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St. Patrick’s Party Guide by Guinness

March 16, 2021 – 10:47 am No Comments

The best time of the year is up us! This March, be prepared for an abundance of fun and laughter as the fun people from GUINNESS® put back the laughter into your lives. GUINNESS® has planned out a whole month of St Patrick’s fun filled with good friends, good food and of course, pints of GUINNESS® the official black brew for St Patrick’s worldwide.

Rooted in Irish tradition but celebrated worldwide, the St. Patrick’s Day festivity has grown to become of the biggest global celebrations and is celebrated in more than 30 cities in the United States, across Europe, all the way to the Far East, and of course in Malaysia. The month-long celebration will hit it climax on the 17th of March 2012 when Changkat Bukit Bintang comes to a standstill for the largest St Patrick’s celebrations in ASIA.

The good cheer of St Patrick’s will be spread all over the country as GUINNESS® holds 178 parties across the country in the Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bharu, Melaka, Ipoh, Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Miri. In total, over 2,000 GUINNESS® pubs and entertainment outlets nationwide will be participating in the grand celebrations and there will be limited edition shot glasses and t-shirt to be collected with every purchase of four (4) glasses of GUINNESS® Draught or a bucket of Foreign Extra Stout.

With so much fun taking place in the month of March, one need to plan ahead and be fully equipped to ensure that nothing is left to chance and that you will have the best time of the year with your mates. Here are some simple tips on how you can make your month truly epic.

1. Wear something green:
Green is the official colour of the St Patrick’s celebrations. On Saint Patrick’s Day there is nothing more appropriate than “the wearing of the green” – which is the colour of the shamrock, a symbol of good luck. But wait! After you put on that green suit with the matching shorts, touch it up with a green wig, some oversize green spectacles and grab your GUINNESS® St Paddy’s hat from the nearest GUINNESS® brand ambassador.

2. Connect, connect, connect:
Make sure that your mobile/iPad/tablet/walkie-talkie is fully charged and in good working order. Apart from keeping in touch, you can use it to upload photos to Facebook on the spot, or follow GUINNESS® Malaysia on twitter for the latest GUINNESS® St. Patrick’s promotions. Why not foursquare your locations so that your friends can join you, or even better, unlock the Swarm Badge?

3. Go on, take a picture:
Whether you use a phonecam, digicam, or DSLR, the GUINNESS® St. Patrick’s parties are perfect opportunity for you to snap away, or even record the exciting events unfolding around you. Share them later on our Facebook fanpage ( and make the one of you as profile picture. Is the battery fully charged? Do you need to bring along additional memory stick or card for the HD recording? But if you do not have a camera of your own, flag down our friendly GUINNESS® girls and get your polaroids with your buddies!

4. Rendezvous point:
On the 17th of March, Changkat Bukit Bintang will be packed with the GUINNESS® St. Patrick’s Festival crowd. Add a street parade, street performers, Irish dancers and the Comedy Club KL tent and you will have one really crowded street! It is important to preset a meeting point with your friends prior.  For safety purposes: Pick a familiar, safe and well-lit spot.

5. St. Patrick’s Day Trivia:
Make sure you read up on all things St Patrick’s and GUINNESS® and make your friends green with envy with your superior trivia knowledge. Put this knowledge to good use and get ready to win exciting prizes at any of the GUINNESS® St. Patrick’s parties happening nationwide.

6. Meet the man behind the brew:
GUINNESS® has a rich history of over 250 years. Learn about the legacy of the world’s most iconic black brew at the Arthur’s Lounge. See how GUINNESS® has grown over the years and while you are at it, try your hand at pouring a perfect pint of GUINNESS®. Complete the experience by having that GUINNESS® in a pint that is unique to you. Grab the chance to get your very own GUINNESS® pint glass complete with your name proudly displayed on the glass! Show them off to your mates and have them hopping mad for having missed out!

