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Coco Cabanna For CNY

January 18, 2021 – 2:46 pm 2 Comments

woohoo… 2 boxes of Coco Cabanna just arrived. Having coconut palm wine to celebrate CNY is something different.

Cold Storage – Wine Sales @ Solaris Mont Kiara

January 12, 2021 – 2:29 pm No Comments

The dragon is a symbol of power, wealth and vitality. What better way to usher in the Year of The Dragon than with good company and great special offers on wine and liquor. All happening at Cold Storage Solaris Mont Kiara!

Date:  12 – 15 Jan 2021
Time: 9am – 9pm

Spend a minimum of RM200 on wine and liquor at the wine sales and stand a chance to win an iPad2. Key in your contest number at by 16 Jan 2021

Free RM10 Gift Voucher
with minimum purchase of RM200 on wine and liquor in a single receipt.

For view the flyer, click here.

Wine Warehouse Clearance

December 8, 2020 – 9:52 am No Comments

Promo: Bello Vino Wine Chiller

September 6, 2020 – 12:10 pm 1 Comment

Bellona 38

• Single temperature zones with digital control
• Free standing installation
• Nano Air-cycle Cooling System with compressor
• Black door frame with magnetic door closure gasket
• Interior light
• Charcoal filter
• Triple glazed UV protected tempered glass door
• Reversible door hinge
• Adjustable legs
• ‘T’ (Tropicalised) climate class

Capacity (approx) : 40 Bordeaux bottles
Wooden Rack : 3
Gross Weight : 48kg
Temperature : 5º-18ºC
Humidity (RH) (approx) : 65% (+- 10 %)
Electricity Consumption (24hrs) : 0.75Kw
Power Requirement : 220-240V / 50Hz
Dimension (mm) : 840 (H) x 493 (W) x 587 (D)

Promotion Price: RM1,580
Retail Price: RM2,399

For enquiry and purchase please email to [email protected]

Addiction Versus Appreciation

February 3, 2021 – 9:48 am No Comments

Source: Kuali Online

Cultivate healthy and responsible drinking habits and enjoy your wine like a true connoisseur.

AS a wine educator, I often get asked all sorts of questions about what I teach. And no wonder, wine is complex. Then sometimes I come across queries that at first glance, seem elementary. In this case, both novice and connoisseur drinkers alike could always benefit from a refresher.

Reader S. A. wrote: I am a student and new to wine. However much I love the taste of Merlot, I worry that I might get addicted to it. Can you enlighten me about my predicament?

Dear S.A.: this week we’ll address the first part of your question – alcohol and its consumption. Some of the information I’ve included comes from a book that I edited for the International Bartenders Association. We will look at Merlot in another instalment of Uncorked.

Firstly, how do we define alcohol addiction?

It is one’s physical and psychological dependence on alcohol. This means one craves it to the extent that one cannot function daily without it because it provides one with comfort. An alcohol addict might exhibit two or more of the following traits:

  • Drink to escape from problems or to boost one’ morale;
  • Drink alone;
  • Habitually crave a drink at the same time each day;
  • Drink more than five glasses of wine at one time (binge drink);
  • Blackout or lose consciousness after drinking;
  • Experience problems at work or with family as a result of drinking.

That said, how does alcohol affect the human body?
When one consumes alcohol, it’s the small intestine that absorbs most of the alcohol. From there, the alcohol enters the blood stream. Blood then carries the alcohol throughout the body. The alcohol from the blood enters and dissolves in the water inside each tissue of the body (with the exception of fat tissue, since alcohol cannot dissolve in fat). It usually takes about 20 minutes after consuming alcohol, for its effects to be experienced and measured.

The amount of alcohol one consumes is measurable as a fractional percentage in terms of volume of alcohol per volume of blood in the body. It is called the blood alcohol content (BAC). To us laymen, it’s the measure traffic police look out for when they test your blood alcohol at road checks.

Most drinkers enjoy wine or other alcoholic beverages for its taste but also because it brings on the feeling of euphoria. At this stage, the body’s BAC is between 0.03% to 0.12 %. For example, if you are male and weigh 130 pounds and consume three drinks in one hour, you will get to 0.1% BAC.

When the BAC levels reach between 0.09% to 0.25 %, one feels lethargic. Going past this point can lead first to confusion, then coma and even death. Heavy drinking is never recommended in any circumstance.

How does gender, age factor in alcohol consumption?
Alcohol affects men and women differently. Generally speaking, men are able to tolerate more alcohol. This has to do with their larger body size, as well as with the fact that more of a woman’s body is made up of more fat. Not only that, women’s levels of gastric alcohol dehydrogenase, a compound that breaks down alcohol, is usually half of that of men. Thus women may feel the effects of alcohol more quickly.

Age also has a part to play in the effect of alcohol on the human body. Older people are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol because of their decreased ability to break it down. Taking medications also impedes the process. On the flip side, novice drinkers may also be sensitive to alcohol because of their inexperience.

If you want to enjoy alcohol responsibly, you should choose the right kind of drink. The lower the alcohol concentration in the beverage, the slower the absorption. Beer (about 4.5%) has the least amount of alcohol per volume compared to spirits (about 50%). Wine ranks in the middle with about 11% alcohol.

Food also slows down alcohol absorption and the culture of enjoying wine with a meal implies that wine drinkers are less susceptible to higher levels of BAC.

How does your body process alcohol?
In general, humans can process 15ml of alcohol per hour. So it would take about an hour to rid the body of alcohol from say, a glass of wine. Once absorbed by the blood stream, alcohol is processed in three ways. The kidneys eliminate 5% of the alcohol in the urine; the liver breaks down 90% of the alcohol chemically into lactic acid; and the lungs expel 5% percent of alcohol. Back to that traffic stop again. Now you know why the breathalyser is used as a measure of alcohol consumption.

Ultimately, how much alcohol you have in your body depends on the balance between the input and the output.The BAC increases when the body absorbs alcohol faster than when it can eliminate it. The body can only eliminate about one dose of alcohol per hour. Drinking several drinks in that time will increase your BAC much more than having one drink over an hour or more.

Now, back to our young reader’s question: There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a glass or two of wine everyday. As a novice drinker, here’s your opportunity to cultivate healthy and responsible drinking habits.

Firstly, an alcoholic drink is best enjoyed socially with others, preferably with food. Enjoy it for its taste rather than the effects of the alcohol. In such cases, you would sip and savour each mouthful of drink. Develop your body’s awareness of its limits and be, at any time, able to turn down a drink. Ask for water or a non-alcoholic beverage instead.

Then you’re on your way to drinking and enjoying wine like a true connoisseur.

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