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Beer Paradise @ Manila, Philippines

October 28, 2009 - 11:43 am 3 Comments

Philippines is beer haven, that’s not so much an exaggeration, but it is true when it comes down to pricing of their San Mig, and particularly this outlet in Polaris St., Makati City, Manila.

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Thanks to Oliver San Antonio, our pinoy beer connoisseurs, I’m able to explore this part of Manila that provides more than San Mig.

This pub can be easily spotted with their colorful signboard with the catchy lines…100 kinds of beer.
We were there on Sunday late night, no thanks to Cebu Pacific constant delay again and again. First time I’m so clueless when and where I will board my flight, the bad apple in my Pinas trip, however, this Beer Paradise make up all the bad times. There were only a handful of drinkers in the pub, and it’s a quiet Sunday.

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Decor was tastefully done, with bar, and couch on the other side. According to the bar waitress, this Beer Paradise was originally opened by a Belgian dude, and now it changed hand to a Pinoy, I supposed a beer connoisseurs whom appreciate good beers.

Come to the catchy part of this tavern, the 4 doors freezer stock up with all different kind of beers in the bar, a truly sanctuary for beer lovers. I was drooling over what I saw in the freezer…the variety just amazing!

DSC_0314 (Large)

They claimed to have 100 types of beer, which may be true on their grand opening day, but as of the time of our visit, not all the beer listed in the drink menu is available. Among the type of beer in the drink list offered are pale pilsen, amber beers, abbey beers, strong beers, fruit beers, and even Trappist monk beers. Some catchy beer name includes, like Satan, Lucifer and Judas.

We had an Australian James Squire Amber Ale, American Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen wheat beer, German Moravia Pils, and a Belgian Framboise Lambic brought by Oliver.

DSC_0333 (Large)

Our glass was constantly changed for the different type of beer we had, that is what I called quality service, as well to truly appreciate the different aromas in the beers.

Oliver paid a hefty corkage fine for bringing and chilling the Framboise Lambic in Beer Paradise, but as Oliver said, it was worth every pesos.

I said to Oliver, this bottle of Lambic looks more like a wine than a beer. It comes with a cork! After pouring out in the glass, the aromas of rapsberry just oozed out, the taste…like sparkling fruity wine.

Oliver added, indeed, beer is the ultimate drink, because beer can aspire to be like good wine, but wine cannot aspire to be a good beer. Maybe wine connoisseurs would refute this statement, but one can’t denied how adaptable beer can be.

In a nutshell, Beer Paradise is awesome, drinks is fabulous, and with fellow beer junkie, it is just great!

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If you’re Pinoy reading this, check out Beer Paradise right away, and if you’re not, remember there is this tavern right in Makati City, whenever you need some good drinks, drop by for a couple of good beers.


36 Polaris St. cor. Durban St. Makati City,
Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: +632 8959271, +632 895-9272 +632 896 0193

Hours of Operation:
• Monday to Saturday: 05:00 pm – 4:00 am
• Sunday: 5:00 pm – 2:00 am

Price Range: PHP 130.00 – PHP 300.00+ for a beer.

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3 Responses to “Beer Paradise @ Manila, Philippines”

  1. kennhyn Says:

    this place do look very interesting, is a good place to try out different beer… yeah!

  2. vinny Says:

    beer lover,beer enthusiast,beer connoisseur,beer advocate,beer champion,.. we should have one of our own here in KL!

  3. kennhyn Says:

    We have mah, is called Beerbeer… haha

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