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Jaz Beer

July 6, 2009 - 12:32 pm 9 Comments

jaz beer

When the cap is pop?
I though I smell lychee while the can is open.

How’s the taste?
Is kinda sweet and refreshing. Kinda crisp and quite refreshing. Not too strong on alcohol taste but more on blend watery end. Do give some hint of aroma – floral kind. The bubble is not that fine. Come with 5.5% abv. But is best to take it chill, slight warm will totally change the taste of the beer. The after taste have slight floral to it, it reminds me of lychee.

jaz beer

What’s the colour?
Crystal Light Brownish Yellow.

How’s bottle the design?
For me too similar to Carlsberg.

Where to get?
Can get it anywhere. Is Malaysia own beer. Cheap some more.

jaz beer

My Opinion:
Is kinda surprise me. I always though the beer is full of shit, but is actually not bad, better then many beer that I tried. Maybe the locals do know how to make the right beer for our weather. Cheers, you guys did good.

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