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Second of Octobeer!

October 2, 2010 - 9:48 am 3 Comments

Yesterday mark the beginning of GAB Oktoberfest which held at Souled Out @ Desa Sri Hartamas. The stein mug really pump everyone up. With Um pah pah band rave up the music of drinking games and plenty of food. German is the word, Oktoberfest is the party that will cross your mind through out this month.

Today GAB is going to Upper Penang Road to crank up the party of the German spirit into the Penangite. It will start at 7pm. Make sure you go early to snatch the big stein before it run out of stock. I guess by the time the party is finish, many will speak more German words beside BMW, Mercedes & Audi.

The reason GAB Oktoberfest will get you on and going because, the beer will be serve in 1 Liter stein which you need to purchase and you can bring back the stein after that. See how big the stein is, making the Guinness pint look like a child’s play. All you need is 1 to get you going, the rest is up to your own liking.

Interesting second day of Octobeer. Ecoba’s Oktoberfest will continue it’s second day celebration with more fun, more excitement and basically more beer as well.

The one we all are waiting for is the Longest Human Beer Line. First in Malaysia. It will be a surprise of it’s own. For those that haven’t register, can still go to Ecoba and do it today. Although Beerbeer already stop giving out the freebies, you still can register with Ecoba and join in this history making event.

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3 Responses to “Second of Octobeer!”

  1. Sharon Kuan Says:

    hi kennhyn..thanks for the coverage! :) n thanks for coming too :) GAB will be having 2nd and 3rd street parties consecutively on this coming Thurs and Fri.. feel free to join!

  2. kennhyn Says:

    I will going for the Sid’s Ofest on Thurs. What’s happening on Friday?

  3. Sharon Kuan Says:

    just sent the invitation to ur email!

    friday..more or less the same, just different activities :)

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