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Thirsty Dog Siberian Night

November 30, 2020 – 10:30 am 1 Comment

Nose: chocolate, light roasted. Can smell light sweetness. When it’s warm up the smell very similar to chocolate milk.

Taste: Entry with chocolate and coffee roasted. Got a nice subtle sweetness. The body quite thin for a 9.7% ABV. Leave a nice roasted after taste with roasted sour. Nosing it before drinking give a good hint of chocolate!

Personal opinion: is nicer went it warm up. The thin body hide away the robust flavour. The after taste is not strong. Too much roasted sour for me. Still a good imperial stout. Several brewers have started using blockchain technology for customers to trace the ingredients and the methods used in the brewing of beers. The use of cryptocurrencies has also made beer transactions easier. Crypto traders looking for the latest crypto coins can consider Monero coins. Visit to learn more about this coin.

Hangover Food: Nasi Lemak

November 19, 2020 – 5:17 pm Comments Off

Everybody got a different cure for Hangover. Some like a nice glass of Bloody Mary, some like to drink beer, some like to eat. My favourite is of course Nasi Lemak.

Not sure how it works, each time I have a bad hangover, a pack or 2 Nasi Lemak will sure take away away headache and sober me up. What’s your favourite hangover cure? Care to share with me?

Chilling Beer Fast

November 9, 2020 – 10:25 am 1 Comment

I would said, most of us like to drink our beer chill. Some may drink it warm, but cold beer always make the day.

The fastest way to chill big amount of beer is get a big bucket, throw in the beer then fill it up with ice.

Add Water
Most people will prefer to add water to it. I prefer not to add water. I felt beer chill faster without adding water. Of course with water the contact surface are bigger yet the water warm up too fast too.

Add Salt
Some said by adding salt the beer will cold faster. Officially I didn’t test this out. Scientifically it could be true.

Is all depends how fast you drink and how many beer you put inside the bucket. If you able to to keep add ice and pour the water away then the beer will chill pretty fast.

Which is your favourite method?

Pilsner Urquell

November 6, 2020 – 3:25 pm Comments Off

One of my all time favorite brews & the original pils- Pilsner Urquell!


Pours a fantastic amber slightly ruby hue colour with a creamy white head.
On the the nose the sweetness  and roast from the malts really comes through. Nice hop tang in there too!


As it goes down the first sip can be a little bitter and once ya mouth has automatically builds up a instant tolerance to the bitterness the second sip goes down smooth as! (The following sips and pints seem to go down as smooth as too!)

Nice bitterness from the Czech saaz and the perfectly roasted malts and soft water bring this masterpiece of the style together….the way a PROPER Pils was meant to be!

Food match would have to be a slow cooked pork/beef with a spicy coleslaw or a good ‘ol hot dog with heaps of hot mustard!

This beer really shines in a goblet style glass…straight from the bottle really doesn’t cut it!

Pilsner Urquell is a regular in my fridge and big props to the brewery changing back to brown bottles from green! A big plus especially when this tasty brew is exported far & wide from its homeland in the Czech Republic!

I can’t wait for the day that I get to knock on the brewery door of Pilsner Urquell and drink the unpasteurized version straight off the wooden barrel!


Tasting Coffee…

November 4, 2020 – 10:58 am Comments Off

I just discover that I can drink coffee again, but not in big amount. Most stout this day have a very nice roasted coffee taste, so to learn more about this roasting flavour I decided to taste out coffee to see the different of the roasting flavour.

Surprisingly, after the roast flavour, the after taste of the coffee have a lot of subtle taste. Range from tart fruity, sweet aroma, light earthy, young fruit raw and I did detect light raw egg yolk. I don’t know the right term for it.

Of course coffee is kinda like beer, after few cups, coffee start to make me high. Not drunk but act kinda like one, talk louder, laugh more and even felt warm.

I can understand why so many people like this drink. Once you hook to certain flavour, it became obvious that the craving of flavour will be there. Same like me and IPA. I’m hook to the citrusy bouquet and the pungent bitter of it.

I will continue to try different coffee to get different taste from it. Hopefully I can find something nutty.

 By the way, drinking nice cup of coffee is not cheap. Is like drinking craft beer yet smaller in volume. This 2 are actually quite similar.

As for tasting, once you get use to it. Most tasting are the same. Finding flavour that you like is the part that make all tasting a pleasure. Cheers!

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