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1 Utama Oktoberfest Happening This Weekend

October 7, 2011 - 10:51 pm Comments Off

Just came back from a walk-a-round at 1U Oktoberfest tent. Yup, “walk-a-round” – means no drinking, just survey the place.

Lot’s of big stein glasses ready to be served.

Of course, there’s plenty of stage competitions and entertainment.

The best of all is the big tent. The tent is really huge. Saturday this place will be crazy.

During my walk-a-round I saw some down part. Not much participation of crowds as it can be a bit boring with such huge tents. They should have some entertainers or pretty girls walking around taking polaroids to stir some mood. Plus I notice, have to walk quite far for toilets which is a down point. Should have prepare some mobile toilets… or did I miss them. One more thing, should have more stalls for beers and food. Just my temporary 2 cents from the walk-a-round.

Good or bad, tomorrow I’ll go and conquer 1Utama Oktoberfest. The tent itself already a great place to be. See you there.

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