am 2 Comments

Few weeks back, a friend give me a sandwich maker. So I decided to try it out by doing Roti Babi (Pork Sandwich). I taste a few types of Roti Babi, so I just decide to infuse something I like. Back by popular demand to post up the recipe, I decided to put it up in Beerbeer.

The ingredients you need:
• minced pork (200g-300g)
• White onion (3-4)
• carrot (1 reasonable size)
• garlic
• shitakei mushroom (4 big ones)
• bacon (around 300g)
• bread (make sure it fit your sandwich maker)

#1. Prepare the caramelise onion
Slice up the onions and put in the pan on low heat. Slowly sweat the onion, put the lid up and let the steam sweat out the onions. When the onion is soft, add in some salt and sugar according to taste. Stir the onion once a while, add some water if the pan is too dry. Gently fried till the onion is brown and soft.

You can watch the video above to see the process. I also learn from there.

#2. Prepare the pork filling
Firstly dice up all the garlic and mushroom, then shred the carrot to fine small piece. Throw in all the garlic, mushroom and carrot into the pan and let the ingredient soften up. Stir fry it and let it sweat. After that add soy sauce and worthshire sauce to add some flavour. Throw in the minced pork inside and start to mix it all in. I add in more soy sauce, salt, black pepper and some honey to give it more taste. You can add chili powder to spice it up as well. Fried till the filling is lightly dried.

#3. Assemble the filling.
First put the bread on the sandwich maker. If you like your bread to be oily, you can spread the butter both side. You can also dip it with egg to give the aroma. Then top up with the pork filling.

After that layer it with a piece of bacon. Make sure the filling and bacon do not when over the center line.

If you want to put fried bacon or replace with chinese sausage is up to your own individual taste.

Then top it up with caramelise onion. Drip a few drops of worthshire sauce and add some black paper.

Toast the bread according to your liking. If you prefer to have it a bit char then just leave it on a bit longer.

This is a flexible style, you can add or minus things that you don’t like. I prefer to layer the filling so I can have a mouthful of everything each bite. Non fried bacon will give more moist inside while the fried bacon will give the crunchy bite.

You can also replace the caramelise onions with fried shallots as well. Add in mayo or cheese if you want. To be more healthy you can also throw in some oats in the pork filling during stir fry. One more important point, don’t be greedy and put too much filling. Just stack up nicely will do.

The total cost for Roti Babi come out about RM20-30 which can easy feed 8-10 people. Have fun cooking.

Malaysia Artist In Action

October 15, 2020 – 9:56 am Comments Off

I was streaming online and saw this reality TV show – Work of Art. So since the the 2nd season episode 1, I have a look and see maybe it’s will be an interesting show.

Out of no where, they introduce one of the artist from Malaysia. His name Leon Lim from Kedah. Suddenly the show become interesting to me, as I want to know how a Malaysian artist end up in the USA reality show. You can read his biography here or search him up in Wiki.

Born in Kedah, Malaysia, Leon has been profoundly and proudly deaf since birth.

Since this is the first episode, he didn’t have much air time on it. But his work is not bad at all. Below are some of his works I saw from Internet.

Maybe the beer industry player can sponsored him on an art exhibition or design a limited edition bottle or can for collection. It will be interesting. Of course, with him inside the show his price will be different now. One thing for sure, I’ll root for him in the show. Is nothing more interesting to see fellow Malaysian in an US based reality show. Cheers to Leon Lim.

Bye Bye Steve Job… RIP (1955-2011)

October 6, 2020 – 8:57 am Comments Off

Just come after a day of announcement of the new iPhone 4s, Steve Job passed away after fighting with health issues. But never the less, he is a great man that inspired many great young generations. He do inspire me as well, maybe not in beer but more on creative and looking at the future. He have inspired me with Apple product for more then a decade… till today still are a big mac fan. Don’t forget Pixar as well, that changes the animation scene.

His presentation are consider one of the best, which capture attention and make wave for many others to follow. His creative in the industry have make many ground breaking style which we all enjoy today. A genius in his own time.

Steve Job, if only you were in the beer industry.

I will all give a toast to the success and creative that he give to us Cheers!

Iphone 4s Rock With Siri

October 5, 2020 – 11:16 am Comments Off

If you haven’t know, iphone 4s revealed today with many new spec and functions running with the new iOS 5. My favourite function is Siri, a voice recognition software that make your life easy. Look at the demo above.

Now you thinking, what is it going to do with beer? Hope someone can put more info in Google Map or something, now you can hunt for your beer more easily. Maybe Beerbeer should work with pubs and supplier to provide the beer list on every pub, so when you said “Find Weihenstephan in nearby pub” the map will pop up to show you the nearest outlet that serve it.

Things That Is Salah: Cigarette Butt In Urinal

September 8, 2020 – 9:25 am 3 Comments

I hate seeing cigarette butt in the urinal. We are in the pub and there’s many ashtray out there for you to die off your cigarette. The only solution for pub owners is maybe put ashtray in the toilets.

Smoker sometimes are just pure lazy, throwing cigarette butt anywhere for convenient sake. Come on smoker be more considerate. Still wish one day all pub are smoke free in Malaysia, then won’t see this kind of cigarette littering.

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