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The 8 Beers Challenge

October 12, 2020 – 10:55 am No Comments

A while back, I started to do the 8 beers challenge! Since I have 8 draft beer in the bar, I decided to try how far I can go with it!  

So far I tried 3 times which each time bring a different result. To make counting easy, I always start with the first draft regardless of what beer is on draught, sadly most of my no.1 or no.8 always a high alcohol beer! IMG_3239.JPG

Each time the challenge have a different result. Each time I stop at 9 glasses of beer. The first time I stop because it was late, I felt I can push a bit more but decided to called it a night. It’s amazing that I still so rational.

The 2nd time is not so merciful. I can partly remember what happen. My staff told me I have 9 beers in total, after kacau some of my customer, did a one hand push up, fetching a customer to SS2 for frog porridge, riding my bike in the rain, really can’t recall much. I believe after the 5th beer, my mind and body is running on auto-mode while my soul have left my body. I have not much recall on what happen. I was piss drunk.


The 3rd encounter was much better, taking another 9 beers. Have a great night, good laugh with friends and just chill out! Again stop at night, didn’t want to push too hard as I know that the next beer I have will sure knock me out.

Drinking and counting is not fun, but drinking with great company making the challenge quite easy. Without realising, time goes faster, while still drinking at the same speed. The only advice is, don’t drink and drive if you have too many beers! Cheers!

App For Your Beer Hunt

May 27, 2021 – 10:30 am Comments Off

There are too many craft beers out there with selections that most can’t even remember the name. Thankfully with Technology on our mobile devices, we can easily snap the picture of the beer we drink and help us remember it.  Another easier solution is using an App on iOS or Android devices called Untappd. 


You can key in and record down the beer you like at the same time rate then and load picture on it. Best part is you can even share it online on your social media or check out what your friends are drinking. 

Is good as a reference for what you have drink and help me store up the beer you have drank before. You can download the app by going to their website, have fun checking in with the beer and start hunting!

Draft Or Bottle Beers

May 14, 2021 – 11:05 am Comments Off

 I’m a believer of taste and not going by saying draft beers are better then bottle beers. This are the common things I always heard from customers. Well there are no right or wrong answer to it. The actual fact is what type of body and flavour you going after. 
  I’m an advocate for taste. I do think that light beers goes nicer on draft especially lagers. They give a nicer crispier body then the bottle beer. On heavier beer like double IPA or imperial stout, I tend to like it more on bottles. Different gas also give different body to the beer. Example mixed gas of nitrogen + CO2 give a nice body to the dark beer. 
  I haven’t officially try IPAs on nitrogen gas yet, but I think it will be great for high ABV beer. I create draft beer at The Great Beer Bar because I think there are plenty of consumer perceive draft beers are better then bottles. I’ll try whatever method to get more people to try out craft beers and let them decide which are better. 
In the end, is up to each individual to decide bottle or draft beers are nicer. We can’t argue what you like or what you don’t like. Only you would know what’s your favourite taste be! Cheers!

Flying Fish – Exit 16WE Wild Rice Double IPA

May 9, 2021 – 11:23 am Comments Off

I got this beer from my relative then came back from USA. This beer is quite unique in colour, flavour and the body as well.

Nose: Nice hint of guava, pomelo and light malt to it.

Taste: The entry is crispy, with nice flavour of light papaya. Very clear looking beer. Nice flow of bitter and lingers with nice fragrants.

Overall: Almost clean Pilsner kind of colour for double IPA really surprise me. The flavour and profile of the beer as very unique, everything is gentle and subtle. Is not roburst flavour but fall in nicely. At 8.2%, I would say nice done!

Nickeldime Drafthouse (Singapore)

October 21, 2020 – 9:30 am Comments Off

The month of October sees the birth of a well established watering hole in Singapore, Nickeldime Drafthouse. Situated at a strategic location of Novena, it’s just 5 minutes walk from the MRT station.

Nickeldime Drafthouse




The Concept
Quality food paired with quality beer at the price that does not hurt the wallet for men and the purse for the ladies. At the corner of the shop is a section setup as the bottle beer shop of which attractively priced beers are available for takeaway.



Spacious seatings and beautiful retro decoration makes the whole experience relaxing and conducive for some good companies and conversations.



The Beers
Craftbeers from American, British to Belgium. From Lager, India Pale Ale to Porter, the varieties of beer will spoil you for choice. If the bottled beers variety is not enough, there’s 15 taps with fresh from the kegs are served everyday. Proceed to the counter and look for the friendly bartender for what they have to offer that day on draft.


The Food
Beer is definitely the theme here. As if the vast amount of beer selection is not enough, the food is inspired and infused with beer. With good selection of bar bites, pizza, burgers and ribs for the protein hungry patrons, the food will not disappoint.



The Conclusion
Definitely should come and experience Nickeldime Drafthouse if you are a local. If you are vising Singapore, include this in your must-try list for craftbeer place to visit.


Contact Info
Address: 273 Thomson Road, #01-06, Singapore 307644
Tel: +65 6256 0261

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