7. Have a GUINNESS® at hand:
GUINNESS® is the official black beer for the St Patrick’s celebration around the world. Over decades, more GUINNESS® has been served on St. Patrick’s Day than any other day of the year – more than 13 million pints across the globe! Make sure that the drink in your hand is the world’s favourite black brew for a truly authentic St Patrick’s.

8. Have a laugh:
Visit the Comedy Club KL tent at the centre of Changkat Bukit Bintang for some serious belly-aching. Follow the trail of our hilarious comedy tours as some of Malaysia’s funniest people hold court on the 16th & 17th of March. Make his 1st ever appearance is Papa CJ, one of the top comics from the region.

9. Maximize you pleasure:
With so many parties going on in March, planning your St Patrick’s journey is essential to a truly epic month-long celebration. In case you haven’t memorized all the venues yet, here is a list GUINNESS® St Patrick’s parties to go to:-

Klang Valley
Bulldog, Sri Hartamas – 16th March 2012
Changkat Bukit Bintang Street Party – 16th-17th March 2012
The Social, Bangsar – 22nd March 2012
Backyard Pub – 29th March 2012

La Primeur – 23rd March 2012
Wall Street Restaurant & Bar – 23rd March 2012
After Five Bistro – 23rd March 2012
Steak House – 23rd March 2012

Barroom – 24th March 2012
Houz Café – 24th March 2012
Jiu Bar – 24th March 2012
Lavish Pub – 24th March 2012
Barbeza – 24th March 2012
Eleven Beer Factory – 24th March 2012
Seven Chill Out – 24th March 2012
Baliz – 24th March 2012

Exodus – 31st March 2012
Eleven Bistro – 31st March 2012
Ringo Classic – 31st March 2012
Libar Restaurant & Cooking House – 31st March 2012

Hongkod Café – 16th March 2012
J&R – 16th March 2012
Sullys Bar – 16th March 2012
Shamrock Irish Bar – 17th March 2012
Cock & Bull Bistro – 17th March 2012
The Loft – 17th March 2012
Hito Restaurant & Bar – 17th March 2012
Bar Tzar Bistro & Bar – 17th March 2012
Novus Karaoke – 17th March 2012

Grand Margherita Hotel – 24th March 2012
Riverside Majestic Hotel – 24th March 2012
Hilton Hotel – 24th March 2012
Cherrie Berrie – 31st March 2012
Al Fresco Sidewalk Café & Bistro – 31st March 2012
Ming Café – 31st March 2012
Soho Irish Bar – 31st March 2012
World Cup Station Café & Bar – 31st March 2012

Now that you have all these essential information in your head, you are ready to party your March away. May you have the best Saint Patrick’s Day celebration that you have ever had, ol, ceol agus craic!

Guinness St Patrick Day Celebrations Dates & Places For 2012!

March 14, 2021 – 2:14 pm No Comments

Here are the coming schedule of Guinness St Patrick’s Day events

15 March 2012
• Delaney’s, Bukit Bintang
• SOULed OUT, Sri Hartamas

16 March 2012
• Bulldog, Sri Hartamas
• Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

17 March 2012
• Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

22 March 2021
• The Social, Bangsar
• SOULed OUT, Sri Hartamas

23 March 2012
• Mount Austin, Johor Bharu

24 March 2012
• Ipoh Garden East, Ipoh

29 March 2012
• SOULed OUT, Sri Hartamas
• Backyard, Sri Hartamas

31 March 2012
• Jonker Street, Melaka

Taps St Pat’s Day Beer Promo!

March 13, 2021 – 3:50 pm No Comments

Taps Beer Bar Saint Patrick’s Day Promotion
From Now till 17 March 2021
only RM89++ for 4 bottles of this beer
• There Is No Santa – BrewDog (330ml)
• London Stout – Meantiome (500ml)
• Dragonhead – Orkney (500ml)
• St Petersburg – Thornbridge (500ml)

For more information, go to Taps Beer Bar Facebook page.

Sid’s Pub @ Plaza Damansara St Patrick’s Day Celebration!

March 9, 2021 – 2:51 pm No Comments

Sid’s Pubs 2012 St. Patrick’s Day Celebration will be held this Saturday, 10th March, at our Plaza Damansara outlet. The fun & festivities will start at 12.00noon with free flow Guinness draught until 1.00pm followed by Guinness “Perfect Pints” (13oz plastic cups) at RM5.00 until 7.00pm (or until you drink us dry…..).

The party will be a “Marque” party outside the pub in a massive 30′ by 100′ tent.

There’ll be a guest Emcee plus fun & activities throughout the afternoon.

So pull out something green and head on down to Sid’s Pub @ Plaza Damansara this Saturday from 12.00noon and help us make this year’s St. Patrick’s Day the “Friendliest Day of the Year”. PLease feel free to forward this on to your friends.

There’ll also be some food & soft drinks.

Please remember that the Party Prices apply to drinks that are bought in the tent and must be consumed in the tent – NOT IN THE PUB!

Cheers & Slainte

Tiger Asian Music Festival Roars this April 14th!

March 9, 2021 – 9:51 am No Comments

Asian music fans, get ready to soak in the ultimate urban street themed music celebration, as the Tiger Asian Music Festival (Tiger AMF) 2012 is set to bring the house down on this coming April 14th at Sunway Surf Beach. Returned edgier than ever, Tiger AMF 2012 will bring only the most progressive and urban sounds of Asia for a one night only mind-blowing music festival.

Straight from the street to the beach, urban music lovers can expect a night filled with electrifying and high-octane collaborative performances by some of Asia’s most talented artists, while immersing themselves in the unique street themed festivities brought alive by Tiger.

Blasting off from 6.30pm until 12 midnight, the incredible artists lineup of the night include Paul Wong and Ka Keung (Beyond) as well as LMF from Hong Kong. Coming on board are Taiwan’s unparalleled outfits namely Jam Hsiao, A-Lin, A-Yue, and MC Hotdog, and not forgetting our very own notable home-grown act, ManHand.

True to brand’s “Here’s to Tiger Time” winning moments, Tiger AMF 2012 will see these truthful, progressive and inspirational urban artists coming together and put up an unforgettable collaborative performance together.

“Tiger, a distinctively edgy brand understands that music is a universally accepted language that unites the people together. As a brand synonymous to delivering exceptional consumer experiential activities, Tiger is looking forward to rewarding our fans with exclusive invites to this year’s Tiger Asian Music Festival, There has never been a better chance for urban music lovers to get together and join us at this festival, whilst raising a drink to Tiger Time” said Sean Koh, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer.

For the first time ever, Asian music fans will get to obtain exclusive invites to the event through Tiger’s online contests & promotions at pubs & bistros. Early awareness on Tiger Beer Malaysia Facebook page ( even recorded more than 2,000 digital invites being given away on the first day of release! To win an invite for yourself, just log on to and complete the registration!

The winning mindset embraced by Tiger drinkers today places a strong emphasis on creative collaboration. Tiger salutes Malaysian consumers who identify with this mindset, hence this year, Tiger has collaborated with local street apparel brand, LANSI (the label under The Swagger Salon, which was voted JUICE Best Local Streetwear of 2011), to be the designer of the official apparel for Tiger AMF 2012. These exclusive T-shirts will be available for sale on the day of the festival.

There will also be a myriad of activities booths and street performers to keep the fans entertained throughout the carnival-like festival. That’s not all – Asian music fans will get to enjoy the refreshing ice-cold Tiger beers at a promotional price during the event, definitely the perfect complement to the adrenaline-filled music festival.

The Tiger AMF 2012 is strictly for music fans who are above 18 years of age. The event  partners include MY FM, Mint, Cathay Pacific, Sunway Lagoon, LANSI, and Durex.

Do not miss out the opportunities to win exclusive invites to the most happening Asian musical event of the year! All you need to do is to log on to for more information, and get ready to party with Tiger!

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